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It would be helpful if the person who has given my post a "thumbs-down" would explain his reasons. If he has the courage to do so.

Catherine this is another nice set of yours. Your choice of beautiful models in interesting settings is much appreciated. I look forward to seeing more of your work as always.

Re: Landscape format. There is a tendency on this website to show too many pictures in portrait format. Computer screens are landscape, and the majority of pictures should be too.

If that means more pictures of girls lying down rather than standing up, well, I won't be complaining!

Hi. You gave a very valuable point. I think, sometimes not sharpness in a major plan this is my omission. I now removed so that such was not. I agree with the fact that the computer screen has a horizontal position, so it would be logical to do the frames it is horizontal. But some time ago it was suggested that the vertical structure of the frame, as the most preferable. Now it has become a persistent stereotype. I think it is possible to make sets, where most of the cuts will be horizontal. But note on the Met-Art cover all sets are made of vertical frames. Once vertical shots were offered as the most preferable, and I'm just trying to do with this.

Thank you for your response. The problem with the vertical format for pictures is that it wastes so much screen space.

I agree that thumbnails look better vertically for some reason, but we don't join the site to look at thumbnails.

I will try to experiment in one of the sets with a large number of horizontal frames. Of course, You are right, the black borders on the sides of the screen is not very productive.

Catherine, you take some nice pictures, but I have a couple of questions.
First, have you noticed that the photographers who tend to show clear, sharp, close-up shots are very popular? Tony Murano particularly, but all the more explicit 'togs are popular.

Also, Met-Art always choose the most explicit photo in a set to use as the cover.

So it seems that both Met-Art and members like to see more explicit shots. It would be great to see more from you.

Second, I am mystified by the fact that some photographers, including you, often blur the close-up shots. Why? What is the point of a photo if the subject is blurred or out of focus?

Possibly there are some religious types who are ashamed at looking at photos of naked girls, but justify it to themselves by saying "It's blurred, so it must be art, not porn". These people need to grow up and be honest with themselves.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope you will remember the non-religious types who like to see a pretty pussy or a nice ass in sharp focus!

Awesome work Ms. Zeta-Jones! These images remind me of William-Adolphe Bouguereau paintings. (Mostly "The Wave," and a few others). And thanks for the foot close up (image 120)! I love lounging poses. Sorry if my opening joke is no longer funny. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much , I'm glad that You liked my work) I am a fan of the Zeta-Jones))

When I see Vanda and Catherine, I can safely rate the set a 10 before I even look at it! The sun is beautiful on her skin. Sometimes, I dread outdoor shoots because the photographer can't make good use of the sunlight, but not you Catherine. You nailed it.

I'm curious, do your shoots that are viewable to the public draw a lot of attention?

It's great that you take the time to respond to our comments!

Hi Jay Are)) When I read You have a desire to work better, to give You pleasure . Thank you very much))
The attention of the public work is almost not attracted because choose such a place for the shooting, which are not available to the casual eye. Intrusion of unauthorized people happen extremely seldom.
I confess, I am very nice and helpful to communicate with You)) I received a lot of valuable comments))

Hey Catherine two thumbs up!!! Whether she’s dressed a leather suite or just being naked Wanda is simply angelic and spicy. Wanda is the girl next door!! You’re the best! When you are going to open your own website? That will be awesome!! Please, say hi to Wanda from NYC. Greetings!!

Hi lugoem)) You greetings from Kazan)) I sent Vande Your message is delighted. Thank you for Your assessment) the Creation of a site is planned, but not everything depends on me.

nice work girls

Very nice))

Catherine. Please include close-ups of all parts of your ladies to get my tens.

Yes, take Your wishes))

Absolutely beautiful, there's no other way to describe Vanda. She looks so soft and lovable. All the photos are awesome especially the last three, I guess I'm truly an "ass" man! Photo #60 is very sexy, nice touch. By the way, is her name Vanda or Wanda, as you referred to her in one of your comments earlier? Also would like to say I absolutely loved the photo set you did of Milana J and Vanda for Sex Art a couple of days ago. It was off the charts!

