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Can somebody show Koenart how to take good photographs and present them well. This is abuse of a beautiful model! Waste of space!

Poul - I fully agree!

I loved everything about this set. Tracy is perfect from her head to her feet (the foot shots are great; no one has commented on those yet). I certainly hope rockhard and rags25 will continue to entertain us with more comments in the future, since the comments on this set were almost as entertaining as the images.

Just a great photo shoot! Super photo work making Sandra just HOT! You have a super young body, a excellent next door girl look with those sexy freckles, your so sexy with cloths on or off! Also nice to see a very natural look!

I was so worked up with this photo session with great work by Koenart that I say Sandra. Sorry Tracy, and lets see more in the future!

Gotta love Tracy.

Gorgeous farm girl.

We seldom agree cake, but you nailed it here..;o)

That's a pretty girl, but there's some truly horrendous airbrushing going on. It's been a while since I've seen armpits completely obliterated on Met-Art.

I love the way Koenart uses both the setting and natural lighting to highlight Tracy A's gorgeous face,sexy blue eyes within his close ups per image #9,#32,and #75 lovely portrayial what really does it for me as a female member is image #26 showing Tracy's body thru her sheer sexy lingerie and the lovely close up of her kneeling on the pillows with the bottom of her sheer oufit just riding up the cleft of her curvy ass per image#31 before she slowly peels of her top revealing her those lovely breasts,erect nipples of hers untli totaly nude ;) love the way she casualy lounges on the pillows on the balcony in differnt views before showing her legs spread wide open showing her lovely firm body,breasts nipples,inner thighs labia lips basking in the sun as per image #49,#52 and #54 in all there are some simply goregous shots of Tracy A and i don't mind this lovely outdoor series of Koenart it warms me up greatly on this freezing outback desert town in Australia :) nice one koenart :)

What an angel. #75 is a really lovely portrait

WTF is up with MET's pathetic display of comments? I always think and even post "Patience grasshopper". Today I am beyond puzzled. A comment from another member was displayed (it really was visible!), I enter my comment and am perfectly prepared to wait for my comment to appear. Suddenly everything is gone. I could care less about my comment because I know it will eventually appear but WTF happened to all the comments that had been present and displayed. EXTREMELY CONFUSING AND STUPID!

Know the feeling baggypants it happened to me twice with my replies to Rockhard's comment the other day about me being on drugs when i incorretly splet Sharon D's name its the weekend Baggy always have mistakes within MetArt rockhards was the 1st comment then they all dissapered and then told me to be the 1st to comment i'm just as patient as you are as you told me to do with comments and wait Cheers Baggy

104 and 105 appear to have been taken nano seconds apart, or are even the same picture included twice. 104 is so much better than 105. Both are closeups that the members like so much, 104 is centred perfectly, 105 despite being a tight closeup, needlessly (carelessly?) cuts off part of her top leg.

Real nice! Great looking girl and good pics of her. I guess we either get used to outdoor sets, or we have a miserable summer...lol This one's better than some...

Dear Rockhard No i'm not on any drugs as you commented the other day i have mispelt Sandra D's name ok shit happens aint much fun when you get a when you get a wheel nut from a Kenworth tyre rim blows off at 350 PSI and gets you in the left butt cheek this female member only gets a breif change to sit up and post a comment ok Cheers From Outback Australia

LOL You sure that nut didn't hit you in the head rags!?? You did not "misspell' Sandra's name honey..you called "Sharon" by Sandra's name! lol But that's ok... I promise not to make fun of you anymore if you stop stalking me from one set to another to give me shit for having a bit of fun with you..;o) I sympathize, but will not patronize...:o) All in good fun!! ;o) I'll raise a Foster's in your honor today!! Cheers back atcha rags!!

my goodness, what an interesting life. safe driving!

lol If she has a hard time with posting her comments, I doubt she'll be doing much driving soon...;o)

rockhard i'm not stalking you from one set to another just trying catch up with you to explain as to why i stuffed up Sandra D's name the other day ok and i'm not out to give you shit ok and yes i'm not doing any driving at the momment for a while until my left butt cheek heals up as a single mother its my only income no freight run no $$$$ coming in plus i'm only having fun with you too ok ;) better make that a nice mug of Jack Daniels too its still winter here in Australia ok

Patience Grasshopper.


May THE FORCE be with you, young Skywalker.

As I said to my 'first' wife...."Always and forever"...;o)

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