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Lirika by Catherine

A gorgeous model with a talented photographer. I do not want to repeat my comments on Catherine’s work; she knows well my opinion of her.
Despite that I am upset with Catherine at present; I have to admit she is the greatest nude photographer.
Despite that I am upset with Catherine at present, and she knows why, I have to admit I adore her and her work.

Catherine, I have enjoyed your sets for a while now, and read other members' comments and your responses, but I have never commented before. I really appreciate your work, your style and your humility in responses to comments. Your work, while undoubtedly erotic in nature, is always artistic and never vulgar, and you seem to have a special connection with your models. We get to see them through your eyes, and you seem to instinctively know what it is that we want to see (most of us, anyway). I am looking forward to many more of your sets.
By the way, several images from this set (126-128) reminded me of a famous image by Man Ray, Prayer. If you haven't seen it, look it up.
Thanks again and sorry for such a long comment.

Hi lember92) Thank you for your warm and detailed comment. I was very pleased to read it. You inspire me to the good work of his attitude to me . Man Ray I like. He has a very expressive and innovative black and white pictures. Thank you. I will be glad to communicate with you)

Hi Catherine,
I was pleasantly surprised to see your response, since the set was published a couple of days ago. It was said before, but the fact that you take time and effort to reply to all comments truly makes you one of a kind. The reason I like your sets this much is, I think, that these are kinds of images I would love to be able to create if I had anywhere near your skill and talent. The fact that you have a background as an artist definitely helps.
By the way, speaking of Man Ray, there was a young american woman that came to Paris to meet him and she became his apprentice, his model, his muse and his lover (maybe not necessarily in this order). She then became an accomplished photographer in her own right and produced many iconic images as a war correspondent in World War II. Her name was Lee Miller. Many of Man Ray's nudes were images of her, and it was one of those images that I saw by pure chance that rekindled my interest in photography.
I am looking forward to your next set and promise no more Man Ray references :). If you would prefer, I could use Russian, it happens to be my native language.

Hi lember92) You're right. My experience of the artist helps me a lot. I have a lack of time. You write in Russian?

Catherine, I do write in Russian, although my Russian is a little rusty after 20 years in the U.S. However, my reply in Russian I posted a few minutes ago just disappeared. It is strange, considering that I have seen many posts in languages other than English before.

Да, я могу писать по-русски. Просто я уже отвык за 20 лет в США.

Прекрасно! А то, мой английский мягко сказать не совершенен). У меня есть почтовый ящик, можем обменяться адресами

Это тот же ящик который я видел здесь раньше? У меня была мысль написать, но я не хотел без разрешения. Я же писал, что я читал предыдущие комментарии и ответы: )

Да, это моя почта

В моем адресе будут цифры 67


Oops, it is back now :)

Cathrine, great set I especially like photos #10,120,124,129,and 136.

Thanks yojimbo)) Is very pleasant)

The only thing that could ever be better than Catherine is more Catherine. I really wish she'd bring her lovely models to SexArt for some video shoots.

Hi wheelerrr) it is pleasant to me to work for you. I already wrote that I will try to do video. Thanks)

Catherine already on sex art but in still photos. i love that she does som sex videos. her work is superb.

Excellent photoset!

Thanks a lot)

Quite a variety of poses and I loved them all. Image 98 was beautiful and made me laugh out loud. Why do I like that so much? I also admire your sunrise / sunset theme lately, if that is what you meant. Vanda has fantastic body, and I hope all of your models know how much we like them and thank them for showing themselves to us without clothing. This is a great way to spend Father's Day (in America)!

Hi Ouchstopit) Thanks, I enjoyed your praise) I Congratulate you with the Father's Day )) Vanda gorgeous, you magnificent audience))

Vanda and Catherine strike again. Vanda is more beautiful than ever, and Catherine has outdone herself. Love it!

Hi Sailor) I am very pleased that you like my work))

Hi Catherine: I do indeed love your work, and not just with Vanda. I find Beatrice, Nastya, Bogdana, Andere and several others to be gorgeous and irresistible, thanks to the way you present them. I'm a little bit in love with all of them. (By the way, is Andere really 170 cm tall? She seems tiny.)

Hi Sailor) I is glad for you to work. It is very pleasant to me to read such comment. Yes, growth at Andere of 170 cm)

Catherine you have hit a home run here!!! This is my new favorite set of the gorgeous and delicious Vanda!!! Awesome!!! Please give Vanda my compliments!!!

Thank you luv_lickn_clit) I'll let Vande your words. I'm happy))

Some great shots of this beautiful girl. The tight panties were a real bonus - love to see more of Catherine's models wearing them.

More of Vanda B soon I hope..