The model name is Vanda. Maybe I made a mistake in the spelling) I am very glad, I hope that none of the time please You with sets with the participation of the model))

Way to go - very nice model, well photographed!

Hi Poul)) Thank you for You feedback. I'm glad that You like the set.

Nice work, Catherine. This is a great set.

Thank You))

Catherine again you demonstrate your mastery of photography, artistically and technically. I am amazed at your management of sunlight. The exposures are perfect, the model is comfortable, and your display of the background is interesting. I am a fan of outdoor sets because the light shows the model's skin, eyes, hair color, better. But it takes more skill to get good shots. Your skill is at the top. Also, Vanda is a superb model, beautiful and her breasts are in themselves amazing works of art, large, firm, natural and beautiful. Great job. Thanks.

Hi Gary)) I am very glad that you are satisfied with my work. For some time I did not propose set for the Met-Art. Thank you again)

What's up with the necklaces on this site ? are they really necessary ? They're distracting and in this case ugly .

You might even be right. In the beginning of the set of necklace is appropriate, and when Vanda was naked necklace distract the attention.

Thank you for the armpit shots Catherine

I'm glad that I could please You))

Vanda, You are Incredibly Beautiful, Alluring, Sensual and Mesmerizing! Please come back soon.

Catherine, Shot 121 is a perfect display of your models extremely rich talents. Bravo!

Thank you very much)) I Hope we will see you soon.

Catering your work is wonderful, maybe is too soon but have you consider créate your own page. Im Vanda and you fan.

I am very pleased to hear it)) I Hope I will not disappoint You in the future.

Great natural light and colors! The model glowed during the shoot, very nice indeed!

Thank you, I have this set is not very liked, I thought he was not very successful.
It's nice to know that I was wrong.

Vanda is totally hot, proving that girls naturally look better in their underwear. Believe me, at 73 no-one wants to see me in mine And Cathrine is a great photographer.

I agree that the young beautiful girl in a beautiful lingerie is cool)) But in 73 You have the more valuable the beauty, the beauty of the soul , wisdom, common sense and life experience. This is great!

I have no idea why especially the photos ## 81, 83 and 84 are NOT IN LANDSCAPE FORMAT!

I was afraid to give in the album format. I wanted to show a panorama of the city. Perhaps landscape format would be more уместен. I think You're right))

Vanda is simply delicious.xx

I sent Vande Your feedback)

Great work Catherine. Technically perfect.
Last three shots Wow !!

Thank you very much)) I'm very glad) Wow ergo))

Vanda is very attractive. I like her hair, eyebrows, bum, skin. . .

Vanda well, I very much hope for our long fruitful cooperation with her))

Vanda is so hot!!! I luv her big boobs and her perfect pussy!!! Pretty bra and panty too!!!

I luv high places, but Catherine, please be careful with your models when they are close to the edge of a rooftop!

Thank you)) Before you start shooting, I studied the safety of the place. During the shooting I almost lost my voice, because screamed " Wanda be careful!" and "Wanda do not go near the edge of the roof!" And at the side stood two assistants, ready to grab her by the heel, if the wind)))

Thanks Catherine, it was a nice view of the city! And nice view of Vanda too! :)

A pleasure to work for you)))

Beautiful! What could be better my favorite model is photographed by my favorite photographer. Very nice.

Reading Your comments, I'm more fond of his audience and I would like to work better for You and better))

You are marvelous Catherine

JimmyGeorge, I am very pleased to hear this))).

Nice set Catherine. A bit 'chaotic', but nice...;o) "Rooftop"? Very..creative. Vanda looks great.

)) This is a historic center of the city, there is still a roof is not so chaotic))

I leave it to you to find the purrrfect spot...;o)

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