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fortunately there are many pairs of eyes with which to judge beauty and photography, and those of you who are jaded enough to disparage this set can look elsewhere...you can tell from the thumbnail that it's a water set, why do you open it if it just offends you? I myself wonder more why anyone would shoot anything else, or why anyone would want to look at dozens upon dozens of close-ups of genitalia, these are amazingly hot photos! all the water sets are; as another member pointed out earlier, a glistening, wet, firm body simply looks great1! please continue, mr/ms rylsky...

Always great to see more of Uma, More please and more close up shots!

This is crazy but I actually like this one... No one's more tired of these "water and light shows" than I am but something about this one is different...somehow... Maybe the model? The lighting? My mood? lol I can't speak to the age of the set, without checking the metadata, but it sure appeals to me right here and now! It must be the model! Is it just me, or does THIS Uma bear a very slight resemblance to Uma Thurman? Facial structure...or the eyes? Something! Anyways I'm sorry no one else sees what I do here...

I agree with you rockhard, I liked this set too. And I generally don't like these water sets. This one was well lit, and artistically done.

Strange that members or any person not tired of beds, sea nad sand, women with 2 hands and 2 legs, etc:) Also let's change our keyboards from qwerty to maybe klorntxu? it will be fun and change.
I am not saying that set is good or water+studio is good or photographer is good here, I just think that we are all tired of everyday's things - then we all must smoke some herb that will change our mind or we all must go to sleep and see ourselves left the Earth for a brand new Universe...

Many ppl saw she have some from Uma T. in her face. Or you really think her modelname here was accident? It was because of U.T.

MetArt sets contains no metadata in photo mostly because of protection of private life of models. Or maybe 1 of 100 or 1000 sets can contain and it was encoder's mistake.

Well that's just nonsense. Every picture on here has metadata that gives the details of the "image", and nothing of the models "private" life or any other aspect of "her life". It always includes the date the image was created. If this is not YOUR case, you must have a MAC! ;o)

OK --- "rockhard"; I have the original date of creation for this set....and now we want 'u to tell us all WHEN this photo session took place (date)!
We're waiting anxiously for your reply...! :)

Well, if you see metadata with all details including date of RAW file was created (not JPEG image was "created"="saved" in photoshop or something) after all editing), serials of camera and lenses, etc - then we gave too much info to (our World is not "good ppl only") use it against model and photographer in real life. New cameras contain even GPS in metadata.
Trust me, it is real problem. Please tell me more. All must be erased before you see photos at metartnetwork sites. I just check photos of this set (HI-RES ZIP) and I see no metadata with the date or lenses used or about GPS location.

Btw...I browsed a few of Uma's other sets and I like her very much. Very tight beautiful body and an exotic beauty about her face. She has a beautiful smile too and I wish she would flash it a lot more. If this IS an old set, I'd like to see a new one from her. I don't agree that Rylsky "turns out better sets now", but he does occasionally get lucky, so I'd like to see HIM do a new one with her for comparison, IF this actually IS an old set.
So 'hit me with yer best shot....fire away!'

This appears to be an old set brought out of mothballs by MET? Thankfully Rylsky has moved on and turns out better sets now.

Beautiful model,bad set!

Disappointing indeed.

Disappointing indeed.

Yet another pointless unappealing unflattering ridiculous boring water sprinkler shoot. I think the time has now come to put a bung up the water pipe. Generally I am in agreement with others who say the standard of photo shoots on this site is slipping. In my view less than 1 in 4 photo shoots are now of an acceptable standard whereas a couple of years ago more than 50% of entries were good or very good.

I don't mind water in a set (bath. pool. spray, whatever) because a wet hard body is very sexy...**just so long as every single picture doesn't have water COVERING UP up her whole body. A lot of times water (and soap) can be used as a PROP (like clothes) for the model to not have to reveal all.

The water spray has been done so much it is a bit boreing, but I never get to much butterfly open pussy!! more of this and no one would notice the water!

I agree completely.Its not as it was anymore.This set is another piece of nonsense

Was going to be 9 but then came the water spray !! 8

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