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Very nice, a whole lot more please!.

a movie please please please !

Wow! is this girl ever pretty !!!! Pretty all over.......gorgeous gorgeous!

Would like more of Tayla please. Love her blue-painted feet.

Seriously delectable! Magnificent! Welcome Tayla...please come often...;o)

Very pretty girl.... she reminds me of Uma Thurman, who I happen to like as well! Welcome to Met Tayla...

Beautiful gal but somehow very distant. I would have like it if there was more warmth in these photos.

A beautiful woman in her natural state....love it..!

Fantastic buns. Sexy body. A clean shave would have been great. Excellent photography.

Agree on the buns. She might look good shaved, but I find her neatly trimmed style to be unobjectionable.

Tayla's face is pretty and her body is awesome.I enjoy her addition to MetArt.Welcome.

Tayle is very pretty,and is obviously a potentially good model. I think the setting is a little busy,a lesser model would have had probltms standing out. Anyway, I gave Tayla a 10+,even if she is a newbie,and mr. Iskan the same.

While Tayla has a luscious body, her face is pretty, just not quite conventionally so. I like it ~ she has character. One gets the impression there is far more than mere prettiness behind those eyes. She is very much a model I'd like to get to know better... ( :

She reminds me of an old high school girlfriend, so I definitely think she is pretty.

Same deja-vous here. Evidently she has the look and body which reminds us of high school girlfriends.

My opinion exactly!

Playing the harp with the tongue -

Gorgeous, blue-eyed beauty! Welcome to MA Tayla!

Wow !! Tayla is so hot .Every bit of her body is so sexy . :-)

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