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Squinting or not, I love this beautiful girl!!!

Trista is very beautiful and has a great body. Her breasts are very nice. Would like to be able to see more of her ass though !

The guy with the umbrella gives it a very spontaneous feel, as does the fact Trista strips off her shirt. Hence the bad light, hence the squinting and the tomboy looks. Imagine that you are the guy with the umbrella :)

Lucky guy with the umbrella.

Love her sexy veiny feet in high heels !!

Marcello and 5seadog nailed it. Trista is a gorgeous model, but Varin's lighting is problematic and neither of his sets are worthy of her beauty.

I agree with you!

I think Trista is very beautiful, but Varin is not the best photographer for her, She is squinting a lot, as if she can't see. If you look at Rylsky's sets of Trista, they are much better. Then you can concentrate on the fact that Trista's butt is ALMOST as good as Altea's. Altea (now working for Erro as Antea)has the best butt in the Met-Art universe.

I think you must be seeing more than just Altea's butt to make that determination seadog, cuz more than a few in the network are just as yummy as hers...the way I see it. I HAD a pretty good collection of Altea's sets, but all I can manage to locate is 'Antea's' stuff from Erro, which is a few years old now... I may have scrapped the Altea sets because my attraction for a model begins with her face, and I was never that attracted to Altea's.
But I wholeheartedly agree that Rylsky's sets of Trista are MUCH better than this is...by a wide margin.

I checked out the Rylsky sets and totally agree. She looks so much more feminine and beautiful in those sets. I don't care for either of the Varin sets as she is squinting constantly and looks almost tomboyish. More from Rylsky please!

Trista is lovely, but it wouldn't hurt her to lose 5 lbs.

I agree... It would take a 'catastrophy' to "hurt" that beautiful body!!
Five pounds wouldn't be missed any more than a hang nail...;o)

I don't see where she would lose them from. She is smokin' right as she is.

Of course she's "smokin'" dawg...but you wouldn't see a five pound difference in her weight. Unless it was her titties that disappeared...LOL They can't weigh five pounds between them!

Why is she making these strange faces? she's with her eyes (almost) closed.
Trista is one of the most beautiful models of MA, but this set is not worthy of her beauty.

If you look at Trista in "Felitoso"by Rylsky you can see the difference in lighting. This is what is bothering Trista,and I was always taught(I have a BFA) that if the light on the model is too bright, she will squint. It doesn't matter what the overall light is.

Is that a "Bad Fucking Attitude" dawg?? LOL (jk)
I believe you is correct...;o) Rylsky gets the light right!

You're right, man!

Trista is as beautiful as ever but the setting is dreadful.

It looks like Varin got locked out of his studio. May be he forgot to pay his rent. In all of Russia there's got to be a better setting, if he can't get into his studio.

You are so right. Trista looks lost more than anything ,whereas a model like Diva A could do her tough girl act and pull it off.

Agree on that!

This is not one of Trista's better sets. But she is still a pretty, sexy young thing, and that tush is a national treasure. I'll take her any way I can get her.

Does Russia HAVE "national treasures"?? (I mean besides all the gorgeous babes we see here...;o)

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