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I was so impressed with her looks I gave her a 10. (I don't give out many of those.) I'm sorry she has not returned. I've not found her anywhere else, sad to say.

I am not against not-starved-girls. A meaty one once in a while is more than welcome.

But her face is just average and I am certainly not a fan of her 'stompy' legs.

Her legs, more specifically, her thighs, are without flaw. Her face is beautiful, far above average. I think many have gotten used to a certain type of girl and have their preferences skewed. Tara's debut here is excellent. And the photographer was thoughtful enough to extend the strip so we can enjoy a tease before gazing upon her luscious body. Tara is the girl next door type...my preference.

I'm dying for another update of her. MET needs her curves and pretty face.

The right girl in the right sequencial scenary !
Congratulations for you Karl and all the staff

About aka Tara C it's the only need to say that
she teases me too much, profoundly, like no other girl was seen before
in this site. Beauty and atraction are not the same thing...She has a
particular kind of beauty.

Kisses to her !

I usually feel the same way about the cheesy sets, art-class model posing, and ameturish props that feature so prominently in so many pictorials here.....but not today. Hard to think about crap like that whenever a woman like this shimmers into focus. Beautiful face framed by a dark lustrous mane, great shapely and finely muscled legs, great breasts, both of them...I bet she's got a soft and throaty voice to go with all the rest. One of the best looking women I've seen on here yet.

Thank you MetArt, thank you. Tara you are fantastic!!

The Ukraine is a country that gives to the world. I have to go there! beautiful young woman.

Yet another homogenized predictable and boring set. Why did I join this site?

Azrael I fully agree with you. Actually, to be fair, out of the 120 pictures in this set there are at least four fairly good ones but you have look hard to find them! Indeed four fairly good ones is actually higher than some other sets I could refer to which have been listed on here in which every photo is dreadful. Other viewers (not me) claim that as the word ART appears in the www address then you have to accept everything as it is all art. I think some photographers then take this to mean they can churn out any old junk in the name of ART. Some may well call it art but I call it third rate crap, the standard of which is very unlikely to ever make it to any other site other than here. Once again the good quality work by half a dozen good photographers is ruined by being included on a site where most of the other photographers are just simply hopeless. My membership lapses this month. When I return to this site, if I ever do, I hope that the the rubbish photographers (as identified by their consistently crappy scores) will have been given their marching orders. I am not hopeful though!

'bye, tintin, don't let the door hit ya ass on the way out.

fer realz. I do not understand your comment pertaining to my arse - I assume it must be some stupid American term. One thing I will be doing though on the way out, is taking next years subscription fee with me to spend elsewhere.

Perhaps in the future, you won't feel as cheated by a site if you just try a one-month subscription first, so you can fully investigate the content to see if it satisfies your standards/desires, before investing in an entire year's subscription?
Just a suggestion.

Yes, it is an American crudity. In other words, hurry up and leave, because if you leave slowly, the swinging door will hit your butt as you leave.
The reason I express that sentiment is because of your negativity.
If you subscribe to a site... then find it is not meeting your desires... just unsubscribe and let your subscription lapse.
That's happened to me... I've unsubscribed from 4 or 5 different sites, simply because I wasn't enjoying their content.
Did I whine or make a fuss about it? No, I just unsubscribed, and then, like you, took my money elsewhere.
I just fail to see how your negativity actually achieves anything.

fer-realz. Firstly I have not been on this site for just one year but for many many years as I said in an earlier posting a week or two back. I have noticed the quality of work on this site going down-hill fast especially in the last six months. Until now I have always renewed my 12 month subscription. I am not doing so this time due to lots and lots of third-rate crap being doshed out on this site much of which is out of focus and taken by rubbish photographers and which is not of a higher enough standard that would be published elsewhere. This was NOT the case in any great volume a few years back. Secondly, my numerous other adverse comments over the last few months has been agreed with by many other viewers as evidenced by the scores my comments received and additional reply attachments. Thirdly if you like volume over quality then this site WILL NOW serve you well but I do have higher standards. 4. The purpose of these comments sections is to get feedback from viewers. If they do not know why long term members are not now renewing their membership and now spending their subscription elsewhere, then perhaps the site should actually read and take on board what is actually being said. 5. If everyone on here posted favourable comments on everything, then not only would that become rather boring but actually dishonest. 6. I do get the impression, rightly or wrongly, that most of the adverse comments seem to come from European and non-American members. Many have confirmed this to be the case in their postings and often you can also determine this by the timings of the comments anyway. Unlike American members it would seem that Europeans seem to be less intimidated about calling something third rate crap when it is.

The "Art" in Metart is not descriptive, it is a marketing term to suggest something better. I believe that most people that come here do not do so to find art but just pictures of beautiful naked women. Most nude art is in monochrome and would be considered bizarre by most porn viewers. I belong to a few art websites but when I want to see sexy photos I come here because I believe Metart is a step above most porn sites.

Individual tastes vary, but one thing I do understand about your negativity. Many pictorials are churned out like sheets of paper, with speed being the crucial factor. But with a wide variety of models & four galleries/videos a day, MetArt is easily the best site of its type on the Internet.

In the preview thumb we saw yesterday, it looked as though Tara had a big breast and a big butt. Both breasts are big and she has a beautiful big butt. She is also beautiful. Welcome.

Remarkably beautiful young woman. Supremely perfect body. This a a true delight to see this morning.

Nice! Very nice indeed!

Welcome, Tara. You are a lovely thing-beautiful eyes, gorgeous breasts and an absolutely delicious body. Come back soon.

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