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He may know How to use them, He just doesn't Bother to use them. Or more to the point he churns out the rubbish that a lot of us are fed up with and ruins a model's reputation at the same time. Drop him and lets have more by Arkisi.


Not a medical doctor one hopes. I think you mean labia, but I completely disagree. I agree with most poster opinion of her fabulous looks, but do wish she spent a little of her grooming time on her hard yellow soles.

Apparently handsome and charming, yet aesthetically lacking erogeneity because of slightly enlarged clitoris.

Love a girl who knows how to smile! Agree with the lighting being to harsh and one dimensional.

Another Leonardo disappointment. No body closeups, no intimate closeups.

Leonardo has a camera which produces large images, but unfortunately has an ego the size of Europe. He also has the brain and artistic ability that would make a gnat cringe. He and Koenart have the ability to turn a beautiful young woman like Valeria, into an inanimate department store dummy.

Valeria, please don't ever cut your gorgeous hair.

Sexy, sexy, sexy girl.

Typical work of this photographer....leaving much to be desired!
This is one of the photographers here that think we're here to look at faces (or over-sized tits!). This is an "A List" model and deserves better!

I've never understood why MetArt photographers will shoot a fair-skinned model on a white background. As for Valeria, she is always a welcome sight.

I t´s overexposed

Valeria, you are a beautiful woman, with a perfect body.

Leonardo did a good job filling many of the frames with the model; I feel drawn in to many of the photos. I think a bed is the most natural background for nude photography she looks like she belongs there so there are no distractions. Valeria, of course; looks pretty and sexy from beginning to end.

Light is a little too harsh for me.Softer light would have enhanced the delicious curves .

Leonardo has used the light meter relatively well in this case...!

HAH! You think ANY of these photographers use a light meter!? I'd be surprised if half of them knows what one is!

Now you're underestimating Leonardo and the others MetArt-photographers.....studying their works, it's easy to see they're familiar with light meters, potentiometers, and light modifiers like; soft-/octaboxes, snoots, flags, grids, louvers, cutters and beauty boxes!
Leonardo is clearly aware there are many qualities of lights -- e.g direction, intensity, color, distribution and contrast -- and, generally, he'll understand how to apply and alter these qualities. He knows how to frame a given image to capture the background light while illuminating the model solely with ambient room light, and he knows various chiaroscuro techniques -- like all gifted photographers, Leonardo is an ARTIST!
Lighting ratios is very important in fine art/nude photography, but remember that blurring and overexposure sometimes are used as AESTHETIC ARGUMENTS!
A good MetArt set will create its own expectations as far as lighting goes -- your eye will perceive whatever seems most appropriate.....and you must learn HOW to see before you'll be able to understand the photographers feelings!

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