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She looks to much to the camera which records her movments

I really appreciate Trista's: eyebrows, beautiful face, captivating smile, long hair, shapely breasts, glass cutters, innie, camel toe, and choice of photographer for this session.

Love all the facials. It's easy to see why so many were taken, Trista has a very beautiful face. Those eyes and sweet lips drive me crazy. And then her butt is what dreams are made on, would love to use it as my pillow every night!

Warm smile ☑
Perky tits ☑
Blow job lips ☑
I'll take her!!!

Only if you are the last of us left standing.

Snake must be sleeping.

need more sun to wake up.

Absolutely beautiful girl!!

could have been a 10, without all the paint.

I love that tight pussy on that petite body.

Marvelous set of a marvelously beautiful young woman.
Magwich, I daresay that, in addition to being a charter member of the PP Club, Trista should also be inducted into The Association. What say you?
( :

I must of missed out on the purpose of The Association.

However would we know with a picture like #16? 103 Epivalo, 48 Madubi, 43 Apporito, 99 Lever, Papira 42, Simpala 35 all suggest an answer in the affirmative. Those images also suggest the value of a more thorough exposition of artistic expression in this area.

We certainly have enough that none would dare question our model's reign at the club. However, that adorable propensity to hide and peek has yet to be overcome with a proper coaxing into full and glorious view.

Our model's beauty verily (for real) demands an artistic opus with appropriate focus.

Hopefully with a full application of effort and talent by our artist photographer. A half hearted or half assed offering will not do. No, our model's graces deserve careful treatment.

Say what?

"Association" is a ~ might I say ~ fundamental ~ play on words. ( ;

LOL You HAD to ask!


At only 5ft 1in and 93 lbs, Trista is a beautiful little sweetheart. Such a precious little angel. She is blessed with a gorgeous petite feminine figure and such a pleasing face. 120 wonderful photos of this supremely beautiful doll.

For such a tiny woman, she has marvelous proportions. Jaw dropping... ( :

Yes, I agree with you fer_realz. Trista is small, not skinny. Her breasts fit her frame perfectly. And she has a perfect little bottom.

Absolute perfection. ( : ( : ( :

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