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Beautiful girl with some great shots (pics 67-71)


nice model, photographer needs to pay more attention to the breast and great nipples

Tayra, I love your nipples!!!!

I've fallen for this girl BIG TIME! She's freakin' gorgeous!!

Tayra, you look very much like a fallen angel! Perhaps a "Date..." would be in order...? ;o) XOXO

Tayra is so pretty with a beautiful smile and this series is perfect. I would love to just give her a big hug. Excellent set!

Very beautiful poses from the beginning until the end.

Maybe it's just me but this strikes me as every guy's ballet fantasy... it's just too hot for the ballerina to practice in her uniform so she only wears the tutu, and the fun begins, in the tutu and out. ( :
Thanks to Goncharov for photographing this delectable fantasy, and big thanks to Tayra for posing it. Big 10s to each!

I like Tayra a lot, and not just because I love her slender body (and great bottom) or her pretty face. I think she has a great rapport with the camera - sometimes full of sexual confidence, sometimes playful and silly. But, always intelligent. A very interesting woman all around.

Thank you, This time the light is behind the model so we get true rich skin tones and sharply focused photos. Even some nicely focused intimate closeups. I knew you could do it! ;) and the only props, the ballet skirt, fits the set and is actually cute on the model. Nice job!

Tayra is a very lovely woman and very natural in her poses with no shyness or holding back.

Congratulations on responding to the members comments and producing a very nice set. 10+++

hipshot are we looking at different sets? There are very few "intimate closeups" in this set, I would have loved to see more. Then "no shyness or holding back", hmmm. Seems a bit tame to be getting that description. But then maybe I'm spoiled by the other sets with closer, more intimate shots.

Tayra is top-notch, don't get me wrong. No complaints with her, it just seems the photo shoot could have been more revealing IMHO.

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