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You look like a princess! Are you married?

Valeria looks so gorgeous and edible in this set!

God such a tight ass. I cum fast jus thinkin about it

What an amazingly elegant woman! That is the most perfect set of breasts anywhere. This girl is first class all the way. She certainly knows how to work that chair and show off those spectacular legs! If this ain't a ten I don't think we will ever see one.

Classy and Sassy!! Great looking set... Gorgeous Valeria...xxxxxxxO

Valerie makes my day with this set.

This whole set is so exquisite, I even give #81 of her foot a 10! My favorite set of this gorgeous lady so far.

Long, dark hair. Sparkling crystal blue eyes. Flawless milky skin. Classic beauty.

And, she looks like a million bucks in that necklace!

Gawd, she's gorgeous.

I believe she'd look like a million bucks no matter what she had on!

Damn, she'd look like a million bucks in a burlap sack!

FINALLY -- a "10" -- !!

I haven't handed out a 10 in days -- about time!

VALERIA A in Sigilia by Arkisi
VALERIA A is more than gorgeous. Arkisi is one of my favorites. However I have to ask the following:
1. Images 40, 114, Valeria’s pussy is blurred and barely visible
2. Image 40 is the only closeup of Valeria’s boobs. Her nipple is blurred and barely visible
Is it the new trend for Met Art to provide blurred and un-sharp images instead of high resolution images?

Valeria her looks are killing me... She really has such beautiful eyes...

Valeria is stunningly beautiful!!! I love her perfect boobs!!!

Beautyful & tasteful set.

Valeria has a beautiful face and eyes, a great butt, and magnetic pussy. I love shots like 55, and often wonder if that hurts or if the models even feel it.

could you explain what you meant, please? hurts? I can't see anything. Thank you.

Valeria has very prominent labia and it looks to these old eyes that she is sitting, at least partially, on them.

so what? women sit on them all the time. You sit on your ballsack all the time too.

Valeria you are awesome. Probably not the best set of pictures I have seen of the lovely Valeria, but I will take what I can get of this lovely woman.

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