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The dress isn't a big deal. It certainly wasn't hiding anything. Some girls like to keep something on rather than being totally nude. It's sort of a security blanket and makes them feel more comfortable. For me if it makes her more comfortable showing that spectacular pussy then go for it! That last page was mind blowing!

Did anyone else notice the 24th picture? It is bizzar with the hand coming out of her head! :)

Not sure why it is there? Not the best set, more of a fashion show for a red dress until the last page or so.

But like I said earlier, she is so smoking hot!

24th - lolest lol :))))

kinda photos that is more in dynamic and mood, which means "feel the move, no matter what composition or rules". I'm proud that you review my set so attentively, because 99,9% of members look each picture of a set 0,5 seconds if it contains only face and hand. I am really proud you take same time as if it is framed in Hermitage.

Thank you!

RYLSKY The 24th

I hate when the model remains more clothed than not.

At first I thought "another boring solid color background...argh", but as I viewed the set, I realized that the "boring" background actually emphasizes the model quite a bit more than a busy background that can be distracting. GOOD JOB! lol Great set too, of one of the Super Stars of MetArt! Trista is 'painfully' gorgeous!! It 'hurts' to be unable to touch her...to hold her..

في البداية اعتقدت "آخر مملة لون الخلفية الصلبة ... أرغ"، ولكن كما قلت ينظر إلى مجموعة، أدركت أن "مملة" خلفية يؤكد فعلا نموذج لا بأس به أكثر من خلفية مشغول التي يمكن تشتيت. عمل جيد! مجموعة كبيرة لول جدا، واحد من النجوم السوبر من MetArt! تريستا هو 'مؤلم' رائع! انه يسىء 'لتكون قادرة على تلمس لها ... لعقد لها ..

Translated into Arabic...

For me, she took too long to doff the duds.

If you mean 'take her dress off', she NEVER did! It didn't hide anything I was looking for however! And because of the sequence 'screw-up', it looks like she pulls it back ON halfway through... At least that's how it looks..

Bella dama! Lindo, sonrisa juguetona! Fantástico body, cariño! Una piel tan suave!Y entonces usted abrir tus piernas y demuestra que precioso coño rosa! Ensueño, cremoso, rosada y tan apretado y acogedora! Dulce, poco señora, creo que estoy enamorado! Tu coño parece justo como rosa, caramelo cremoso! Yum!

above translated,
Beautiful lady! Cute, playful smile! Fantastic body, baby! A soft skin! And then you open your legs and show that beautiful pink pussy! Dreamy, creamy, pink and so tight and cozy! Sweet, little lady, I think I'm in love! Your pussy looks just like pink, creamy caramel! Yum!

I understood the yum part.

If he wanted it translated, don't you think he'd have done it himself?... I'm just sayin'....

Inquiring minds wanted to know rockhard, I just sayin'...


Thank you for the closeup of her armpits and her stubble is really sexy. For me in any event.

Just wondering, when did you first notice that you had this secret desire for armpits and stubble?

Everyone is entitled to there own turn ons. Nothing wrong with that

Another awesome set of gorgeous Trista!!! I luved all the close-ups, especially of her beautiful face!!! And her purrfect pussy!!!

Rylsky ,you are a tease. Saving he best till the last !!

It certainly is the best!

Absolutely awesome! Top to bottom and beyond. Pure perfection. That is one awesome set from start to finish. I love all the tease shots in that pretty red dress. So very sexy! I love every inch of that body but that is one of the sweetest most lovely pussies in existence. I love it! So clean and pink and inviting. I would love to kiss those pretty pink lips and work that sweet clit till you just couldn't contain it anymore.

Thank you for the magnificent closeups. What a dream maker you are!

P.S. Thank you Rylsky too for capturing this angel and presenting her so perfectly. I hope she is going to be a long term part of the Rylsky team.

Trista you are so beautiful! I love your smile and sexy and erotic body. The last page of this set where you expose your perfect ass and shaved pussy, made me loose it sweetie! I would love to suck and lick your smooth pussy. OMG you are smoking hot honey...

Thank you for allowing the world to share your perfect body.


Trista eres tan hermoso! Me encanta tu sonrisa y cuerpo sexy y erótica. La última página de este conjunto en el que expone su culo perfecto y coño afeitado, me hizo perder lo sweetie! Me encantaría chupar y lamer su coño liso. OMG se fuma miel caliente ...

Gracias por permitir que el mundo comparta su cuerpo perfecto que usted.

Trista,you´re a wonderful creature and I´m amazed at your cute face and
the joy that emerges from you.I look forward to see more and more.

what a gorgeous woman there's something about her that's just right... probably everything

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