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Gorgeous model spoilt by out of focus shots. SHAME

Gorgeous model spoilt by out of focus shots. SHAME

Perfect Tits, Cunt and Anus !

Good Lord, what a magnificent creature.

Superb! A hint of the exotic and flawless olive skin--a stunning combination. Good photography.

Perfection packed in one gorgeous body. Tristana, I love those beautiful hips and hourglass body!

Maravilloso! Tristana, eres Increíblemente hermoso! Me encantan a buscan dentro tus hermosos ojos avellana! Me encanta tus suculento, marrón coño labios! Y luego me ver que eres estás abriendo! Eres estás extendiendo tu hermosos, marrón coño labios! Eres estás rico rosada adentro! Tristana, cariño, en número cincuenta, eres estás justo asombroso! Eres tan dulce y hermosa! Me encanta a ver la placer, la éxtasis usted tiene dentro tu coño! Eres estás justo radiante! Me encanta la forma eres estás mostrando! ¡Gracias!

Nice to see some open spreads, slightly more explicit than normal for Met Art, which lately I find it to be a little tame compare to its sister site Sex Art's photography section.

Thanks, editor, for letting this girl spread her cunt!

+10 to Tristana
-1 to his hair
Hair very intrusive, always in the wrong place.
Are the hair most nice that the breast ?

Super, explicit and erotic. Masterful. As always.

Well, I'm happy (to say the least), and I'm sure so are Tristana and Arkisi for getting featured on MetArt. Ever since I saw her on Arkisi's site, Eternal Desire, I've been waiting/hoping she'd get the acclaim and exposure (!) she so deserves. She has a slow, seductive way of making memories.

Thanks, Arkisi, for letting her be so intimate with us. The lighting, composition and timing on this set are perfect. She's created a unique image, of girl-next-door and siren, of innocence and yet confident assurance, of intimacy and desire built of past, present, and even something hoped for. A remarkable set.

Arkisi, Thank you for taking part in the comment section. Thru Catherine, Ry, & DeltaGamma I have been pushing for more interaction with our artists and for that matter models. If you have taken part before I have missed it, sorry. But please stay active with us here on the comment section. We enjoy it, and hope my fellow thoughtful commentators, comments out weigh any boo birds so that this is also good for you. Thanks Again

Arkisi, I agree with swplf2 -- it makes the whole MetArt experience richer and more enjoyable to see interaction between the artists and the customers. Thank you for taking part in the discussion!

It has been said before but I am amazed at the beauty of the Ukrainian women. Arkisi has brought many to us and each is a creature of rare beauty and perfection and each seems to have the same wonderful personality and openness.

Who ever is finding these wonderful women deserves to be paid very well indeed! When Arkisi brought us Macy B I though that few could possibly compare but I have to say that soon Tristana will be right there beside her in the top ten!

It's been said already, but Arkisi rocks! Having put 30+ years into the photography business, I'm fussy. Also in awe that you can keep your wits about you with a naked beauty like Tristana in front of you. I would be fumbling with the camera, so distracted, ha ha. Anyway, she is lovely, sexy, and knows how (with Arkisi's help no doubt) to present herself as irresistable. As mentioned before, it's a real treat when a model has her hands "down there" and actually does something with them- in this case, opening up her lovely lips for a glimpse of the delights inside. 10+!

Understandable, but I'm trying to see the beauty beyond it's sex appeal or anything else.

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus

With the Met Art rules this is to say a touchy issue. I think here the four pics on page three show how hands can be involved within the rules. Good job by her and Arkisi. From the photographer' point of view, the quality of a models manicure will sometimes dictate their inclusion or exclusion. Same holds true on foot shots. It's all in the details if it works or not...

The only thing that disappoints me on this set, has nothing to do with the images, model, set or photographer. It is the lack of her personal thoughts in her bio. We have a description of this delectable, desirable and delicious young lady.

By the way, Arkisi, I hate you. I love you like a brother, mate, because your work is nearly always perfection. But you have caused me to become insanely in love with this Stunning Goddess, who lives half a world away.

