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Midline episiotomy My name ? where did you learn your obstetrics from ??

You guys, stop calling Trista a "creature" and quit talking about careers, online translators, etc.

Well Trista,You´re fighting back and winning.Keep up the good work.You´re
awesome and soon will be a 9er!.Let me send you tons of kisses.

well,men,I´m the one who started this debate.I feel so proud my first post have caused such a chain reaction,a very positive interaction within
members about a heavenly creature I´m definitely in love with.I Hope she
understands that there may be different opinions,but Trista can see the vast majority have realised about her splendid beauty and personality.In my opinion,she deserves to shine among the flagships of the finest met art models.I forgot to mention Rilsky.Great.Better than pouring water over the models!
This demonstrates this space is a real forum and has a remarkably good health.
And by the way Caballo,I´m a Spaniard from Madrid.Your Spanish leaves much to be desired,looks like a google translation.

dafuq did i just read?

One last comment from the gathered information I have read above. If this model is going to base her career choices on some comment I have anonymously posted here then maybe this is not her thing either. Silly to assume that as well as your other assumptions. By the way tits and ass is what this all boils down to anyway. Good day

The main idea of Met-Art from the start of this legendary site was not present to you models, 50+% of this site's girls are not from porn industry, they are REAL GIRLS. What career????? They pose because they like it, not because they want new house or Porsche Panamera.
Feel the difference, or you really not? If professional porn model read some like this - you are right. They don't care about any comments and they ALSO think the same way - that all members are "just came here, see preferred kinda pussy and G.F.Y."

But this is Met-Art and this is another story at all. For girls who agreed to pose because they think this is ART too.

Hey man, just shut the fuck up.

Of course I will. I am scared of you.

Ha, no need to be scared man, I was offended by one of your replies so I got a bit angry. But I'm all better now :)

I forgot. "not my kind of thing"

thank you

I checked. Suppose I bothered a few by posting honest comments to which I still stand by. She is not that great of a model. That is only my opinion and if you wish to worship photos of her feel free to do so. "7" it is. Thank you

I think Trista is quite nice. She pretty, has a very nice body and a fantastic personality. I really like the way she seems so comfortable and like she is having fun. Unfortunately everyone has his/or her likes and dislikes and what turns one person on can do just the opposite for another. For me I think Trista is quite lovely and has a wonderful presence before the camera. My only negative comment is one she can do nothing about. I think one of the things that holds her back is that her mound hides what appear to be an awesome set of labia. If she could find positions that spread her mound so that we can see her lovely flower I would bet her score would be in the nines no problem. What little we get to see looks awesome and believe me when I say that less is more when it comes to labia. A delicate moist pink set for me is the ultimate. I wish I could get a good view of hers. I find Trista to be underrated and want more of her.

hipshot, did you see photo 15? Perfect and delicious!!!!

Looks like she had an Episiotomy.

Both Trista and my favorite photographer Rylsky can count on a 10 rating from me.

Hermoso Rostro! Niza, redondas, naturales tetas! Perfectamente, redondas, marrones, pezones! Apuntando y erecto a usted, pidiendo para ser acariciado y chupado! Grande, redondo, suave Culo! Perfecta redondo forma! Trista, me encantaría verte en el sofá, con tus grande, redondo, hermosa culo arriba en el aire, eres mirándome, sonriéndome!! Luego yo podía imaginar, caminando arriba detrás de ti, dejando caer mis pantalones cortos y mis grande verga manantiales fuera, dura y rígido, el punta es rojo-caliente para ti, gotea jugos para ti! Estoy apuntando ello directamente hacia tus poco, rosada coño! Se llega a abajo con tus manos tus piernas y usted abre ello para mí! Y veo tus rosada suavidad! Oh! Bebe, ¡Sí! Y luego, Yo rociar una poco mis jugos dentro tus coño labios! Usted sonríe y dice "Le disparaste tus pegajoso sobre mí!" "Ahora, palo tu duro verga dentro mí, querido hombre!" Yo sólo podía imaginar lo maravilloso que sería, a meter mis manos a tus caderas, lentamente acariciando tu grande, redondo culo y luego yo acabo de inclinar mi pelvis hacia arriba y el caliente punta es entre tus suave, poco coño labios. Y luego usted inclina hacia tu culo atrás en mi contra y estoy lentamente, deslizando lentamente mi grande, gordo, roca-duro verga en tus blando, suave, apretado, mojado, poco coño! ¡Sí! Yo encanta entrar dentro tu coño! Oh, Tus dulce, poco estrechez coño!! Oh, Tus suavidad! Oh, miel, dulce, poco querido! Mujer, estás tan mojada dentro, sientes tan bueno, miel!

