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Rylsky you "nailed" this one of Trista! You just hit a grand slam with this spectacular set! Trista leaves me wordless. You brought out her best....

Dear Mr. Rylsky! Your sets are getting more and more monotonous and uncreative. Don't you think that it is a proper time to finish Your career? No offence, dear Sir, but watching your works I assume that You don't have any thing else to say people. It's completely o'key, Sir. Every artist gets exhausted finally. I am very sorry to say that, but don't you think that it is much better to go forever then to produce mediocre works?

I feel that somebody's new songs are no good for me - I just stop buying new albums of songs of this singer and start to buy another music. I have a good idea, thank you sir, from now on I will write to any performer (who is nomore interesting for me) to stop his career and maybe I will send him money for buying colt to kill himself because I don't want to listen his music anymore. Thank you for very fresh and respectful way of thinking. "If I personally dislike him - he must stop his work and die".

Have a very good day. Imagine Rylsky is nomore exist. You will feel much better.

Dear Mr. Rylsky, you sound offended. Yes, sir, criticism hurts. Nobody likes to be criticized, but every person loves to be admired. You are not an exception, dear sir. Try to be strong. Be a man.

Let's see if I was lying or slandering.
I said that your sets were repetitive and monotonous. You disagree? Take a look at the set above. 8-10 photos in a raw are almost same. Next 8-10 photos are same as well. And next, and next...

I keep saying that you overuse retouching, and the models on your photos look unnatural and unailve.
As an example take a look at your photo of Virginia Sun :


Dear sir, the dolls in the Madame Tussauds wax museum are colored much better then your alive girls. You can check it personally by clicking the museum site.
So, we got a nonsense: wax dolls look like alive people, and your alive girls look like dead dolls. Don't get offended, just compare the photos.

Dear sir, I can't imagine that you don't exist as you recommended. You post your mediocre works at Met-art, which is a public site, not your personal. I don't care what is happening to your private site. In fact, I have never subscribed it. But I REALLY CARE how Met-art is doing. As a member I wanna see in my favorite site as many great works as possible. And I don't want mediocre works, that were made by money hunters, not by real artists.

Alex, Rylsky has a point.
There are several MetArt photographers whose work I really don't like. To me personally, they don't make their models look good.
However, those same photographers are quite popular, and have many fans.
Because they make their fans happy, I simply don't comment on their work.
I don't tell them their work is mediocre or awful, I just don't say anything.
I certainly don't suggest that they retire.
I think that your comment was more than a little disrespectful, and certainly even if it wasn't disrespectful, it IS irrelevant, because Rylsky has a lot of fans who do not feel the way you do about his photography.
Why do you think MetArt publishes a set of Rylsky's virtually every single day of the month?
Is it because most of the members find his work "mediocre" ?

Dear sir, I can't imagine that you don't exist as you recommended.
I meant I am not exist as opponent to your messages, as commenter.
All my answers to your questions (even about Virginai Sun)already made (many times), just read it, sir.


BTW, use only HI RES, never mid or low.

Great facials! Trista beautiful face has always memorized me; those eyes and eyebrows, and oh such sweet lips. What a great smile. Need more models to smile like her. As the others have already noted, what a beautiful treasure between those thick, so soft looking thighs! To feel them on my face would be a dream come true, a great dream. Great photo set Ry and Trista, thanks.

Wonderful set! Trista is scrumptious throughout, especially in the portrait shots —although I agree with Hipshot & co. about her pussy. 10, easy.

Sailor, again visiting here at mid-day! Well you, and I for that matter agreeing with Hip is not new. We also have disagreed but that it is what makes this section so interesting. The "PP" does interest me. Hip do you keep a separate file of just pp's, alone? If I showed you a slideshow of just pp's would you be able to tell me who's they were? I have backed off a little on what I retain but at one point I kept a file on all of my favs where every set posted, on all Met sites, and others sites if I found them were kept. My sections on APF and Carina were massive. For each one all also created several "edited" files of the "best" individual shots from all their sets. One of these was "Dressed" another "Portraits" and while I do NOT have a sexual foot fetish, "Shoes & Feet". I made a composite "Shoes" from that and I made slideshows showing only their shod feet. I had minor grand kids at that point could safely run them as my screensaver. I knew who each shot was of. Thus I could picture the complete model, in my mind, from just that part of them! IMO it was probably one of the things that has kept me as a member for so long. Using Met for something more than just a daily fix on the most beautiful women in the world. I have always wondered if others play "games" with what we are given here, that doesn't involve lubricant...?

swplf, I've been going to bed early these days—and feeling better for it. Speaking of PPs, Caesaria is one of the all-time champs, and I'd hate to think that Hipshot is right. Rylsky has given us hope, but the mere thought of her departure has shaken me to the core.

