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Why take the shoes off? so sexy with them on!

Wow. Fantastic photoset, great setting.
Beautiful girl, lovely body.
Great shoes and good close ups and good quality images.
More shoes/feet pics.
More close ups please. More...

An eye looking for the best among bests is most likely to be dazzled at the bloom, beauty, and excellence in performance of this model.

love the poses

I think Trista has the most attractive eyes and eye brows and very sexy lips. Love the close ups of her face, especially with the sky behind her. #89 is the best (now my new desktop background). I also appreciated all the photos showcasing her butt and "thick" thighs; love those parts of a woman, so soft looking. Trista also has that soft looking belly, so kissable. I enjoyed the photo set even though it's on scrap iron and sand. But then Trista can make anyplace look ok.

Please! No more stripper heels! NOT SEXY!

Trista is always a precious jewel but :
What are those ridiculous shoes on the wreck of iron?
The set starts from photo # 89

I love the setting, the contrast between the model and the harsh iron. Excellent job. and thanks for not overdoing the photoshop and filtering, real is beautiful.

fotoman, you put it better than I did. I feel like that is exactly what Varin was trying to portray.

Trista is pretty but this set is just another unremarkable one of an all-shaved model with a detracting necklace.

I love gorgeous Trista!!! Please keep her away from the rusty old junk, and the sand too!!!

Ridiculous location for a photo shoot. Pretty lady. Trista, tienes una cara tan dulce y cuerpo fantástico. Tristan, ti tienes decirle a los idiota fotógrafos tienes a ser que el interior! Tristan, usted tienes a decirle los fotógrafos " Me encanta a ser en el dormitorio. Me quiero a relajarse. Me quiero ser sonriendo y abriendo en la cama!"

I guess I'm the lone dissenter here... I feel like I know what Varin was aiming at, and I feel that he succeeded.
Not being a fan of outdoor shoots -- in fact, I far prefer indoor shoots -- I was inclined to dislike this set before I even opened it.
But I feel that Varin accurately captured not so much Trista's beauty (though I feel that that beauty shone through) so much as her sheer power and her sexuality.
As an exhibition of a very powerful and vital woman, this set worked for me.

I understand what you are saying and I am glad that you like the set. But my concern is for Trista's safely. I do not think it is wise to put a model in such a situation just for an absract idea. Have a great day.

Neil, I'm not saying you're wrong... and I'm not saying you're right. I just am not convinced that she was in any actual danger -- aside from falling off the "stripper heels," which could happen on the dancefloor or her apartment for that matter...
It may have been a risque location, but I'm not convinced it was actually dangerous.

No argument from me. But if she tripped on a dance floor, she gets dust on her backside. If she trips on the rusty steel thing, she gets a nasty wound and a tetanus shot and a nasty scar to boot. The fact that she could fall of those heels is exactly why she should not be wearing them while climing on rusty steel. There is something very exploitative about putting a model in such a situation. I am all for a photoset showing the power of women or some other nebulous concept, but if Varin wants to make that statement, he should be more imaginative than putting the model in a hazardous situation. I guess what I amsaying is Varin should be doing the heavy lifting, not Trista.

Varin, please. stop doing that. these outdoors sets are really bellow average. Trista is a beautiful model and you should work with her indoors. Take Rylsky for example. His work is better than yours.

Please, make her pretyy again away from de burning sun.

Rylsky would never risk the model's safely and comfort just to get the shot. He relies on his skill and talent to get the shot.

I hate to say it but I don't think I shall download this set. I have got all her other sets and I agree with Neil, her talent is wasted here. Some "industrial" shoots can be quite good but definitely not this one.

Is Trista being punished? Was she a bad girl? This is the second set with Varin in which she is crawling on harsh industrial junk. Maybe Varin still has not paid the past due rent on his studio and is locked out. Trista is a beautiful and talented model. And I have to admire her gutsy willingness to pose in these harsh settings. But I am concerned for her safety. I am sure the workers who operate this sight would not show up dressed only in a pair of heels. It seems wrong to put a pretty, young woman in such a situation just to "get the perfect shot."


Trista is much prettier than this set makes her seem. A real disappointment.

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