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The contour of the chaise calls for legs up, head back.


Nice blurb!

Great job with Tayla! Her pussy, ass and feet looks so cute and kissable! Need more please.

Glad to see that not all of today's sets featured brown hair/brown eyed girls. Sometimes I think there's too much of that combo on this site. I like the setting for this series. A lovely girl, but I wonder if her neck isnt getting sore from some odd angles. Perfect breasts! Stunning blue eyes. A nice amount of hair on her pussy without being too much.


Yummy girl...crummy setting!

What, you don't like polka dotted boots next to a giant alarm clock laying face down? A fellow of limited tastes.

Oh no! That was fine!! Maybe my favorite part!! It was that GIRL blocking my view of that fine bamboo furniture that I didn't care for! And I just LOVE Astroturf!! :o|

I meant that to be: "face down in AstroTurf".


Hey Doug! Here you go bro!!!!!!

Do you HAVE to summon the Kraken!!???

Not the Kraken... Cthulhu!

Very callipygous!

This word, by the way, is in the Manual.

I didn't know Manual spoke Greek...


Please. do not shave! It is ok and brings the touch of sensitivity.

NOTHING is more "sensitive" than "bare skin"!!

Incorrect. Androgenic hair provides tactile sensory input by transferring hair movement and vibration via the shaft to sensory nerves within the skin. ;)

And "direct contact" with the skin stimulates these nerve endings considerably more. You haven't shown me to be incorrect at all. Care to try again??


Incorrect word usage.
Observe our model, and a dictionary, a bit more closely.

And while I certainly notice when an androgenic hair gets caught in a zipper, ouch, I suggest the following experiment: walk both hairless and hairy legs through a stand of Leersia (called cutgrass for a reason), and record the reactions of the owners of the legs.

Then report back.


You've actually made a very good case for growing LOTS of hair!!! lmao!

I am not a fan of the set ~ it reminds me of the "Brady Bunch" backyard set ~ ( ; ~ I AM a big fan of the idea of taking lovely Tayla on a picnic lunch on real grass under real sunshine.
I'm also a big fan of the satiny nightie she begins the set in. That is a very nice "girl-next-door" touch, and sets a nice pace for a gradual revelation of her intimate parts, which she generously shares with us totally by the end of the set.
All in all I am a fan of the set despite the hokiness of the set. Tayla's beauty and lack of reserve at the end won me over. ( :

Are you not or are you?

I do not like the setting in which the set was shot. I like the set.
( :

(For greater clarity, the first "set" should read, "setting")

I think that last one should too pal! ;o)

Very pretty young lady. I will volunteer to shave her though....

Aaaaarh! Fellows, be happy with La Grande Bellezza, accept her grace and glory however she may choose to appear.

That little bit of hair can easily be trimmed with your teeth! ;o)

wow !!

Nicely put!! ;o)

The colours tired. That can not satisfy current level of MAs any more.
Can I see her vivid skins?
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Put down the saki and back away from the screen.... ;o) (lol)

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