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I have to agree. The green 2-tone stripped couch doesn't add anything, in fact, it distracts from the model. She would have looked way better in a studio with just a solid color background behind her with a simple chair or bench to sit on.

Très jolie, et semble aimer beaucoup être photographiée, il y a de quoi!

Tofana is lovely and she has an awesome body but the hair is awful. I hate this ratted unkempt mop. Not just on her but any woman. In her first set on Sexart where she had beautifully kept strait honey blond hair she was spectacular! But I just can't get past the matted tangled hair. One of the sexiest things in the world is long smooth silky hair. Nothing is more alluring than a woman laying with her head on your shoulder smelling the wonderful freshness of her hair and her sweet feminine fragrance. I can't imagine this mop smelling clean and fresh. And yes she would be quite lovely with her hair up.

Tofina PLEASE go back to the natural clean look.

While I agree the model and photographer are the most important elements, the right setting can certainly enhance a shoot. This particular backdrop is just blah. It might as well be in front of a green screen or a plain white wall. The model is wonderful, though and I would love to see a few shots of her in "street" clothes.

To all the Met-Art photographers:

The days when a setting could be a sofa in the corner of a room ARE OVER.

Please use settings that ADD to the beauty of the model.

Example for the unimaginative photographer:

- A gorgeous bed in a naturally lighted high rise with windows.

Signed -

A Customer

ps - beginning or ending with shots of the model in street clothes are FANTASTIC and should be included.

Thanks for your opinion Cake, but I believe I speak for more than myself when I say that there are three 'main' considerations for each set. It's MY opinion that these are 1-the model, 2-the photographer and 3-attire, if any.
The 'setting' is mostly irrelevent unless it's outdoors, in the sun with a photographer that doesn't know how to shoot 'outdoors'. A "couch in the corner" is just fine with the right model and photographer. This one just happens to be a bit on the boring side... I believe I could find a set that was shot "on a couch in the corner" that would blow your socks off.

She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Some movies, please!

Pretty boring set, but I think I'm in love! Tofana is sweet as honey!!

I think No.80 shows just how good Tofana would look with her hair up. She has the right facial structure and head shape to pull it off beautifully! It's one of my favorite shots in this set.

I agree.She has a fabulous bum which needs more display.

Nice girl....but I believe a darker background will do her pale skin more favor!

I thought a darker background would make her look ghostly white...

I agree. But some things come across beautifully, such as her amazing brown eyes. So lovely!

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