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Valeria was a favorite for me from the first appearance, and this set just deepens my appreciation. Wow!

I don't hand out 10's like candy. Mine are reserved for the most outstanding sets, like this set from Arkisi featuring the lovely Valeria. Overall great poses, a variety of which to keep it interesting. And then there is that #104, the reverse chair shot from behind - Wow! Valeria looks mighty fine today. Thanks to the both of you for bringing me what I come here for.

Exquisite little anus! Image 73 is the best I've seen in a long time, fascinating view of her asshole and pussy. Image 104 is great as well, showing her asshole and open pussy. Mouthwatering views !

I second that on 104. Mouthwatering indeed!

Damn, Valeria you are one very sexy lady. Best photo set of the day!!! Great Photography!!!!

Another masterpiece of Valeria from Arkisi, absolutely stunning and highly arousing posing from gorgeous Valeria, perfectly captured by Arkisi, those spread shots on the dresser are just fantastic.

Great set.

I am in LOVE. Valeria is a perfect sensual beauty. We are all unworthy.

...am I unworthy? No.
Would I stand a chance? Pardon while I laugh... ( :

Speak for yourself! ;o)

A very well rounded presentation.

Especially #73-#76, literally floored me (fell off the damn chair)!

I have to agree with "Best yet"! Every superlative ever seen here can be applied to this set! Just an amazing effort by model and artist!
Few can match, but none surpass the beauty of Valeria! To me, she and Arkisi represent MetArt at it's very best.

And the file size is perfect!!

World class ass!

That's a FACT!! (actually an opinion, but I absolutely agree! ;o)

Rock, ya gettin' soft in your old age! ( ;

Lost my Viagra...;o)


Beautiful model, in a set compromised by unmanaged hair ruining a lot of the shots.

Talk to the hand!!

Another Ukrainian beauty!(They must have a factory hidden somewhere, and a scoreboard to keep track of helpless victims)Her back is as totally lovely as her front, so we know all the boys and girls that swing that way are VERY happy. Both Arkisi and Valeria get a 10++++.

This woman is a spectacular 10, what eyes, what a face, what a BODY in all its glory!!! God damn women are intoxicating!!!!!

"God damn women are intoxicating!!!!!"

And THAT'S where our problems begin!! "LUI" ;o)

(Living Under their Influence)

I don't know what it is, but Valeria started out pretty enough but lately she's been smokin' hot. Extra sensual sexy. Wonder what it is... ( :
Whatever it is, I totally approve. This set is awesome.

Totally agree, her sets have always been terrific, but lately she's been absolutely spectacular. This set might be her best yet.

Very nice Set by Arkisi!!! Angels does not exist? Valeria is here, miau!!! Angelic Face, angelic Body, angelic from Head to Toes... Kissable all over is this Stunning Beauty:-) Baci baci Valeria and come back soon, please, we need You a lot...

Valeria is a beautiful woman.

Arkisi has provided glimpses of many of her outstanding physical features; even a few (too few) un-cropped, full length and standing poses.

Your viewing experience may differ.

My experience is much the same, especially on the full length and standing poses, the only thing that could be added to this set to improve its already outstanding position.

Valeria is a gorgeous blue-eyed beauty with spectacular boobs! Image 51 is just wow!

I can't find a photo here that ISN'T "WOW"!!

Thanks for those lovely rear views. You are stunning seen from ANY direction xxxxxxx

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