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Perfect setting and gorgeous model...keep up the good work:)

The absolute, most creditable desire is established with Valeria. She will not turn loose, nor hamper pleasure of lust for her. Fine and supremme is she. Only wish I was younger, then hunt her up to be domicialed with her.........

Very sexy setting. Sexy and alluring poses. Sexy and beautiful model. Totally nude. Excellent photography. Excellent set.

Thank you, I appreciate it. BTW she is a great model and talent actress, it was very easy to work with her.

fully agree

Valeria is a perfect beauty,and I think she is more vivid,more alive, than she is with Koenart over on SexArt. Arkisi has put her in the berfect background and costume, while Koenart used very bland costume and background,th say the least. As a former photog I can say if the artist is dogging it,the model will pick that up and respond in kind. She's only human.you gotta do your job so she can do hers.I gave Arkisi and Valeria both a 10++

What a dream weaver this goddess is!! And this set is as close to "perfect" as any set gets, here on Met!

Valeria is really like a beautiful Doll:-) Her dream Aura hypnotizes me... I would kiss Valeria forevrer all over:-):-):-) God job Arkisi, thank You.

Perfect face, perfect body, prefect ass, GREAT SETTING!!! 10!

Really beautiful model, love those last few pictures the most, her ass looks amazing

Her ass is incredible! So inviting...

See, now this is a perfect setting for a beautiful woman to be photographed! More like it.

Valeria is a beautiful woman. Most of the photographers she has posed for have done a good job of capturing and presenting her beauty.

Valeria, your beauty always amazes. Great set.

hummida hummida hummidaaaaa..... That is my brain on Valeria.. Her beauty puzzles me. I'm speechless....

I know exactly what you mean, Spies... her face is simultaneously sweet, innocent and lovely, like a young girl, and yet also wise and sensual.
It is a very appealing and yet puzzling combination... and yet, I've only touched the surface with my description.
I've been struggling to put into words the feelings she evokes in me since I opened this set, yet I'm no closer...

Words can not describe this beauty nor the effect she has on my libido...

Valeria, you are an absolute master at your very explicit shots from the rear. Perfect little butt invites us to the promised land. Would love to see you with the freedom to play with it on SexArt. Think about it please! Catherine could do wonders with it...

I agree with that!

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