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She is lovely but this series is a flop: she shows no spark, it is taken from far, never blooms her many erotic features

Love that ass

Maybe it's just my faulty eyesight but there is a big difference between this set and her 7/8/2013 set. The 7/8/13 set is heavily photoshoped. Where are the freckles in the July one? Actually, I was going to suggest that they photoshop this one because then I wouldn't have to kiss every single freckle on her and if I missed on I would have to start all over again. It would be such a hard life.

Talk about a sentence of hard labor!!
I'm not gonna shed any tears for ya, Dutch!

Beautiful girl. Sexy face, eyes and smile.

Gorgeous labia.

Maybe. However, I would very much like to have seen more of it!!

Awesome front door!!!

Pure, sheer, unadulterated loveliness.

Very nice set from Koenart. It would be nice to have breakfast with Valeria... She's the perfect Cookie for that:-) Sooooo Sweet is this Girl... Kisses all over Dream Beauty:-):-):-)

Valeria is here today showing off her beauty once again. In my opinion this is one of Valeria's best sets here on Met, and that's making a statement because I am a big fan (as readers of my comments have probably figured). Valeria looks great just holding a cup of tea (or coffee). Outstanding set from Valeria and Koenart.

Beautiful, sweet and sexy Valeria. Oh how I love her gorgeous long, black hair draped over her firm yet supple breasts. I also love how flexible she is, as demonstrated in several of these shots. A girl could have a lot of fun with a body like that. ;)

So could a guy. : )

THIS guy sure could!

Very true Alyssa.

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