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She looks fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

She's just amazing in every way. My all around favorite!!!

I must add more.... Tess has stirred the embers of a long forgotten fire into the heartily lust of flame...

Tess has an ode of warmth and joy which permeates her pictorial. She expresses, from times in my past, the airs of delight, in association with a woman like unto her....
Joy, beauty and "is not it great to be alive!" Thank you, Tess.

I love Luca Helios's pictures of the Czech landscape. The girls are pretty hot too, and Tess is a total winner. I gave a 10++++ to both

"Poolside pleasures, starring Tess's perfect pussy". And co-starring an AWESOME bamboo chair!! Not a bad set considering the location. It's been quite a while since we've seen Tess... She must be retired, and this is a leftover....?

I'm a fan of Tess' smile. Her charming appeal increases whenever she smiles sweetly with a hint of naughtiness. The poolside location, with the abundance of sunlight illuminating her pretty face and curvy body is perfect for showcasing this refreshing beauty.

Tess might possess the most perfect belly button on MET. I could stare at it for hours.

Imagine nuzzling it and kissing it... ( :

Tess makes that bikini sing. Wow. Just amazing.

(The lyrics are probably "Roxy Roxy Roxy Roxy")

I absolutely adore everything about Tess. A top model :-)

Tess is out of this world beautiful! The set was fair.

What I really like about this set is Tess's relaxed attitude, which allows her warm, friendly, approachable side to show. Her smiles feel genuine and open and reflect the warmth of the sun that is shining on her. This is a very nice set. ( :

Tess is gorgeous and so damn cute, I love to see that impish grin a the same time as she spreads her legs.

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