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  • Bill
  • 7 months ago:

I like the tile kitchen floor.. (suckable toes are getting too much attention) :o)

For once, a tag that actually fits... the first, "adorable."
Tristana is all that, and more...

Tristana is "B e l l a!" no more words.

I'd say, judging by her stubble pattern, I bet she would have one hell of a bush if she would let it grow.

True, and you wouldn't be able to see a thing! If she did let it grow, my suggestion would be to keep it trimmed. Covering up those tasty lips would be a shame.

Luxuriant pubes don't necessarily equate to hidden labia. Some work with a comb should allow for both camps to be satisfied.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Have you ever heard of using your hands and fingers to move things out of the way?
You wouldn't be able to see a thing? How 'bout a beautiful, sexy bush?
And guess what, all the stuff underneath the fur would still be there, awaiting you warmly :-)
Bring back the good old days. I'm tired of the plucked chicken look, as I've said before :-)

Since we can neither comb her or use our hands both of those arguments are invalid. I can also say that with a healthy black bush covering that we could see nothing. It's dark enough with just it's natural coloring.

That WE can neither comb or use our hands is quite true.

The model, or photographers' assistant(s) sure can though. Take one model with both a luxuriant bush and lovely vulva; dampen soft comb, part bush in the middle, comb each half to right or left as required, Viola! both camps are satisfied.

Requires a model with a luxuriant bush and lovely vulva (all vulvas are lovely so the task is easier); assumes she is posing au natural already and does not mind showing her lovely vulva.

Q E D now and then.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

We would see that healthy bush plus maybe lots more. And after all, Tristana has hands and fingers too.
I get quite exasperated when I hear complaints about a bush on this site that is 99% shaved or more.
As if it is representative of what 99% want or like.
Or for that matter, reflects what actual women do with their pubic hair, etc.

Who else remembers when a wall mounted slim line phone was considered high tech?

I remember when we got ours... right about the time "Star Wars" came out...

Showing my age, yeah I remember! Now many people have dumped their land-line altogether...

None of you are olde enough --

I remember when telephone exchanges had letters instead of prefix numbers.

HA !!

Great set! I especially love the last few photos where she is pulling her ass cheeks apart!

yes indeed. delicious girl!

That sweet little pussy just made my day. Wonderful set with a very beautiful woman. Bravo 10

I'm a sucker for glass cutters. Tristana is a beautiful woman; thanks to her and Arkisi for this pleasant visit.

The feminine charisma of this asian girl makes me speechless each time I see her. The photos ## 82 - 85 & 98 make me really crazy about Tristana!

One photo set a month is really not enough!

Congratulations to Tristana AND Arkisi! Thank you very much indeed for these pictures!

Another Ukrainian goddess! pretty face, lovely skin, beautiful breasts, Utterly amazing stomach, legs and butt. Her overall conditioning is flat amazing! If I had to pick nits her pubic area and labia are a bit dark for my tastes but they are perfect in form and size so who's looking at the color? The standing shots of her on her toes, body taunt and fully extended are classic perfection. The setting is a bit bland but Arkisi's photography is spot on. The closeups are crisp and clear and the play of light on those perfectly toned muscles in the standing shots could melt an iceberg.

Another masterpiece ;)

I agree, Absolutly!!!

I seldom give out 10's but today I must. This waif burst on the scene in September and we now have 4 sets of her, Thank you Arkisi. You promised more and gave it to us. But you have not commented about her since her first set, talk to us today. If she was not so perfectly endowed for explicit I would doubt she was legal here. It must be a ball to work with her, share/tease us about her. If you can, get her to say HI! We would love to hear from you both. Can't wait to see what Sailor has to say about this member of his Ukrainian sorority? If she or Arkisi get one negative comment I'll... (The smile, those lips, both sets, her legs, her eye contact, I could go on and on...) Another tease for Sailor, her set on Sex is even more "open"....

There you go teasing me about SA again! }:(

Sorry it was AIMED at Sailor...

Overwhelmingly sexy, sweet face, ripe nipples, and dark, enticing wonders in those rear stretches and the end ... You, my dear, are destined to be hugely popular here...

  • a2m2
  • 7 months ago:


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