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Cute and sexy girl. Nice white lace panties. Those shots of her sexy ass with her panties pulled down (pic 33) are hot.

cute face, but I almost threw up when I saw those disgusting feet.

I didn't even notice that she HAS feet ...

Excellent photography. Beautiful ass - show it off more.

Excellent! Very cute and sexy girl. Nice poses and good photography.

One suggestion that I have for all the models....if you're going to shave, please don't do a half-assed (p.i.) job. An incomplete shave can be less appealing, visually, than a full bush. If a complete and thorough shave is a bit difficult for you, and that's understandable, I'm quite sure you'd have no trouble finding a volunteer to help with it....;o)

I wholeheartedly agree. One would presume this was not an impromptu shoot, leaving the model plenty of time to either completely 'groom' one's self, or go natural (my choice). That being said, I like this model. There's perhaps a few too many repeat poses in this set.

Also, before I forget, I LOVE the close-up rearview shots that show off her fuzzy butt cheeks! :)

I disagree, I find a unkempt bush a complete turn off, whereas, a little stubble or clean shaven is sexy beyond belief. I would chuck this up to personal opinion and sexual preference, god forbid we all have the same taste in women and aesthetic beauty. I personally find this shoot and the model to be sexy beyond reason. :-)

It´s horrible.I would´ve done better with my Kodak instamatic and my aunt
as a model.

That must be one sexy aunt you got there, buddy!

gswkju..........whats your Aunt like?


Great set, Tofana is jaw droppingly beautiful, her tall lean body is amazing and that lovely shaven cunt is gorgeous.

Very arousing set of pictures, she is beautiful and I love her plump round bare ass

Absolutely stunning, and some really exciting poses! Thank you, angel.

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