LOL Well I certainly hope Trista reads Spanish!

We are in 21st century. :)
Be sure, many models (including Trista) are happy with new comments feature and they are really know what web online translation is.

We have this new feature without moderation and censor. It means that in the same time we can kill any model's career at Metart because she possibly will read some comment and see comments that makes her feels like she was not model, but piece of meat with pussy. Be free but be respectful and careful with this 100% of freedom.

I so totally agree with enjoy746's comment above. Let's always be very careful of our models' feelings. With such a huge and ever growing website, it's highly unlikely any of us are going to prefer or like everything about every Met-Art woman. We can, however, always be tactful and avoid blunt, dismissive, and dogmatic statements of opinion.

And just as enjoy746 pointed out, we don't want to make any of the women feel they are nothing "but piece of meat with pussy." Usually we are given a short biography of each woman. Perhaps we can include mention of something from that in our comments of appreciation. We could make comments that reflect how the model makes us feel or what she appears to be thinking or feeling from the expressions of her face or her body language.

If we truly dislike the looks of a woman or her modeling (& remember someone else chooses which photos appear from a session), we can always refrain from commenting or simply write something to the effect of, "not my kind of thing".

Beautiful girl, beautiful body, beautiful set.

This model is in the "filler" category. Nothing special really. I give her a 7 to be nice. Overrated at 8.8

FILLER??!! Nothing special? With that gorgeous face?

I was always surprised when I see man with 100+ of TV channels (let's say that channels=metart models) who have a choice of 2 possibilities and he did 2nd choice:

1 - choose another channel on remote (takes 0.01 seconds)
2 - phone call to TV channel + make a post on TV channel site's forum + wrote email to editor and ask to change the show on this channel (takes from 30 minutes to...).

You are here (where flawless beauties are countless) to be happy, right? Why to choose a girl you dislike, spent your golden time and not tell to 2000+ of other Metart girls that they are Queens of your heart, m? Enjoy the possibilities.
Peace to you

Amen to you, brother! Ironically, I read s999784's comment AFTER responding to your comment above. Now I'm doubly glad to have posted what I did. Too bad, he's not likely to look at this photo set or these comments again.

Fortunately, if Trista sees his comment, she'll at least know that the majority didn't agree with him and took exception to his having posted such a thing.


Girls are living in a real World and they truly understand it contains negative and positive in every part of living. We have no 100% anywhere, or just ask people "is the pure water tasty?" or "do you like to breathe?" :)
But when we see that most people are respectful - it is what makes girls happier.

Yes, she saw it. And now more and more models too.

Uh...yeah. That's a widely held opinion. I've never seen so many negative comments about a model before.... And yes...that was very "nice" to give this hideous girl a 7...you're a real hero.

And I hope my sarcasm comes through loud and clear!

Real heroes are silently push "from 0 to 5" buttons. :)

They should not even have 0 to 5 buttons here!!! I don't even recall any models who I would rate a 6. I don't see how anyone can look at photos 3 and 4, and not rate Trista a 10!

Please clarify... Sounds mysterious...

Gorgeous girl with a super hot body!!!

Hey guys!Whith all my respect i think you sould watch Trista carefully and rate her higher,because she is still running low in the best of met.She´s a wonderful creature.Watch her mouth,her pretty face,that angelic smile,that body that can stop the traffic.Wouldn´t you like to spend a delightful evening beside her?

I would definitely "like to spend a delightful evening inside her"...;o)

She is definitely underrated!

A beautiful model with a beautiful pussy.

Photo 15 is my fav!!!

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