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I love your perfect nose and its adorable freckles. And everything south of that :)

Lovely lady, lovely labia and clitoral hood, lovely derriere. I guess that makes this a lovely set, imho. Thanks to both Tracy and Koenart.

What a lovely set. Finally an indoor set for my lovely Tracy. She does so good with the outdoor sets but this is great. I love that she started with clothes on so we could watch in anticipation as she revealed each lovely bit of that fantastic body. The panties were a special treat and what was hidden beneath is so worth waiting for. She has one of the most spectacularly pretty vulva's around and the shots in this set are perfect. Not too close but close enough to allow all the detail you want in the higher res sets. It is so clean and flawless, everything in the right proportion, no discolorations, and flawlessly groomed. Tracey has the most wonderful girl next door sort of beauty, not over powering or over made up and her sparkling blue eyes are full of mischief as is her smile. She has me convinced that she would be a joy to know. She seems so real and approachable I can't help but love her.

I have to say kudos to Koenart for this set and the so very charming video that goes with it. You did a great job of letting her sweet radiance fill us with joy.

hipshot, I had not viewed the video when I posted. I have now and it confirms my comment about "great body movement". Man does Tracy know how to "present" herself, or what. She is just as sex in the "dressed" part of video. The slow strip is perfect. It goes without saying that the nude Tracy is outstanding. When you see her work on Sex you realize she is a real winner. I hope we see a lot more of her. I wish we all could learn more about here.

Tracy, great smile, great body movement, and you are, for anyone with a foot fetish, a total wet dream. Only your lower lips are sexier. Oh and they share many of the foot shots, Wow. Love you over on Sex, also. IMO your work with Brandy is great. Can't wait to see you again, and again.

+ one that!

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