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Far too much focus on the facial features with the rest of the model's salient qualities out of focus. We don't need a portrait gallery mentality.

i have to agree with all the comments about the photographers "style"...

i'm an amature photographer myself with a lower mid range nikon, tripod, three lenses, a decent speed light, totaly jury rigged aux lighting and king sized bed sheets for backgrounds...with a couple of strippers i met at the club they work at for models...

and i have to admit though i lack the nice locations, professional or semi professional models and lighting set ups some of these photogs enjoy...my photos are often far better (technicaly) in my opinion than some of what we are paying for here

his camera is listed as a 22 megapixel rig...i'm running an 18 megapixel camera...i would be upset if i shot a set that was as grainy as some of the shoots were seeing from multiple photographers...maybe he was shooting at a higher iso setting to get enough light but hell...a cheap tripod would have enabled him to shoot at a lower iso with enough light and have crisp clear pictures

By far the best set of this girl so far .... great work!

Looks a lot like Chealsey from E chanel the comedian, almost a twin

beautiful young woman. very natural look. edible ass and pussy.

c word again ! :-(

Sweet and tangy are the words which encompass you Lady Tracy A.
Delight also comes to mind. Exhabition of self is well recieved....

Wish these photographers knew how to focus their cameras properly. It is possible to have all of the model in focus if you stand back far enough, use a longer focal length lens, and a smaller aperture for a longer depth of field. Luca seems to think he's working for a portrait studio!

I disagree. It's not a matter of choice in indoor shoots. It's a matter of working space. Most of these shoots take place in hotel rooms which tend to be quite small thus it is often difficult to get far enough back to develop the depth of field you mention. They are not told what settings to use. Most of the time they must use a wide lens to get the whole model into the frame. I have seen photos of bedroom sets where the photographer is sitting in the hallway in order to get anything other than closeups. Most hotel rooms are not designed to be photo studios. ;o) However, There are several photographers that feel they need to direct your attention to the feature they want to focus on. And a few that feel they are glamor photographers and don't feel they need to do intimate shots. These are the photographers I get very angry with.

You're not the only one whining rachsback. Luca Helios' photography bloody infuriates me! As you say, if a girls' face is in the picture that is where the focus is, no matter what actual cue she offers - even from behind, if she looks over her shoulder then he photographs her face even on a potential centre page spread! They should drop Luca Helios completely.

I may not be totally opposed to that idea...

Freckles! I can't believe no one has mentioned that cute patch of dainty little freckles! #73 is the star of the show as far as that daring face and did you notice what she is obviously flaunting? It may be on the wrong hand but there is no doubt that she wants us to notice! She is positively glowing'

The amazing thing about Tracy is the more I review the more I see that just turns me on! She is as immaculate as it is possible to get. Lovely nails top and bottom and the most immaculate vulva I have ever seen. There may be some blurry shots of it but there are some mind boggling close ups you could ask for. #32 and 33 are amazing and there are a lot more throughout the set!

This set is one of her best and I think we had better enjoy while we can cause some lucky guy put a ring on it and I doubt he will share.

I think it was nice to see Tracy shot from another photog. I always say this, and it's hardly ever because the usual photog (Koenart, in this case) was doing a bad job. And yes, those closeups are awesome, especially the ones that show off her very curvy mons. Tracy is indeed very immaculate as you say (like Patritcy), and obviously takes very good care of herself.

One thing I noticed, when Koenart has shot her, she always had a small trimmed triangle of pubic hair. When Lucas or Majoly (before Koenart) has shot her, she is totally bare. Interesting tidbit of useless information.

@ hipshot131:

At least one previous commentator mentioned freckles, he did not specify any picture(s) where they appeared.

You also wrote "The amazing thing about Tracy is the more I review the more I see that just turns me on!" I concur 1,000% and increased my rating of her to 10 when I read how many of her stellar physical features I included in my written assessment of this gallery.

Tracy has a gorgeous everything!! I always enjoy her updates. My only problem is that the "Helios style" of erotic photography infuriates me half of the time! He seldom, if ever, will focus on anything but the models face, as long as it's in the frame...anywhere in the frame! This knocks out of focus, other areas that are being "posed FOR focus"... He seems to ignore ANY clue that the girls give him as to where THEY want him to focus. I've seen this so many times in his work, and it never fails to irritate me... I've seen too much of it in others work as well, but Helios seems to be most inclined to use this "style"(?). Maybe it's because I like more of his girls that I notice it more with him. Anyway, I just delete the ones I don't like and still have some great sets!! So thanks Tracy...and Luca... Really nice set, aside from that, and please excuse the whining... ;o) XOXOX

Well, not quite.

