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Exotic and erotic... Dark and delicious girl of my dreams...

One of the truly glorious heads of hair on the site!! Magnificent!!

Valeria is all beautiful:
Mysterious green-water eyes, drawn lips, perfect breasts,
ass to caress, beautiful hairstyle with a long black braid. 10
Koenart does a job dull, gray: anonymous photoset, flat light, photo routine without a hint of heat. 5
Valeria would have deserved much more.

Valeria's sexy long hair in a braid is what I like best about this set. It starts off rather slow but ends up okay. The overhead view used in some of the shots was interesting and a great vantage point, but the zebra print spread is too distracting and took away from it. I would liked to have seen more of a variety in her poses. There was next to nothing shot from behind, and only a few close enough or focused in a manner to show much detail (such as the freckles that Gary points out). It's an okay set, but compared to her others is not my favorite.

Stunning girl, fabulous body, and I love the braid but I could have lived my whole life without the Zebra skin. To me it was just plain distracting and cheapened the whole set. It did not add interest for me, it ruined the set


Valeria A is my favorite model on this site - It's always so nice to go to the members page and see an update for her!

Valeria is gorgeous with a great attitude. And I love her chest freckles, but too bad this set refuses to show them. Many photographers do this - take the shots from far away and slightly overexpose them, as if trying to hide freckles instead of displaying them proudly.

Agreed on all points.

Now, this is what I was looking for today. Very nice.

Despite the relative paucity of the kind of shots/poses I enjoy most, I have to say that Valeria is a seriously beautiful and sexy young woman. I second Byron's comment about her long hair -- that is sexy all by itself.

There's something very sexy about a long platt ... especially when showing it off in such a cute bra and panty set. Loved every photo!!!

As stunningly beautiful as always, Valeria is a firm favourite of mine. I like this set, especially the shots taken from above.

I agree monkeryma - the photos from above are a very interesting perspective.

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