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Vanda has a delicious body! Need more please.

Vanda is soo beautiful!

Cieple By Catherine
I was the first one to watch this set by Catherine and comment on it praising both the model and the photographer for their good work. i want to know it disappeared.
Catherine knows well my opinion on her work

i was the first one to watch this set and comment on it praising both the model and the photographer for their good work. i want to know who removed my comment and why.
Catherine knows well my opinion on her work

My sweet Catherine: I don´t see what´s the problem with your own web site. You are a big Artist. And Vanda a big Venus. You did it ones again.
Many many sets like this in your future.

Hi Cat!... Vanda looks freaking hot!!!... I have a request for you from me and my buddies; a girl pillow fight photo set; Vanda and Milana J. Hey! Do not blame on us … we’re just a bunch of jerks from NYU that love hot chicks wearing lacy underwear … lol… Catherine you are an artist … lady my respects to you … you are the best!!! … Please, say hi to Vanda from her NYU fans and a big hug for you from the big a. Hey! And we are waiting for your own website! :)

Hi lugoem) NYU it coolly) I will think over a photoset with pillows. It was very pleasant to me to read your comment) I sent your comment of Vande. Hello from Kazan)

I really like Vanda. Your other models to me have an innocent or angelic look to them, but Vanda has the lusty look of a temptress. She could probably make me do anything, with that sexy grin and those raised eyebrows. I also liked the foot close-ups! (45,46). That was a nice touch. (I would have gladly given her a foot rub). Was this shot in Cieple, Poland? I almost never know what the titles mean. Be well, Catherine the Great.

Hi Ouchstopit) I did This photoset in Kazan. I very much like Mirazh hotel. I like its interior. Thanks a lot for a good mark)

Catherine - I consider Vanda to be one of your signature models. You two must work well together, for the results are always spectacular! Sexy model, great photog, and wonderful variety of poses. Another superb set!!

Hi kilroy) Yes, to me with Vanda very comfortably to work. Thanks for a good mark of our work)

On of the most beautiful set of recent weeks... great work of Catherine, thanks to Vanda!

Thanks Matsu) Ahead of you waits many beautiful sets with Vanda)

Catherine, you are quickly becoming my favorite photographer here. No blurry images, no silly effects, just clear and focused images of beautiful women. Keep up the great work.

Thanks kanobione) I will try)

Vanda is all woman, and then some! Incredible, sexy, and artistic portrayal of her true beauty by Catherine!

Thanks hotte) is very pleasant to me that my work was successful and it is pleasant to you.

Very nice set. There is a chemistry, work wise, between Venda and Chatherine. We can see that Venda is at ease during the photo session. Congratulations!

Hi JimmyGeorge) Thanks) With Vanda is very easy and pleasant to work)

Vanda is gorgeous and has a supreme attitude. Catherine captures her beauty wonderfully, as Catherine always is able to do with every model. This is art in its highest form!

Thanks Gary) is pleasant to me this photoset. Thank you for an appreciation of our work.

The right outfit when the outside-temp is 95° F (35° C) like today...

Hi FazerGipsy) When I did this photoset, on the street was early cold spring. Yet up to the end snow thawed. The penetrating cold wind blew. The northern cold sun shone. Air temperature was a -1 C. But most of all I stirred a cold wind. My fingers simply froze to hold the camera. I had to warm them the breath.
So that's that.

Thanks for sharing the details of the shoot, it really brings another dimension to enjoying the finished product!
I hope everyone got to enjoy a hot chocolate after the shoot... ( ;

Hi fer_realz) Yes, nobody caught a cold) In hotel we were warmed by hot tea and tasty cake)

Venus in furs? Hell, why not? We've got the main ingredients: a beautiful woman, a fur coat and our overheated imaginations (mine, at least). But I'm not a masochist; my dreams about Vanda definitely do not involve pain (though they do involve me giving her a lot of pleasure). She is a ridiculously gorgeous woman whose whole is light years more than the sum of her wonderful parts. This set is powerfully erotic; so are all the there Vanda-Catherine collaborations. Thank you both. Come back soon.

Hi Sailor) I now pass Met-Atr new photosets with Vanda. Magnificent work was in my opinion got. I think, we will meet soon)

Sailor, neither am I. It is the combination of a gorgeous woman and a fur coat that triggered my memory. Vanda is, of course, teasing and playful, not cruel. But it's good to know that someone got the reference.