The problem isn't focusing on the model's face (when it's visible it should almost always be in focus), it's the refusal to increase the depth-of-field to the point where both face and "other areas" can both be in focus. It's such a consistent problem on this site that I'm pretty sure photographers are instructed on what apertures they're allowed to use. It's hard to believe that it's just a coincidence that it happens with so many photographers.

And a model being a little "shy" is not a "complex". If you're not happy with what she's willing to show, that's your problem not hers.

So who said anything about a complex!? And I'm not unhappy with what she's willing to show, I'm unhappy with what HE'S willing to shoot and the way he shoots it!! And if you don't agree with my comment, that's YOUR problem not mine.

Winning is acceptable when done tactfully. I tend to agree that there are some artists that seem almost shy. Don't know if they have some sort of complex or what but it can be very irritating. I have to say I would have a tough time looking away from many of our models faces but then there IS another area that is equally fascinating and diverse and that is what we come here to see. There are lots of pretty faces and we get to see them any time we go looking but seldom are we privy to the other part and I for one think it is just as important if not more so.

Oh! I see who said something about a complex!!...LOL

Ya went an' pissed off 'dribblepuss'....

And I was "whinning"...it's Charlie that does the "winning"...;o)

Hip, I couldn't agree more. I enjoy the other equally fascinating part myself.

Superb butt cheeks, downy hair, translucent skin, freckles, an innie, glass cutters, significant eyebrows, beautiful eyes, lovely labia. . .Tracy certainly has many stellar physical features going for her!

Thanks to Tracy and Luca!

Sexy, sexy, sexy, Tracy!

I love the care you've given to your nails, too.

You leave me wanting ... you!


Is it possible for past trauma to cause a deep seated ambivalence with respect to the visibility of knee caps?

At this time, I would have to respond with a resounding "Hell yes! Anything is 'possible'!!"... "Knee caps"...??? I'll try not to imagine what THAT'S all about...LOL ;o)

Hey if it's a part of the female body some dude is going to worship it!

Or be afraid of it...;o)

This woman is a masterpiece and I really don't love blondes...she just converted me...the photography was a little out of focus, several shots were blurry...disappointing to have bad photography with such a stunning woman on display.

Absolutely the most gorgeous body I have ever seen she is really heavenly. I love her shaved body don't know how she can be so perfect and the photographer did the best job of capturing her gorgeous beauty.. The best photography the best setting absolutely gorgeous bedroom to die for and her gorgeous manicure and pedicure .. I have never seen anything so very gorgeous !! Many Thanks to Tracy A and to Luca Helios beautiful job !!

What is going on with all the crappy photography this week on Met Art ?

I have seen more out of focus pussy shots this week than I have in the 5 years I've been a member.

Between this session and Divina's earlier this week, you shown two of the hottest models on Met Art in a less than a favorable light.

It's playoff time.

Time to pick up your game !

Tracy looks so good with her hair up like this! I'm very much liking Helios' work with her so far... I hope more like this is on the way!

Another perfect lady for this lovely night! Tracey is a favorite and yet another example of female perfection. She is so girl next door I find it hard to believe she is not American! hope she doesn't consider that an insult. She would be the perfect model to do a cheerleader set! However I have to say that tonight's outfit is awesome! You couldn't get much sexier than that. I think this is one of her best sets and Albert did a fantastic job as usual.

Nothing to make this set any less than 10+++

Plenty for ME to make it "less than ten"! You're "too kind" hipster...lol Tracy is the only redeeming quality in this set... SAY IT!!! (hope my Sam Kinison isn't too much for you...;o)

Did you say Sam! Not too much for me. I was married for two fuckin years! LOL

I'll say it - 10.

LOL Is that a "minus 10" or a "dash 10" ???

And I guess "Sam" was too much for hipshot...lol

LMAO!! I actually DID give it a ten!!! Now....do I leave it...???

@ hipshot131:

I believe you meant Luca, and the set is very nice.

OOPs! Brain fart!

That's your subconscious mind, pulling you back to Solveig...lol ;o)

The delicate silver anklet is the perfect crowning touch... ( :


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