Thank you very much bikeman4) I think Wanda still please you )

Vanda is Beautiful. Great photography! Fantastic poses. Catherine, you always seem to be able to get the models to relax and open up, nice! The sequence of 59,60 and 61 is simply awesome! Thank you! Es justo como estar allí! Ahora, eso es algunos fantasía a ver! Esta es justo como ser en la sala, mirando a Vanda en el sofá, sus piernas abierto, sus coño tan abierto, húmedo y ella es sonriéndome. Vanda, Gracias por la maravillosa fantasía de usted!¡Qué hermoso espectáculo para la vista! Vanda siempre se ve tan dulce, tan cálido y acogedor! Me encantaría a justo deslizar mi grande, duro, gruesa verga en eso grande, maravillosamente rosada coño! Tus cuerpo es tan maravillosa y tu coño es justo asombroso! Fascinante, Señoras! ¡Gracias, Señoras!

Hi Caballo)) You very poetic response about my work. Thanks for your comments)) All comments I will pass Vande)

just a great girl and shoot!

Thanks a lot))

Catherine another superb set. I really like pic 125, the back shot, and 133, the closeup breast shot. Vanda is beautiful and flawless.

Thanks to Gary)) Thank you so appreciated my work)

I love the teasing look in pic #129.

"How's the view from back there? Do you like it?"
"Yes......yes, I like it a lot, Miss Vanda."

Yes, yes, Miss Vanda))

Très jolie modèle , ses orifices béants sont une invitation au septième ciel!


Je suis d'acord avec vous

Excellent work time and time again .Vanda and Catheine thank you.How about a video with Vanda.

Hi HWU) Thanks for the feedback) In the next time I'll try to make a video with Vanda.

Vanda is beautiful! Its not often that you see a camel toe and a butterfly from one lady. What I appreciate the most about Vanda is that she has the body of a real woman and not a starved fashion model. Catherine, thank you for capturing all of Vanda's beauty in this very nice set.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Wanda gorgeous. For me it is the embodiment of feminine beauty. I love it each time more and more)

Poor work of the photographer!

Catherine and Erro are the two top photographers on Met Art network.

And what makes them so?? Is it because they have more posts than another shooter, say Arkisi, Alex Iskan, or Sergey Akion?? I'd really like to know how the "artists" are rated.

Rylsky, Goncharov, Leonardo & Erro were ONCE, much sought after favorite photographers I used to follow religiously. However, like Catherine, they all shoot work more suited to a "Live Model Art Class" and have done since early 2012. None are shooting the "Erotic Glamour", that this site originated as.

Sorry for sounding harsh Catherine, in this set there is One such image in this set. So I'm with 'uuusssee' and agree mostly with him. He is obviously more generous than I though.

Hi uuusssee. Please write what you didn't like.

Objectively compare your work with that of e.g. Vladimiroff and you will understand!

Your work is simply undistinctive & undynamic. 3 - 4 good pictures per set are not enough.


this is nothing to laugh at !!!

Please excuse me if my comment shows up twice... it looks like the computer gremlins have picked me to play tricks on tonight. ( :

We all get a turn at that...;o)

What an amazing beauty and sensuality Vanda possesses... she is truly a goddess, in her own inimitable way.
Her knowing grin suggests she has an idea of the effect her beauty has on us...
Thank you to both Vanda and Catherine for this amazing set.

What an amazing beauty and sensuality Vanda possesses... she is truly a goddess, in her own inimitable way.
Her knowing grin suggests she has an idea of the effect her beauty has on us...
Thank you to both Vanda and Catherine for this amazing set.

Hi) I am very pleased to read your feedback. Vanda this is my favorite model:) Thank You))

Catherine: we all have our reasons for appreciating Vanda, and your photographic skills. Why is Vanda your favorite model?

Hi Baggy36Pants) Vanda is pleasant to me the feminity, natural brightness. Vanda has very good character, she very good person. I wrote shortly why I like Vanda.

Thank you Catherine.

I agree with rockhard. This set is definitely one of Catherine's best shoots.

)) Thank You))

Congratulations,Catherine,this set is,in my humble opinion,the perfect
blend of art and eroticism.Vanda is a delicious girl and her poses are
in good harmony with the background.The lighting and focus are very good,as is the composition.For this time,less gymnastics and back-tied hair,thanks for it.The color is nice and the flowers show how you take care of every single detail.I agree with those who think you´re the best
photographer in met an give this set a 10

Hi gswkJu) I am very pleased that you like my work. This set must be very good. Thank you for the kind attitude to my work.

Ohhh Catherine!!! Ohhh Vanda!!! This is stunning!! Both of you are better every time! Simply exquisite!! Lighting, focus, poses...all perfect! Love you both!

This may be the best set of Vanda ever! Such a beautiful face!!

Rockhard, you left me without any additional words to say. Everything I wanted to say was stated in your comments for which I than you. Congratulations Catherine and congratulations Vanda!

Hi JimmyGeorge) I'm still very pleasing your words)

Hi rockhard ) I'm so glad that you liked my work. But there's a bug me this is very upsetting. But I'm happy that you like.

"Bug"?? You are upset? Please explain. I see no bugs...;o)

)) Very much it isn't convenient to me to admit my mistake. Sorry)

Don't be sorry....be happy! Your secret is safe...;o)

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