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I really liked this set. The background, the colours and light, and the girl.

I LOVE this model ... and I LOVE much of this photographer's work. They're awesome! And I'm incredibly grateful to them both for all their work, including this shoot.

But this shoot doesn't push MY buttons. Do I blame the photographer? Nope? Do I blame the model? Nope.

Why? It isn't a sign of a problem when given shoot doesn't push a given person's buttons.

There are 100,000 items in a big grocery store, yet the average person leaves with less than 100 of them. Should they burn the rest? Nope. It's just life. Preferences are personal and make no sense as a point of argument. Enjoy or don't. If you do, celebrate. If you don't, move on. Simple enough.

Beautiful, gentle, caressing Tristana; brunette with gorgeous blue eyes.
Beautiful, sensual, uninhibited Tristana without shame.
Tristana naked, self-confident and more fun in front of the camera.
A set erotically very good.

One comment for Arkisi.
It is clear that, in this set, the setting in black and white is a stylistic choice.
But, I think, the color photo must have one or more brilliant colors.
For example:
Let's change the necklace and suspenders of Tristana in red.
Or change in yellow the chair.
If white and black may seem, to some, elegant, it is still very cold and soulless.

One comment for Tristana:
"Est modus in rebus", said the ancient Romans, that is, there is a gold measure in all things.
I do not think that hair, long beyond measure, add beauty or eroticism to the beautiful woman.
(Forgive me fetishists).

Beautiful model and set. I look at the shadow and pattern of her stubble and just imagine what her bush would be like.

I beg your pardon: The Internet is full of sites with females hairy, very hairy: orangutan baboons Barbary macaques.
MetArt not, I suggest, National Geographic!

I beg your pardon for the quip.
Everyone has the right to think what pleases him.

Amen to the above comments. This is an excellent masterpiece. More photographers should take note to the POV shots from above of Tristana by Arkisi, (pics 55 through 63); I feel these pics are what makes this gallery so unique. Met Art needs more of these type of angle shots; POV (Point of View) missionary and doggie positions particularly. Great work 10+!

Standing on a windowsill becomes dangerous sometimes, but I always try to change an angles to make the set more interesting. Not like a flipping book as you may see in the other sets.
Thank you for mentioning POV :)

Tristana Is a very pretty model,and Arkisi has done a perfect job of photographing that beauty. I specially noticed the background,it is perfect for Tristana's coloring. Not enough photogs pay attention to that.Both Tristana and Arkisi get a 10+

Can't get enough of Tristana. More, more, much more, please!
This girl is really irresistible & breathtaking!

10/10 for both model & photographer.

What an exotic beauty!! It didn't take more than an instant to fall in love with the amazing Tristana in her debut... This set just gets me in deeper....so to speak... Gorgeous!!!!!

beautiful model and good poses. howern the belt, in my opinion, was not needed and has no reason. this made me give the set 6 instead of 10.

You are wrong - adding 1 black spot to photography counterweighs the black rectangle at the backgrount.

Dear Arkisi.
you one of my favorites. i see you deserve 10 on all your sets. if you mean the black spot the black belt, then i did not understand why it remained on the model for ALL the sets? in my opinion i wished to see the beautiful body of this gorgeous model without interruption. However, this was a good set.

sorry, you art right. typing mistake

if you mean the black spot the black belt, then i did not understand why it remained on the model for ALL the shots?

You mean shots (not - sets, because she doesn't wear anything at previous ones)?

The belt is ok, but next time black stockings added would be fine too!

Hai, Hai - Fetishism - black stockings, fishnet stockings, high heels, black corset, whip, hair on your ass, bdsm .... etc..
I beg your pardon, but a beautiful girl where is?
In the socks? in your shoes? in the fur?
I beg your pardon, where is?

A raw diamond is a rock. Cut it is beautiful. Add a setting, and that rock is dazzling. Stockings and garters aren't a fetish, they are and accentuating setting.

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