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Does Vanda B. have any upcoming videos? I would love to see her in a future video.

Hey Catherine greetings from NYC! Is not just her amazing body is something in her eyes that melt me. I love that photosets where she started dressed and suddenly she takes her clothes off is like ok baby girl play with me I don’t care you’re a gift of heaven. Wanda has that right balance of sass and class that typifies most of European women. Like we say in the old country ¡ala Wanda guapa! And definitively you and your camera are amazing. Congrats! I can’t wait for more of Wanda.

Hi lugoem. I am glad to welcome the viewer from New York. I just on Skype sent your response to Wanda. Now it isn't present on communication. I hope, soon she will read your response)

the best model and photography of catherine. Vanda epitomizes the most stunning form of the female form. Such perfect breasts. such athletic form. The most stunning and unique breasts ever shown....this is venus if ever beheld by mortal eyes....

As soon as I read your response, I right there sent it to Wanda. Wanda smiled and was very touched by your words about Venus.

I love photo shoots which use mirrors. There are some other sets on this site, but not nearly enough.

Well. Specially for you I will make a set with a mirror.

Catherine, you made many photo shooting of VANDA in the MetArt Network and indeed all of these sets are marvelous. The combination of VANDA and yourself is excellent. Congratulations for a job well done. You will always be my favorite photographer.

Catherine, have you published any books? If not, are you intending to do so? I will be the first one to buy them.

I think, sometime it will occur. With pleasure I will present to you)) Thanks a lot for your assessment.

Colorful panties and sweater are a great appetizer for what is to come with this photo set. Great work with a beautiful subject....

The sweater was a push of idea of creation of this set. Wanda came to shooting in this sweater, it very much was pleasant to me and I decided to use it in shooting.

Catherine, do you get all the top models or do you just make them top models? My vote would be a threesome with Vanda, Luiza A, and Iveta B! Keep up the beautiful work.

Ah, if these could be taken a top of models somewhere)) there is a continuous search of beautiful people when such people are, it is necessary to make not small efforts that they were pleasant to you. It is normal process, part of my work. Once again thanks.

Vanda has such an amazingly fit body. The down side to shooting on a bed is that we don't get to see every inch of her.

Thank you. I understood what you mean and I will consider your wishes.

Vanda's butt, her eyes, and those long beautiful legs were given the attention that they deserve...well done! As for the mirror, you do what you want with a set, Catherine. Personally, I can appreciate your creativeness. 10+ from my POV

Hi Thumper. Very nice, thank you.

One thing I like about Catherine and the other Metart photographers is that the models are almost always shown barefoot. That adds a lot. Nude with high heels never made any sense to me. Could Catherine show a few images with feet close up? I realize some may disagree but I don't care. Great work Catherine!

I agree, Vanda and so many of the models here have lovely feet. Many of them seem like they were dancers and must have strength and beauty.

Some girls have very graceful and beautiful legs. As far as I manage it, I try to show it. But I would like to work with beautiful shoes on a thin hairpin but while it didn't occur yet.

What chance a pairing of Vanda with the equally gorgeous Susana C?, or am I just being greedy?.

These models differ in appearance facial features, but it would be to combine them in one set, and it would be nice.

Vanda has a different but appealing smile and a wonderful bum.

Yes, I also like it)

I love the photos of Vanda over the mirror, especially #82, 83 & 84. I know that's what it would look like if I was there looking up, yummy!

It is good that you have seen that you like. Probably all the same, mirror - a subject as controversial entourage. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The mirror doesn't do anything for me but Vanda does a lot!

I agree - Vanda is a beautiful girl with a great figure, but to me the mirror seems silly and out of place.

I see that presence of a mirror at a shot isn't pleasant to visitors, I won't use more it)

The way Vanda looks into the camera, pulls in the observer; makes me feel like I'm there, with her. She never fails to arouse me.

Catherine is maturing into a great photographer.She has eye for rear shots which are some of the best.

I haven't been a member for very long but Catherine quickly made it to my '10' list. The photography, lighting, and poses are so well done that I would definitely still look through every shot even if the model wasn't one of my favorites.

Thank you. I hope the new photosets will be even better


LOL "no", you can't stop looking? Can't stop touching yourself? No what?

Awesome photo set!!! Vanda is perfect as always, and the mirror adds an interesting element. I luved the strip sequence at the beginning. Catherine, please tell Vanda she is totally hot, and we all luv her!!!

I only that drew out with Wanda on Skype and passed her that the photoset is pleasant to users.

I can skype Wanda?

WTF r u trying to say anyway?

Find a clue, jerk.

More Vanda is something that is always welcome, she is gorgeous and super sexy and Catherine always captures that perfectly.

I hope that you will see Wanda yet time. Thanks a lot)

Vanda is exquisite!! Very nice pictures of her Catherine. I don't like 'mirror play', but this is nice... Exposures look very good to me.
I also don't care for the 'upside down' poses. Just my personal taste. It's very difficult for Vanda to look bad in ANY position...;o)
Please give to Vanda...XOXOXO Thank you Catherine for another delightful set of photos...you are the best!! XO(for you ;o)

I now spend shootings with Wanda and for these days at me planned new shootings with her. In my opinion new sets it is better, that did by something before. Wanda becomes more womanly each time and it is better.

I absolutely agree Catherine! (W?)Vanda is very "womanly" indeed!!
And you are very clever with camera...;o)

I with Wanda started working in 2010 and as model she doesn't cease to me it is pleasant. Thanks) is pleasant to see you and to read you.

The pleasure is mutual Catherine... ;o) I always look for your name as a starting point for my visit.

Thanks, I am glad to read and see again. To admit honestly when I read comments, I start looking for eyes the name rockhard)

:o) I will always try to be kind... After all , you are my favorite, and your models rank among the best.

)) I'm very glad.




LOL I take that as a 'giggle'...:o))

After reading the comments, I cheered up))

Well that puts a big smile on my face Catherine... :oD This is the most fun I have here.. ;o)

con't: I actually came to add to my comments, to say that the more I study Vanda's face, the more beautiful it becomes to me. She really is quite stunning. And I hope she never changes photographers, like I've seen so many other models do.

Hi rockhard, Wanda works only with me, we with it are in the good friendly relations.

Hi Catherine... I'm very happy to hear this, and look forward to many more delightful photo sets from you and Vanda.

Sad to not see a "Catherine" set today....:o(

Hi rockhard, new sets with Wanda turned out good, they very much are pleasant to me. They hope will be pleasant also to you. Frequency of emergence of my sets on Met-Art, not absolutely depends on me. I hope, my sets will appear again)

Hi Catherine...:o)
Nice to hear back from you. I look forward to seeing your next set of Wanda, and waiting for set of another of your beautiful 'subjects'... Does Sabina B still model? She is also very beautiful girl and I would like to see her again. Her last was August of last year and that's a long time...;o) I don't know how they choose which sets to issue, but they must know that you are the most popular, and should feature your work more often for this reason... Until next time, peace and happiness to you..:o)

Sabina married and left. Her husband is a very decent man. I hope Met-Art makes new work. Ahead of the summer and I plan to work in nature with Wanda and other models. Thank you for your warm wishes. I wish you success and good luck)

Such a disappointment about Sabina. Does not surprise me however...very beautiful girl. If by "work in nature.." you mean "outdoor sets", this adds to my disappointment since I prefer "indoor" sets, but I will keep an open mind and enjoy your work regardless of location. Warm wishes to you Catherine. Looking forward to your next set.

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