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I was so impressed with her looks I gave her a 10. (I don't give out many of those.) I'm sorry she has not returned. I've not found her anywhere else, sad to say.

I am not against not-starved-girls. A meaty one once in a while is more than welcome.

But her face is just average and I am certainly not a fan of her 'stompy' legs.

Her legs, more specifically, her thighs, are without flaw. Her face is beautiful, far above average. I think many have gotten used to a certain type of girl and have their preferences skewed. Tara's debut here is excellent. And the photographer was thoughtful enough to extend the strip so we can enjoy a tease before gazing upon her luscious body. Tara is the girl next door type...my preference.

I'm dying for another update of her. MET needs her curves and pretty face.

The right girl in the right sequencial scenary !
Congratulations for you Karl and all the staff

About aka Tara C it's the only need to say that
she teases me too much, profoundly, like no other girl was seen before
in this site. Beauty and atraction are not the same thing...She has a
particular kind of beauty.

Kisses to her !

I usually feel the same way about the cheesy sets, art-class model posing, and ameturish props that feature so prominently in so many pictorials here.....but not today. Hard to think about crap like that whenever a woman like this shimmers into focus. Beautiful face framed by a dark lustrous mane, great shapely and finely muscled legs, great breasts, both of them...I bet she's got a soft and throaty voice to go with all the rest. One of the best looking women I've seen on here yet.

Thank you MetArt, thank you. Tara you are fantastic!!

The Ukraine is a country that gives to the world. I have to go there! beautiful young woman.

In the preview thumb we saw yesterday, it looked as though Tara had a big breast and a big butt. Both breasts are big and she has a beautiful big butt. She is also beautiful. Welcome.

Remarkably beautiful young woman. Supremely perfect body. This a a true delight to see this morning.

Nice! Very nice indeed!

Welcome, Tara. You are a lovely thing-beautiful eyes, gorgeous breasts and an absolutely delicious body. Come back soon.

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