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One of the truly best sets on the site.

Nothing more beautiful than a slim girl with big pussy lips

This is a quality visit from the lovely Tayra.

I agree with Rock about the gynecology exam comments being one-sided. A good photographer emphasizes his subjects strong features. An outstanding feature of Tayra is her ample endowment of womanhood. Alex would be a fool to not show it well.

In a Diana set, we see many leg pictures.
In a Viola Baily set, we see many breast pictures.
In a Divina set, we see many butt pitures.
In a Dominika set, we see many pussy pictures.

Get the picture?

Tayra has beautiful face, pretty blue eyes, and a friendly sincere smile. She also has a lovely body, nice derriere, and superb breasts with fabulous nipples. Tayra looks great! Thank you Tayra and Alex.

Color is a bit drab for a setting that is not. Is it just my ipad? Curve lost in 68 with nothing gained.


It is not just your iPad. On my 27' iMac the top of Tayra's right butt cheek is straight, not curved.

He's talking about the flat colors, not the chopped off butt cheek.

Just another example of poor framing.


Cover pose is worth a 10.

Enough said.

Very exciting and pleasant visit from Tayra, and decent photos too!
This lovely lady appeals to me more with each new set... Such a fox!!!

Curious how a set with more than a token close-up gets branded as a "gynecology exam"... And how a set that focuses on a set of oversized tits is not branded as a "breast exam"..."???

Wow such a beautiful gorgeous girl and so willing to show everything to us with so many beautiful pussy and ass hole shots and poses thet make you want to cum in your pants makes you dream of what possible pleasures you could have playing with her !!

I agree. Pic 65 shows a full view of her playground. She has a very delicious looking anus, cunt , and set of tits for sure!

The power of a warm, inviting smile... ( :

Tayra even smiles with her thighs.

Well, if I wanted to study gynecology, I could study Tayra's pussy for a very long time very diligently...

It is beautiful!

She is a lovely looking girl anyway and really sexy. I love this set.

I could do more than study Tayra's pussy for a long time, but it'll have to do.

For gynecology, a speculum (the duck-billed spreader thing) is needed and they actually do that at ALS. That type of "in-depth coverage" is not what I'm here to see, Met is no where near that. Beautiful women with meaty labia is just fine. That's what we have here.

I found the speculum displays of ALS disturbing and not at all attractive. That also goes for the stretch exercises that the ALS photographers impose on the models. Like Kilroy, those are not the type of things that I joined Metart to see.

If you wanted to study gynecology, this would be a very bad set to do that!!
Tayra's pussy is beautiful alright, but I think you need to see "below the surface" for a proper gyno exam...

not a very bad set, just incomplete without the internal part.

All you fans of gynecology exams should be happy with this set of pictures.

Does that mean that all you "giant fake boobs" fans are NOT happy with this set of pictures??
There's no more close-ups in this set than in MANY others! And not a single butterfly!! Maybe you need to examine your attitude? If this is an acceptable "gynocology exam", the ladies could be in deep trouble!!(npi)

true dat!

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