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more of her, she´s hot

Well done, macho man.Any place is the right place to hook up.By the way i must admit you can be
amusing sometimes,but the replies to your mostly authoritary and insulting posts make me waste
my scheduled time for glancing at the girls.
I consider myself a fair player not in the thumbs down gang,and if you were a real man you'd had to
admit your behaviour here is that of an alpha male,telling everybody what to say and do,always laughing
out loud,of course.
Your leaving would be a huge loss for the erotic website literature genre,tough.And there is Kilroy too(Kilroy
was here and still is).At least,do it for Kilroy,don't leave the herd,stick around a little longer!
This is my humble opinion about all this nonsense

The seller

she looks like meg. r.

I'm glad you take it in stride. This is exactly what a couple of you guys were talking about a week or so ago with regards to benign comments receiving "thumbs down's" (5 as of my response). I guess you have people with nothing better to do than follow you around rockhard.

Thanks negam, and you may be correct..."stalkers"...lol As I said before, many of those thumbs down for me have much less, if ANYTHING, to do with what I say, as who I am... Doesn't bother me a bit, and that makes 'them' even more "toxic"...;o)

My comment was supposed to be in response to rockhard receiving 5 thumbs downs for a positive post about Talinka.
Sorry for the confusion.

No confusion here negam...;o) I can relate to "misplaced posts"...lol I appreciate your input...

I don't know what happened??? I hit reply to your comment but it posted my response separately???
There appears to be a glitch today with Met Art.

I don't know how much longer you will be a member (myself either),
but I did want to say that I enjoy your posts (even if I don't always agree....but who would want everyone to agree with their opinion all the time anyway?).

I especially enjoyed your exchange with the guy who has the underarm fetish, and hairy ones at that!

LOL Thanks... I agree...a Met glitch! lol Yeah...armpit guy, as I like to call him lol is pretty defensive about his odd taste, but it's all in good fun...for me anyway. I'm sure that he's angry about not being able to talk Met into booting me off the site..lol At least that's what he threatened at one time....don't know if he actually did ask them. And you're right about everyone agreeing with ANYONE. If 'everyone' agreed with me, I'd get bored really quick and stop commenting....lol Not sure how much time I have left here but gonna enjoy what there is... The girls are getting more beautiful with each update!! Talinka REALLY yanks my chain!! Exquisite model!! Looks experienced...

Pretty girl, but she took far too long to lose the silly T-top.

Talk about a killer body. What an awesome find. Can't wait to see more.

Incredible pussy and a great attitude about doing spread shots. More please!


I really enjoyed this set. Talinka gets right to it and very confidently shows us EVERYTHING with her playful smile. Talinka gets my attention right away with her nice legs, perfectly-sized breasts, and colorful nether region. Oh, and that cute smile!

Albert Varin doesn't have many sets posted here at MET, but I think he does great job here. I really hope to see future sets from this lovely young lady, keeping Mr. Varin behind the lens.

I hope she becomes a regular at Met and not just a one set and never to be seen again. Welcome addition!!!

Gorgeous legs and derrière, and I love the over the over the shoulder glances sequence of pics 45-49, not to mention, the playful, teasing, 'here, let me take off my top' sequence of 61-67. Very nice debut.

Nice debut by Talinka. I appreciate her cute derriere, beautiful labia, and love handles. Thank you Talinka and kudos to Varin for the introduction. I hope we see many more collaborations from the two of you.

WOW!! I think we have a 'shooting star' here!! Absolutely stunning girl!
Very good presentation and set... Exquisite!

rockhard, I see your neg-banger fan club is at work again today. Nothing wrong at all in what you said, in fact, I have to agree. Thumbs up!

Thanks kilroy... I rather enjoy seeing my "fan club of morons"...LOL It lets me know I'm hitting all the right nerves!! ;o)

Yeah, what's with all the thumbs down on his comment? Even if you don't like the set, there's no reason to downvote people who do.

I'm quite sure that the majority of those 'thumbs down' have nothing at all to do with the set...or even what I said about it. My ID alone is enough to set off some of our more sensitive users that I have on occasion called out for bullshit remarks, or insults to the models or artists. I 'wear' those thumbs down proudly!! ;o)

Well, it may be all about you, but I think you're probably taking today's thumbs down too personally.

It's entirely possible that five guys just thought "Absolutely stunning" was going way overboard in this particular case.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I'm gonna miss 'em. Sure you can't stick around a little longer?

LOL Apparently I CAN! I thought my 'script' was up a few days ago, but here I am still!! lol You may be the ONLY one that will miss ANYTHING about my presence....;o) And if my memory serves me well regarding your gender kilroy, you're a doll for saying that...;o) And if my memory serves me "as usual", just a thank you...lol ;o)

My reply has been located at the top of the page for an unknown reason

The seller

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