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this girl has unbelievable eyes

Even in this mediocre setting, this girl is spectacular!!

A virtuoso performance! Tristana is at the height of her powers - her beauty, but also her focus and intensity. Her eyes smolder and glow and then shine as she expresses moods running through her like wild colts running through fields, even playing the fences. What an amazing woman she is, and what an amazing model of feminine, erotic beauty. Bravo and thank you, Tristana.

And thank you, too, Arkisi, for brilliant light work, intuitive focus and interaction with Tristana. This simple set made full use of the whole toolbox and showed what honest erotic pleasure can be created with just a few props - the briefest of denim shorts igniting the imagination, a simple chair and a chain glinting with symbolism. And, of course, two major talents.

Scene 10
Lights (and shadows) 10
Colors 10
Pose and photos 10
Model 10 +
A perfect set.

Great model. Great set.


An appetite ––– primal ––– for more like #113, knees pulled back, open, inviting… sensual, erotic, exotic, she has it all.

I'm crazy about this lovely seductive asian girl.

More, more, more!

Tristana is a gorgeous young woman, nothing wrong with her. If you think she's too skinny, go look at another model.
Beautiful set, nice poses, clear, sharp pics. Thanks MA!

Simple background, one chair; a Lovely lady like Tristana deserves our un-divided attention! Long and lean = mmm, mmm, mmm, imo. Puffy outer labia AND prominent inner labia, something for either RedPilot or me. Thanks to Tristana and Arkisi.

Maybe we really CAN all get along ~ ?
( ;

LOL That's funny...

Especially picture 19 shows her body at her best.

Tristana lovers: if you have a subscription to Arkisi's site "Eternal Desire," you have the extreme good fortune of a double dose of Tristana today!
If you don't yet have a subscription, get one. You will not be disappointed!

Speaking of double dose, Candice, (aka Candy), appears on FJ today. (That happens more often than one would imagine).

Thanks for the heads up fer_realz; but then I would have to add SexArt also and I don't have the $s or the time to frequent four sites. If my situation changes I certainly will remember.

Very Pretty, but yeah would benefit from the occasional carb.

Very beautiful though, possible she's just young, will fill out nicely in her mid 20s.

We all asked for more last month and now we get it. I wonder just what her inseam measures. Any volunteers to check? She is so thin, probably by choice, but her ribs could use a little padding IMHO.

Me, I love those ribs myself - as is

Me, I love those ribs myself - as is


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