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Love her beaytiful butthole

Oh dear. How can these be described as boring. The level of eroticism is perfect. Can't you critics imagine sucking those strawberries from within that lovely lady especially if they have a coating of her cream on them?

beautiful mo9del and lousy photographer

beautiful mo9del and lousy photographer

Klownart, is proof that sometimes the talent-less hack, can scrape through and manage a living. Met-Art's parent company seems to believe he is worthwhile, so he's rewarded everyone suffers.

No art, no eye, horrible post processing, myopic, and worse than all this, boring, typical, and vanilla.

PLEASE somebody vote this photographer off the island. He should be shooting t-shirts and lawn furniture for Wal-Mart, not producing average photos of beautiful women.

OK, so given that some of the photographers may actually view the commentary posted here (never thought any would) I'd like to go ahead and apologize for my over the top review.

While I do feel there is machinery at work with Koenart, and I'll stand by a bit of vanilla, and photo's that tend towards the soft and over-processed the rest of my "opinion" above is over the top and simply unnecessary.

Valeria is an absolute goddess. Love her beautiful long hair and perfect ass!!!!! Now that we have seen how she looks in the morning for breakfast can we move her to the bedroom and see how she looks at night for dessert...

Valeria, you are a vision from heaven!

BTW, Valeria's incredibly gorgeous, long hair deserves a special, THANK YOU.

Thank you for you efforts with your hair, Valeria.

It is mesmerizing!

Gorgeous girl with beautiful blue eyes and a very hot body!!! But why is she on the kitchen floor? At least put her on the kitchen table if you have to have her in the kitchen! I don't eat dessert off the floor!

Valeria, please let me eat your luscious, juicy berry.

Tastes like victory.

Valeria is particularly delicious but this particularly peculiar set isn't very creative...

But well shot!

Nasty photo quality

Gorgeous hair and face, very lickable ass

Date: 08. Sept. 2012 21:32
MailTo: comments@metart.com
Miela A : GNOSTICO by Koenart
... every time then same sh.. - white background, bright skin, overexposed.
Let him photographing white mouses in the snow.
No response...

Valeria A is one of the best here on Met (if not the best), I like this set, Valeria looks beautiful from head to toe and there are some nice poses.

More Valeria A please.

PS after looking at the pictures more, I changed my mind on this set. Plus it had seemed that my first coment had not been taken.

When I say change my mind I mean from my original comment, i.e. on second look the set is better than I first though. I wish I could delete comments ;-)

Valeria A is as amazing as always and is one of my two favorite girls here on Met (the other being Amelie B). I would say that the set is not as good as other sets I have seen of Valeria but I am still happy to see this beautiful model here again. More Valeria please.

Boring poses, shot from next door? Come on get creative. Beautiful girl but shooter doesn't provide what I want to see of this lovely creature.

Iluvsex: - You say boring poses, I say very boring poses and probably the worst of the 4 sets today. I used to like this photographers work but the standard of contributions from this photographer is going down hill fast.

I have to agree Hipshot. Not a lot going on for this set .Monotonous , poor focussing bad light, where do I stop ? Saving graces are luscious Valeria A and delicious rear shots 56,57 and 58.

The model is great but the photography sucks!

Agreed. She is so gorgeous - show that perfect pussy some respect.


No to mention ur cap lock is broken...

Ha ha!

No, exposure on her skin is well done, especially considering the brightness of the location. But the images are a bit too soft. Unfortunately, we see that just about every day.

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