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Flat out gorgeous , no effort needed-just herself.

Lack of comments IMO Tracey is gorgeous as usual but this set is far from her best. It lacks the joy and verve that usually accompany her sets and the back lit photography is not up to par with the other sets. I love Tracey but this set didn't move me to comment until now.

Oh, I forgot, my favorite photo, #72. Not just for Tracy, but for all models. Love that pose. Every photo set should have one like that.

Just to humor you hip, today was Sunday, family and church time, and last but not least, the 1st and 2nd of the month. So in the past two days there were 9 gorgeous women to view. That's a hell-of-a lot to ask the average male to do, no? Anyway, I'm sure there will be more comments to follow, especially on this scrumptious looking Tracy photo set. If it makes you happy, you and Tracy should be glad to know that I made photo #53 my desktop background. If I may say, that is one sweet looking butt. Hey, Tracy, you're a doll! Given the opportunity, I would kiss you all over you beautiful looking self...

A Hungarian hottie with a superb bum, a sprinkling of freckles, lovely areolae, glass cutters, lovely blue eyes. . .life is good!

I know, Hungarian girls have amazing arses.

Here I go on one of my bordering on profiling, and absolutely unsupported by statistical evidence, comments.

I wonder if the number of Mongol invasions and absorbing of some of those warriors into Hungarian society contributed to the amazing arses and another seemingly out of proportion attribute that I love (the combination of sparkling blue eyes and black hair). Or maybe that is more attributable to the western knights who were finally able to stem the horde(s).

All supposition on my part including stemming the hordes. The hordes may very well have stopped when they found enough lush grass to feed their ponies in preparation for the return to re-establish their presence on the home front.

I probably over think these things but I do believe that modern day Hungary being the most westerly point of Mongol advances and their uniquely lovely ladies is not a co-incidence.

I offer you sincere reassurance. Over thinking these things is in no way a problem with this hypothesis.

You and I think about two totally different things when we look at this beauty....

interesting thoughts though. However i dont understand your hypothesis; Hungarian women today have nice asses because thousands of years ago their country was invaded by Mongols. Am i following you correctly? So, Did these Mongol invaders have insanely nice asses?? a trait they passed down thru the generations?

Or, do women around the world have amazing asses and Met just finds and photographs the best ones?

Para two: you nail my hypothesis as far as you go; the invasion by mongol hordes (and / or resistance by western knights) may equally have contributed. I don't have access to dependable eye witness accounts of the physical traits of the Mothers of those males.

Para three: women with superb bums DO exist all over the world. Met-art DOES find and publish many images of ladies with superb bums from many countries. I just choose to believe that Hungary has a disproportionate percentage of ladies with superb bums (and the combination of blue eyes and black hair also).

The singular best image of a superb bum that I remember was of an African muslim lady from Ethiopia (she also had beautiful breasts). It was in a National Geographic film. Maybe something hosted by David Attenborough?

Beautiful!! Very nice set. I choose to believe that the absence of comments is due to Tracy's beauty leaving everyone speechless!! ;o)
She certainly has me gasping for air!!! What a gorgeous babe she is!!

I like the speechless theory :)

You're so jaw-droppingly gorgeous Tracy, I don't like to see no comments :) So let me say I love those freckles and those toes and EVERYTHING in between :) XXXX

Her toes do look Yummy! as well as every other part of her sexy little body... Tracy has it all. Great smile. Great ass. great tits. cute feet. and a very pretty pussy. Not much more a guy could ask for in his girl.... 10++

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