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Why is the TV always on in sets like this? Surely with a naked Tristana to entertain you, the last thing you would watch is the TV.....:)

She's taken, she's all mine and I'm not sharing.

Looks like someone has been working out and has put on about five lbs of lean muscle; looks dam good Tristana. Incredible beauty as always!

Cutest little butt on the planet! Ah, dream on, ha ha. Arkisi as usual does a great job with lighting and poses. My only quibble, and I've said this before- adding oil to her labia does a nice job of keeping the lips apart (not sticking together) but looks pretty fake in my opinion. In some shots there is evidence of her REAL juices (milky) and that is a real turn-on. But having said all that, Tristana is one hot little number, I feel privledged to witness the sight of her naked body, since I'll never score such a hottie.

Not just Arkisi's masterpiece. But Tristana is magical as ever.

Beautiful!! I just adore this gorgeous little sweetheart, and one of her most endearing qualities to me is that she reminds me a LOT of 'Gabriel A'.....;o) It's a shame we couldn't have had HER today, on this day of "worship"....;o)

Tristana is just getting prettier and prettier. I just love that long luxurious hair... ( :

Long hair, yes, and those smokey eyes.

Very awesome and stunning body.Love that juicy pussy.

Lovely Tristana, Long lovely hair lovingly cared for. Pretty face, dark skin and lovely eyes. Another bewitching Ukrainian beauty. It makes me wonder about her heritage? If she were in America I would say she is latin. Perhaps so gypsy blood? She has wide spacious hips well made for child bearing and oh so seductive. Whatever her heritage the genes are an awesome mix. She is one hot young lady.

A lovely set with a good mix of poses.

She's an asian girl of course!

Tristana does have a lot going for her. Hips well made for child bearing? Just wondering, hip, you're not thinking of her having your baby are you ;-)

LOL He better not be knockin' up my g.f.!! ;o)

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