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In 8 our artist nicked a perfect finger, a perfect toe.

Can he right this great wrong? As quickly as 9, redeemed by a thong.

Nice color, nice light.

Looks like Chelsea, needs some pubic hair.

Met art does the job just beautiful :-)

Interesting that we get two out of, I think, three active Hungarian girls on the same day! Ah...The blonde bombshell one! Tracy also has Koenart shoot her for SexArt and she delivers under both formats. Myshkin if you saw her over on Sex you would know as hipshot points out there is nowhere on Tracy that is not just kissable, but edible.... Eat your heart out. Tracy, I personally enjoy you more over at Sex but you give us all you can here, good job. I hope you enjoy yourself doing this as much you appear to!

Commission?? lol ;o)

Killer chin dimple!


Good contraction!

Unbelievably beautiful, angel face, freckles, innocence, PERFECT rear end.....ah just 30 minutes is all I ask...

Agree with all posts...I especially love the moistness showing through in the pics-love to see that a girl is enjoying taking the pics as much as we enjoy viewing them

This Girl is so fantastically gorgeous beyond all words to describe her beauty I love every picture the photographer capture every delightful aspect of her beauty beautiful gorgeous job !!

Tracy is as sweet as mom's apple pie and twice as cute. She has a girl next door quality that is hard to beat and a body that is picture perfect from any angle. Tracy is a universal beauty. She would look just as at home here in the US as she does in her home country. With her looks and personality it's hard to imagine anywhere she wouldn't fit right in.

Koenart did a fine job of framing all of her attributes in fine detail. That is one lucky sofa. It has been the resting place of many heavenly bodies in the passed few years.

The dark background seems to have worked well enough here !

The dark background seems to have worked well enough here !

Yah, hipshot, a "Best of Koenart's Couch" would be a very interesting set! Just think of who has been shoot on it. I bet there is one of us that could give us a list! He claims to have too much time on his hands! Lets see....


My luscious angel of the freckles! How wonderful to see you again. Again we confont the impossible question -- which is more kissable, more perfect: your heavenly face or your gorgeous rear end. Here's one kiss for each x x

Why torture yourself? There is nowhere that is not kissable on this Sweetheart!

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