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I'm thinking- as far as photoshopping, and airbrushing go- the model (I would hope) has some say in it's use...............

Nope.... Not likely.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I've said it before -- the least they can do is speak out against it.
I mean how would you like the image of your beautiful bod messed with like that?
As if to say you really are ugly :-(

Doug, I doubt if the models really care. I even recall someone saying they sometimes request retouching. I guess they might think of it as make-up after the fact. After all, they do want to look good for us. Is it cheating? Perhaps. Is it saying they are ugly? No way. Still, I would rather see the real girl.

Yes, Kilroy, Rylsky has said that some of his models request retouching, as a condition of publishing their pictures.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

As long as they get their money, huh :-?
Would you believe maybe it depends on the model?
One thing for sure from my point of view: photoshopping such as I'm pointing out definitely doesn't make the model "look good" :-)
Just fake. Finger-painted over :-) Sloppily-shaven at best :-))
But not even that, since the image is obviously not real.

IOW, if they knew, I don't think a whole lot would like it.

"If they knew." Hell, most "members" don't even know, apparently -- people you'd think were trying to see these (painted over) details.
But you guys don't till I point 'em out :-)
Then you get mad at me for spoiling your fun! :-)
Blame the messenger! :))))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Can't resist pointing out that if they didn't shave it this brand of photoshopping wouldn't happen...
To me it reveals the anti-nature mindset at the heart of pubic depilation.
Really the hatred of nature as represented by that hair.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

And I should add I don't mean in every case of pubic depilation -- just in the automatic default sorry-to-say mindless way it is now practiced.
It's interesting to see what a hairy pussy looks like shaven. Once, at least, maybe :-)
But here we aren't even allowed to see once what a denuded pussy looks like naturally hairy.
And that's what I mean in my criticism of "automatic" depilation and those who insist on it.

Our artist might consider giving a workshop on how to light all white locations. Our model looks good without glare or washout.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

One look, at image 19: it must be an Alex Iskan set! :-)))

Jeezuz, even guys who don't mind photoshopping might not be happy with this! :-)))

Welcome to MetArt Low-quality Paint-jobs!

Really, I think the stubble would look a lot better than all that pixel-paint.

But to each their own!

That'll teach her to get lasered before she returns to your studio! :-)))

A question: why do you use such a hi-rez cam in order to produce this mush?

I think your phone would suffice! :-))))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Wait -- don't tell me -- you DID use your phone! :-))))

I believe the proper expression is "Wait wait...don't tell me"...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I like to do things my way :-)))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

And btw I see your little minion is again applauding every response you make to me :-)
He's a brave soul! :-)))

Who only has ears for you! :-))))

Anybody got clam dip?

Another great set of an awesome beauty!! Tayra has ALL the right stuff, in all the right places...;o) LOVE that sweet little butt!! Looking forward to more Tayra sets...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Hey, Rock, is there any chick not awesome to you on this site :-? :-)))

Hey Doug, Is there any chick on this site you wouldn't want to see with a full bush? I know, stupid question, but you get the point ;-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Nope, kilroy, can't honestly think of one! :-)))

I'm lookin' for free spirits willing to grow one.

Not too many around yet! :-((

Still just a bunch-o'-sheep! :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I should say "a bunch-o'-*sheared*sheep"! :-)))

Hey, Doug, is there anything that you won't whine about on this site? "Jeezuz" is right!! I'm beginning to think that you're actually a pre-teen sexually frustrated girl... Lots of acne that you wish you could "paint out"...??? Boys aren't lining up to date you?? You have my sincere sympathy, but please find something else to vent your frustration on, and let us big boys enjoy what pleasure we can squeeze out of this "adult website"... Run along now.... ;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

So are you saying you approve of that photoshopping?

There are only a couple of things I regularly complain about on this site; you know what the other is :-)

I may be adolescent, but I guess your comment shows you are too! :-)))

Big boys, btw, like to see reality unairbrushed! :-)))

At least that's what I've always supposed! :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

That said, Tayra looks like she deserves better than Iskan's photography :-(

Yes....I'm quite certain that she's waiting for YOU to rescue her...;o) Leave now...you can get there for her NEXT shoot...;o) Hurry!!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

No, she'll have to wait in too long a line :-))

Just have her convince Iskan to lay off the paint can! :-))

I mean really -- I don't suspect she needs it! :-)

Even if he himself needs it desperately :-)))

2/3's of the women here look like the girls in my freshman highschool class...

Bring on the REAL women!!!

Must've been a Ukrainian high school.

LOL There's a complaint that I haven't seen yet!! LMAO!!

  • Neil
  • 3 months ago:

What a beautiful, fresh and inviting face. A gorgeous feminine figure. I am not sure how I have overlooked the young lady, but Tayra is new to me. She poses with such grace and style. I love it. I like how she started the set in that red dress, but disrobed within 20 photos. She removed the dress like a woman would normally undress. No photos with the dress wrapped around her waist or such. Very nice.

Lovely Tayra has significant eyebrows that draw my attention to her beautiful blue eyes. I also appreciate her glass cutters, downy hair, magnificent inner labia, long and slender legs, and SUPERB butt cheeks / bubble butt nicely presented in #96 and many more.

Nicely done, Tayra and Alex!

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