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I love, bravo for the Photographer & the Model !!


Trista is a wonderfully beautiful woman. She clearly belongs with Rylsky. And Rylsky knows how to capture and magnify her beauty.

Very scrumptious girl with the worst case of "mis-matched lips" I've ever seen. Not a very inspiring set. The "upskirts" belong on the "voyeur" sites, from my perspective. Lots of repetition and decapitation also. Rylsky apparently is keeping most of his 'best' work for his own site... Of course there's no telling when he submitted this set to Met. It could be a few years old... Anyway, Happy Day all you Turkeys! ;o)

(Belated) Happy Turkey day to you too, Rock!
I disagree with you about the quality of the set, but there ya go...

Which lips are you referring to? The set I am most interested in seems pretty tasty to me! In fact they are almost perfect. I have to agree that this set is rather tame by Rylsky standards but they can't all be perfect. Trista is very lovely and always welcome.

Pictures/poses ## 31 - 53: Probably Rylsky had a cramp in his hands so he couldn't turn the camera in landscape format and had to cut off the model's feet in each & every photo.

This set is solid gold from start to end, no doubt Trista's best yet.
Recently I asked Rylsky on a RylskyArt set how he manages to coax such gorgeous smiles from his models. His answer was sopmething like, "When they feel you really like them, they are happy to smile."
Well, Trista, we REALLY like you. ( :
Thank you so much for the gorgeous smiles and the gorgeous pictures.
It's starting to feel a lot like Thanksgiving...

Trista caught me with the first photo, and I was ensnared. This is a lovely set. Great photography, pleasant setting, and most of all a beautiful sexy model!

Great set Trista and Rylsky, a lovely set of pictures. Trista you look good enough to eat.

Trista is back with Rylsky, and all's right with the world. Once again we're free to concentrate on her beauty instead of fearing for her life. The beauty is there in abundance. I especially like the upskirt shots (21-17) and the two up-angle photos that follow. Beautiful—and erotic as hell. In fact, Trista projects such strong sex appeal that it's easy to forget she's only 5'1". This is one lady I'll take in any size.

I agree about the upskirt shots, Sailor... I wonder why so few photographers bother with upskirt?
Rylsky seems to be almost alone in that category. Fortunately he does it really well.

I was worried about her in the last set too - that rusty old pipe was just an accident (and a tetanus shot!) waiting to happen

Glad you got it. I was afraid I might have been too obscure in that reference.

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