Thanks to you, Tristana has stolen my heart, and there's no possible way for me to steal hers. Totally unfair.

This set was shot "À bout de souffle" :) I don't remember anything. Just megabytes were left at my flash card.

So please don't hate me :)

I am so impressed with Tristana's debut. Very beautiful model with long hair, big green eyes and slightly darker complexion. I like her sultry look and the wide range of expressions she shows. I hope there is more Tristana to come.

As to the technical aspects - it is Arkisi behind the lens so everything is superb as usual. Good setting, lighting and poses. Some very nice closeups, too.

Thank you, there are new sets to come in the future :)

Good news for sure!

Tristana has lovely long hair. Unfortunately, and far too often, Arkisi allows that lovely hair to obscure her beautiful breasts, areolae, and nipples. The obscuring is on Arkisi and in no way does it lessen my impression of Tristana.

Tristana has a lot more going for her; eyes, smile, bubble butt, butterfly, clitoral hood, puffy outer labia, and legs.

A wonderful debut by Tristana, a slight hiccup (easily remedied if he wishes) by Arkisi. Overall, kudos to both Tristana and Arkisi.

I usually never bother to write or even look in this section but I had to state my case.
I usually only take time to look at select pictures from the the thumbnails but I was captivated by ever single photo. (mirror on wall-annoying)
I usually have reservations about the quality of half the shots but every photo adds perfection to the set--lighting, depth of field, focus--superb!
I usually only glance at girls with smaller breasts but everything about this girl is beautiful. Rare dark jade eyes, the smile,hair, tan-lines.
Im in love and want to get on a plane to Ukraine

The first photo knocked me out after that I was in a trance. What a beauty, from head to toes. I love her big beautiful eyes and her perfect body.

Tristana, you are a gorgeous, exquisitely beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

Arkisi did a very nice job with this set.

MA, more of this beautiful girl soon.

A stunning young girl with a striking face and wonderful smile. Tristana has a superb slim body with long legs, lovely breasts topped with pert dark nipples.

The shots of Tristana opening her pussy for our delectation are quite breathtaking & I had to go & lie in a darkened room for a while....

More of this gorgeous addition to the Met portfolio please..

"The shots of Tristana opening her pussy for our delectation are quite breathtaking & I had to go & lie in a darkened room for a while.... ;)

What an amazing set of pictures of a very beautiful woman. More pictures of this beauty would be appreciated at your earliest convenience.

What a lovely girl! What a body & face!
Absolut wonderful debut!
10/10 for the model.
10/10 for the photographer.

Hope to see much more sets of this Girl!

What an amazingly gorgeous young woman! Lovely face and fantastic body which she is more than willing to share with us. Her awesome green eyes long silky hair and smokey skin are irresistibly lovely. I loved those first few shots in the lingerie showing off those well muscled legs. Photo #6 and 12 are wonderfully seductive.

Another great find for Arkisi. You are really finding the most awesome girls. Congrats to your scouts for the fantastic job they are doing finding these beauties and Congrats to you for presenting them so perfectly. When I see Arkisi I know I will like the set.

Hope to see many more sets of this bewitching beauty.

She is a top notch model. I am proud of working with her.
Thank you for comments :)

Smokey skin - very nice description hipshot.

This is why Arkisi is one of the favorite photogs at MA.

Arkisi = instant download

Arkisi = instant download


Welcome, gorgeous! A fantastic debut. Thanks for opening wide for us. Arkisi, #60 is a really beautiful portrait shot.

Could #110 be a runner-up portrait shop?

Agree entirely. Sensational shot of equally senational model highlighting her superb neck/shoulder definition, silken looking hair, smokey skin, eyes, lips.....

Really wish there was some way to edit what I have just posted (spelling)

Don't fret-it mate. Any normal, red-blooded male would trip over his words when presented with the pure, unadulterated sexual beauty that Tristana most surely is.


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