A great set of this lovely firm bodied beauty - Vanda has a beautiful face and long silky hair.

The fur coat & panty combination is superb. The extended series of Vanda posing in her tight panties are a real turn on - love to see all your models in similar mode Catherine. Good stuff

Hi bikeman4) I dreamed to make long ago such photoset. I would like that there was still a snow. In Russia snow very long lies. When I did this photoset of snow almost wasn't. I think, I surely will make it in a coming season. Thanks)

This set is... Vanda is... POWERFULLY sexy.
Incredible set.
Thanks for showing panties, BTW. ( :

Thank you fer_realz)

You're welcome, Catherine, your work is a joy to witness. ( :

Thanks) I am glad for you to work.

I like everything about Vanda, including the bonus front wedgie(s). As I quite often say, Vanda is another one of Catherine's real women. Thank you both for another pleasant visit.

Thanks a lot Baggy36Pants) Me too very much to be pleasant to Vanda and I am glad that I am not lonely in the sympathy for it) Thanks)


Image 6. Those shoes look painful and cruel. Your ladies deserve Louis Bouton stiletos, $650.00 to $1200.00 in New York City. When you and Vanda and Kessie and my heart throb Nelly arrive at the airport, give me a call, wewill have lunch.


Wow..)) I really love the shoes) As know, everything is possible in this world..maybe it will be)

Dear Catherine,

Vanda is beautiful in this set. My, what a beautifully built young lady. A stunning physique. And theres those magnificent Russian blue eyes. The fur was wonderful. A very elegant set of images. You have a way of bringing the very best out of your models. I suspect your models feel very good about themselves for a week or so sfter a photo shoot with. I think there were about 64 photos before Vanda's panties came off. I love that. Teasing and play with an amazingly beautiful young lady. That is art and I like it. Personally, I did not need to see numbers131 and 132. But I can click to the next one easily enough. Thank you for you magical art. Please convey my warm regards to Vonda and Kessie and my heart throb Nelly (she is your best. Keep that our secret.)


Hi Neil) it is very pleasant to me to read your comment. Your comments I passed Vanda. Vanda very bright and beautiful person not only in the photo, but also in life. I even would call it unique. It is very pleasant to read your praises) Thanks)

Another magnificent set, of a magnificent girl, by a magnificent artist!!
Vanda...you are delicious! Catherine...you are delicious! ;o) xo

Many thanks rockhard) is very pleasant to read to me your comment)

Venus in furs, anyone?
Obvious, I know.
By the way, the name of the heroine of the book is Wanda.
Simply irresistible. Catherine, your work keeps getting more and more interesting with each set. Gorgeous model, who channels pure eroticism in each and every set. Great photography. Thank you.

Hi lember92) "Venus in Furs" ... Vanda ... I did not expect such a coincidence)), but Vanda was not overbearing, it is very soft and cheerful person. Thank you for the warm review)

I agree. She does have, however, complete power over us,thanks to you. And we are only too happy to surrender))

)) I think that Vanda isn't necessary the power. It will be happy with admirers)

"Heroine"? "Wanda"? "Book"? "Mind my own business"? lol ;o)


Ha ha!

Is that Nelson's "ha ha"..?? ;o)

Gentlemen, that you so funny? Tell me and together we laugh)

rock is talking about Nelson from "The Simpsons," a little annoying boy who laughs annoyingly every time someone is in an embarrassing situation. ( :
And no, that was a genuine spontaneous laugh of amusement. ( : I am very rarely sarcastic...


I hope the fur coat is a fake. Fur looks beautiful on animals and ugly on humans.

Hi Met kicks Femjoys ass) In Russia are very long and very cold winters. Where I live, to present to the winter cold is added very high humidity. And if we add the strong wind, the weather becomes really harsh. No jacket from such a frost, will not save. Therefore, in Russia people wear fur. Russia has always condemned the reckless and commercial extermination of animals. Many animals are protected by the state.
I asked Vanda any of the fur of her coat because winter is over) were Ahead of the spring and summer)

That is why I love shaved pussy! No fur where it don't belong!

Hi iluvsex) Absolutely with you it agrees)

"Fake fur"??? In Russia!? LMAO!! Don't get your hopes up...;o)
(actually it could be.....i guess....maybe????) lol

)) Thanks for support)

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