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Nice job! Tayla looks so cute and yummie!

What a sweet pair of pussy lips - moist with a swollen clit!

Very arousing body Tayla has... hair or not, her pussy and anus are very delightful and deserve some attention !

Tayla, it would be nice if you would look into the camera.

What the hell are you talking about!? Seldom in this set, when her face is in the frame, is she NOT looking at the camera! Is everyone going blind!?

Hi Dutchman,

I noticed also that Tayla does not look at the camera too much just yet. I found it difficult to select a cover image for the gallery. These are however her first sets ever shot so I have to give her a pass. I believe once she becomes more comfortable with the camera we will see many good sets from her :)

I think 14 would have made a perfect cover.

Tayla is lovely, nice set except for the contrast and color balance. It's simple enough to look at the levels and see these need to be brightened up. Then the cyan cast does not do great things for skin tones. I suspect this particular camera just has that bias, please clean up the technical stuff so we can enjoy the girls in all their glory!

Just enough fur to tickle your nose.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Quite inaccurately described as "not trimmed."* But I guess it's all relative, right? :-)))

Anyway, thanks for at least not painting over her armpits this time!


the grouse ☺

*that is unless you mean to say she simply stopped shaving/waxing her pussy :-)

CLASSIC Doug comment here.

K finally finds you an unshaved model and you can't even allow yourself to be non-critically grateful.

OMIGOD what would MetArt do if you were actually ~ *happy* ~ with a set?!?

You had to find SOME way to complain about


I think you owe K a "thank you, K."

Seriously. You're like a little 5-year old boy.


Took the words right out of my mouth

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

But you're not givin' me a fair shake. I DO like some sets here :-)

Hey, and what do you mean -- I kinda thanked 'em for not airbrushing her pits! :-)))

Seriously, from what I can gather K's got a tuff row to hoe -- there as yet aren't many unshaven models available to MA photogs.

The road to diversity has a lot of blind curves! :-))

Think, guys -- wouldn't it be cool to see your fave BOTH ways?

Now, back to my girl, thank u very much. She's all I really need! :-)))

She's obviously NOT "all you need". You seem to have this "need" to complain. One can only imagine what "your girl" thinks of your comments and your ill-conceived "crusade"!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Spoken by a true complainer -- a heart with a beef! :-))

Yep, my girl seems to like to keep us all guessing, kinda like the Sphinx :-)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Well, I would say it takes one to know one.
As far as my girl goes, thank you very much for your insightful opinion :-)

"Your girl" is most likely long gone and doesn't even think about what anyone on MetArt thinks or doesn't think...
And for YOU to call ME a complainer is the very height of absurdity! But then...that's you doug....absurd.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Put that above reply down here :-)))

"Put" the whole thing where it will do you the most good... ;o)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I will try to do that! :-))

"kinda thanked"

...wouldn't a simple, unqualified, "Thank you, K, for finding and publishing a nice unshaved set" be nice?

It might be nice to slip something in there about how you know how hard it is to find said unshaved sets...

Key is, unqualified gratitude ~ without complaint ~ is nice from time to time.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

But I have. You're not following me closely enough :-) See above :-)

Some time back she asked for thanks and I said you automatically have my thanks for every "hairy" set you can publish.

I've also discussed this with her in a couple of emails.

I haven't done more than glance quickly at both of Tayla's sets. You gotta remember, I'm comparing her and everyone to the most beautiful model ever, which I am still studying and trying to decipher.

It's good for K to put out the call for new models willing to not denude themselves. What would be even better would be if current top models would be willing not to shave/wax.

We may be seeing some signs of that here and there, but there is still a tremendous amount of resistance to natural, I would say.

This is maybe the saddest thing about this industry, the way it has "balkanized", segregated natural from denuded, as if you can only like one or the other, be only one way. As if you're branded for life.

Thank god for the few who have been bigger-hearted, more adventurous and open-minded than that.

There's an old saying where I come from doug...."like it or leave it".... Applies in SO many circumstances. It's kind of arrogant to think you can join a site and then start trying to change the format. And very sad when that site begins to compromise their integrity by catering to such nonsense. You should be thanking your god that you're still a member.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Pushing for more diversity and less airbrushing is nonsense?
And management somewhat agreeing indicates a lack of integrity?
What do you think comments are for? To incessantly cry like it or leave, no criticism allowed?
Where I come from sometimes being critical is a sign of liking or caring. Wanting to make something better.

We all pick our battles....some being so much more important than others. I applaud your sense of "effecting change", but the change you seek is truly laughable. What could be less important in today's world?? Seriously...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

If it's so laughable, why are you having such a problem with it :-?

Deep pools of blue grey, these eyes. I look forward to seeing them again soon with a more flattering combination of light and color.

It's a nice set with a beautiful model & good posings but the colours are not. It looks poor care of storage. The fuge file size also reminds me of long time passed after shooting.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

She is lovely. Thank you.

WHAT A SWEETIE...! Such tender impression she gives... what a revealing impression of being a real woman when she has a bit of "fuzz" on her pussy... Thank you!

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