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WHAT I'M LOVIN: Tess's hot body and cute face, great use of light, gorgeous face, 26-29, 43, fabulous posteriocity, 74, 75, 107-109.

MY PREFERENCES: A 12 month sub-let on this apartment. :)

Women dressed in white dress shirts (with or without button fronts) drive me positively nuts! There's something about a white-shirted woman, more so if she has a dark complexion or a decent tan, that just pushes all my buttons - in a great way. Even better if she has dark hair like Tess.

There's only two ways this set could've been better: 1) if it had been photographed in a studio against a simple black background (images would've jumped off the screen) and 2) the addition of a white lace g-string.

But as it is, Tess worked it very nicely! Thanks!

Oh, and it helps if the shirt is just the teensiest bit sheer and the model has dark areolas or the she isn't wearing a bra and the shirt is pulled _just_ tight enough to show erect nipples underneath.

Tess just has that look about her that she would like to fuck dirty!

I'm reaaly happy she's back! beautiful model, and very underrated on Met Art.

Hooray! for Czech hotties,with perfect bodies, lovely faces, and long sexy legs. this definitely covers Tess B starring in a great set by Luca Helios

What is it about shots of the model putting her fingers to her lips that makes me swoon so hard? Shots like #32 and #118 just kill me.

I agree wholeheartedly!

Repeat after me ~ Tess has a superb bum.

Tess has a superb everything!

" "



You may prefer the type of pubic area and labia that the creator blessed Tess with; but that is no reason to be so rude to Malinda and Vikki Mauri.

You have been around long enough to know better. Shame on you!

ps. note how Malinda spells her name.

Sorry guys but I don't feel that was rude. I did not comment in either of the girls sets to insure that they were unlikely to read it and yes I like the way Tess was blessed by the creator. I gave no details or direct comment toward either of them even here. I think you know by now that I am very careful about what I say about the models.

Baggy, I tend to agree with your reaction here, but the problem is that since it was not typed in as a "reply" it is floating free of the remark to which it was a reaction... just pointing out.

I got it baggy, and I agree with you.

"A very welcome relief after view the new girl and Milinda."

Looks like an insult to me!

"Thanks Tess for saving the day."

Looks like another insult...to me! "Saving the day" from WHAT!?

Arrrggghhh, sometimes I am a fumble finger eh. Thanks fer_realz.

Tess is the easy winner today. This is a nice set with deep rich colors, subdued lighting and a lovely white blouse. The blouse would have been better with buttons down the front so we could have had some nice peekaboo shots of those lovely breasts. Tess has a perfect pubic area with delicate and very pleasing labia. A very welcome relief after view the new girl and Milinda. Tess is a supremely formed full on woman with a seductive style that reels me in every time.

Thanks Tess for saving the day.

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