I'm really impressed with the slicing and dicing you guys do with your Met files. I've accumulated 500 gigabytes or so, and I don't do much of anything with them, other than look from time to time.

I don't think I am quite that obsessive but I do have a lot of directories. I do have one just for the PP shots and have started listing them by name rather than file numbers. There are several that I can ID just from the photo and Trista is one. Another was Ceasaria but sadly she left us. Another is Kira J. There are so many :)

was Ceasaria but sadly she left us
welcome to RylskyArt in March (or April), it will be update with her.

but she is CAEsaria, sir.

Caesaria! She was one I tracked, sweet girl, miss her...I love it when the model let their butterfly spreads its "wings" ! An interesting, maybe or not, thing is that SexArt allows the them to touch, along with insert, and they (Sex) gets complaints that the hand, etc. "blocks" the view... Oh. well...

swplf, you've hit the nail on the head of why I no longer subscribe to SA... too many things getting in between me and the yummy bits! ( :
I can totally appreciate the occasional fingers spreading the butterfly like we find on RA... but insertion all too frequently feels like a total "block" to me. ( :
Having said that... I am glad SA is doing so well and has so many ardent fans!

if you already described the difference MA vs. S-Art, I can say that on RylskyArt we agreed (with models who feels OK with it) that we love "spread butterfly wings" to be visible, but we keep it with (mostly) no inserts. Looks like now we know 3 "differences".

Funny thing, most of my PP files are done by Rylsky ;)

amen, brother!

He does have the gift of catching the perfect shot.

wow, really glad to read it.

Your fans here do appreciate you, Ry

I really don't think that is surprising. He is great with PPs ad with portrait types, go figure...

Lately Catherine has been very "targeted" on her girls treasures. Maybe it is't just us dirty old farts that lust after "THE" PP.

Catherine does it very well and so does Arkisi.

I love the butterfly shots. If a girl has large labia she should show the lovely inner surfaces which can be much prettier than when they are closed.

Mother Nature makes a good job for "treasures" look everywhere... I don't think it's because we all are old farts, because flowers and all fruits looks very good as well... it's look great to take attention and you know what flowers made for...compared to human's body. I hope it makes sense... because if you like roses and dislike petails or you like peach tree and dislike peach fruit...you are really seriously ill.

Well stated, sir!

We like it all! But many very pretty models fail when that most important flower is reveled. Sometimes mother nature likes to play a game with us. That is one reason I like Met and RA. Here we get to see it all, good or bad and we get to see the ones like Trista and Caesaria. And yes I know it is cae but sometimes my right hand is faster then the left!

An update with Caesaria? I am overwhelmed! I await with love for one of my favorite Rylsky girls. One of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. Mother nature played no games there, she gave us the best of her art.

Radiant smile, super model cheek bones and delicious ass: Trista is a keeper!

We need more close-ups of just the models face and shoulders, and Rylsky has obliged us with the lovely Trista. The poses are perfect, and so is the background.Rylsky and Trista both get a 10++++

What a nice set of photos. Trista is so very pretty. And such lovely poses. As I view these photos, I imagine Trista is spending a lazy weekend morning, entertaining her beloved boyfriend or maybe her husband. Such easy, natural and genuine poses. She seems to be enjoying herself. Very nice.

Trista, Lovely and so hot! Thank you for spreading those sweet lips so we could see that lovely valley and those awesome labia. That is one of the most perfectly formed vulva's in existence! Your face is lovely and your smile gracious, your body is wonderful but those closeups are to die for! There is a PP at the end of your directory listing on my computers. It means perfect pussy so that when I am scanning for some hot stimulation I know who to look at. I am in love and #44 and 45 make my heart pound!

If there were a catolog of MetArt "PP" photos, those two would be in it. I enjoy the rest of Trista as well, yet one must admire such an exemplary display of the female vulva.

There is on my computer! ;)

We are too much alike!

Hip, I don't know if there is a description more deserving for Trista then perfect pussy. Took the words right out of my mouth. Ry, thank you for coming back and engaging your fans and haters here in the comment section. Trista and Ry thank you both for another wonderful set:)

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