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Hey Rylsky great shots of her dresses outside, but would have loved some bent over shots of her Anus...more please.

Teista is perfect,clothed or unclothed. Rylsky has found the perfect background for her both indoors and out. I love the black-and-white shots,you can say things in black-and -white you can't say in color(And vice versa, of course.) the best explaination is to go to your public library and check out a copy of Orson Well's "Citizen Kane " My prof in art school made us watch it once a week(It was a black-and-whits photography class of course)

One of the best examples I've seen of perfect tit shape & size plus nipples that are (to my eyes) to die for.

Everything else is amazing too, I could fall in love... Trista, does a trip to California sound good? (ha ha, fat chance!)

ups and downs

Trista's eyes always drew me into her photos. Love all the facials of this gorgeous woman. Would also love to feel those healthy thighs on either side of my face!

AMEN and yes please to Trista positioning her thighs as you describe to me also.

aaaahhhh.... 'twere heaven indeed!

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Rich, warm colors and Trista looking so gorgeous in the middle of it...what an exquisite set to wake up to this morning!

A good 50 shot set.

I just saw the door to paradise, and a very pretty door it is....

A definite 10 from me on both Trista and Rylsky. I love the B/W portraits. Trista is gorgeous from every angle but those intimate closeups show that that area is picture perfect. Perfect form, color and just the right amount of everything. Of course the rest of her is equally perfect and the poses and photography are first class all the way.

I do like it when I see the Models clothed before the undressing begins, it's kind of exciting the anticipation of what's to come. Clothed or unclothed Trista is a beautiful woman.

Fully agree.

Trista,you´re the most magnificent Christmas gift!Happy new year.

The seller

Trista is such a beautiful woman, ravishing from the neck down and even more gorgeous from the next up, even in black and white—no, especially in black and white. As he so often does with ravishing models, Rylsky has zeroed in on Trista's inner beauty and put it on full display in a sensitively photographed set.

See you next year, friend...

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