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Somebody get the poor girl some lip balm. Her lips are visibly chapped.

#56. Tilt the model. Pour the wine.

This set piece is pleasing with just enough enough color. A bit too much clutter in the background.

That sweater tunic seems to provide potential for a whole series of reveal-all posing. If there are no plans to use it so, feel free to send it my way.

Hi rez set won't download.

Asleep at the wheel here. I have not commented on, nor rated / tagged Tayra before today.

Tayra is very attractive and a list of physical features that appeal to me follows: beautiful eyes, great cheek bones, tiny ta tas, downy hair, glass cutters, lovely wrinkled areolae, bubble butt, gorgeous inner labia, puffy outer labia, long legs, and a dazzling smile. I wonder how many of these features will be accepted as tags for Tayra?

Tayra gets a 10 and a favorite from me.

Many thanks to Tayra and Alex!

Who in their right mind calls THIS a "tag"...

"ass and legs - luscious and succulent bury-your-face-in clit and pussy"

I'm onboard with calling the tags ridiculous, but this is from another dimension!!!

Some of the taggers make me wonder if they have ever seen a real clit. It's a very rare occurrence to actually see one here.

The one I'm dumbfounded by is "butterfly clit".....really???, a butterfly clit???
Too bad Met Art doesn't make a class on female anatomy a prerequisite before tagging/commenting.

The same can be said with 'girl cum'. All women have some kind of discharge from their vaginas at times. It's not cum.

Our alluring taggers deserve a hall of fame all their own.

Thanks for the best laugh of the day, Magwich!

One of my favorite 'new girls'. Tayra, you look exceedingly delicious!! I hope to see more of your work real soon.
Although a bit 'busy', this is a very nice set, but can we please stop using these astronomical CAMERAS!! 15-20Mg pictures are more than adequate for as well focused as most pics/sets are! Thank you.

High res Zip file invalid

Set of the day by some distance.

No, I think Sappphyra wins it, by a country mile.

it's too close to call. all of the girls today spectacular in their own way.

Tayra has such a cute, inviting smile, and such sultry eyes. This is easily the best set of the day.




( :

Nice smile,pretty hair, firm well proportioned body. Nice poses good lighting and nice clean photography. All and all a very pleasant set. Not stellar but very pleasing.

"Stellar" when compared to the first two!! (And in case they change the order again, I refer to Arina and Sapphira's sets.)


The seller


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