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Vanda is an "old" wonderful knowledge that is always observed with great admiration.
Her sculptural body is shown by Catherine in plastic poses that would have liked to Lysippus.
Vanda opens without shyness in all her splendor of woman.

One criticism is to do the background used.
This is divided into three parts by the non-harmonized colors that break up the view of the body of Vanda.
The dazzling white of the bed occupies almost 50% of the frame without making any aesthetic contribution.
A dark band cuts in half the frame and Vanda.

We should break the dualism between nude woman and bed.
The bed is the end of eroticism.

Beautiful girl, exceptional photography. Nice job Catherine!

Successful unite of beautiful and voluptuous.

I LOVE when you and Vanda team up. Her skin tone is so lovely here and well lit. It works well on the white bed.

I'm so glad you included views looking down on her showing off every curve. She really does have lovely feet too.

Typical Catherine´s work.Everything but erotic.Remember the significate of

The seller

VANDA B in Kaldes by Catherine
I commented once on a photo by Katya with Vanda helping her behind the camera. It is a great loss for both girls to be behind the camera fully dressed. Both should be in front of the camera fully nude.
In that photo by Katya I commented that Vanda’s is is super gorgeous. Now I see that ass naked. It is super super gorgeous and delicious. I only wish to hold Vanda and plant thousand kisses on her ass cheeks,
Katya made excellent effort to show is Vanda’ body. her sweet face, her delicious and gorgeous boobs and her open leg shoots.
Katya, good work. Please bring vanda back in a duo with Nastya. I love both girls.
I love you Katya

Well there's not much that remains to be said Catherine...lol Your loyal fans have said it all. I'm a bit late getting here due to losing my power last night (back on at noon today) and waiting for internet a few hours longer. This is a beautiful set of Vanda, as are all your sets of Vanda... How can one miss with such a beautiful subject! I'm happy to be back and look forward to your upcoming sets. Your biggest fan, rock.

It's too bad that everyone is having disasters. This photoset is a nice distraction. Is the sun coming up or going down in these images? I'm going to pretend it's a sunrise; a new day filled with beauty and pleasure, and all of the feelings that Vanda and Catherine inspire us with. Vanda doesn't seem at all judgmental; her eyes tell me that it is okay to appreciate beauty whenever and wherever you find it. I'm so glad she is willing to share her incredible body with us and show us that there is still much to explore.

Hear hear, Ouchstopit! I could not have put it better myself. Even if I'd sat at my computer for a year trying.

Maybe. I think she's one of the best models.

I think you might be right, Catherine. ( :
I think a lot of us have a crush on Vanda...

Catherine captured Vanda B very with this latest series of Vanda B she maybe big built but she has a certain air about her she has lovely breasts that stand firmly when she is excited,creamy white skin,long sexy legs sexy eyes and a gorgeous face i can see what you guys see in her she has all that you love with her body i have to congratulate Catherine on another great series she brings out the best of her models or subjects as some tend to call Metart's models so on that note i bid you gentleman goodnight/goodmorning as the dawn is rearing its lovely desert sunrise and i'll see you gentleman on the Flip Side ( next time ) its has been great night/today take of each other and you loved ones life is very precious as friends and family are concerned i'll be fine but this Aussie Chick has to go to bed Cheers from Down Under :( :(

Your comments rags25 are always entertaining. Are you an artist? A model? Just wondering.

Dear Ouchstopit no i'm not an artist or model I'm just a simple female who appreciates the sensuality and artistic views of a womans body both my self and my late decease partner both enjoy what MetArt has to offer with such a bevy of beatiful models and movies as well as the "Blog" with great revues there's no other site like this one has to offer ;(


Thank You Guys for your concern about both myself,swpl2 i'll be ok at least being flooded out is'nt as bad as tornadoes or plane crashes I too hope Catherine is ok she is a very talented photographer she brings out the best out of her models like Vanda B i loved this set as well as you guys did even though Vanda has a large build she has lovely white creamy skin,lovely pink labia lips,large breast that still stand firmly when excited i can see what you guys see within her sexuality don't blame you either she has that certain air about her that you like and i'm being polite about it all Cathrine capture Vanda very well in a lovely bedroom setting as its 4:45am in the morning this Aussie Chick is going to bed its been a great day/night with Metart with 4 lovely models so i bid you gentleman goodnight/goodmorning catch ya all on the Flip Side (next Time)take of yourselves and loved ones too... Cheers from Down Under

Hi rags25) I'm glad you have is good and you're right. I am very pleased that you enjoyed Vanda. Plus, now outside the window of November and not very comfortable weather. When I did this set, it was summer, it was very warm. Thank you you)

Best model on the website?

Maybe. I think she's one of the best models.

It is difficult for me to remain composed and polite about this gallery! This is probably the first time I have commented on Vanda's translucent skin - very noteworthy. I say that so many of the lovely ladies who pose for Catherine are real women which certainly applies to Vanda. Please, everyone who knows Vanda; give her a hug for me.

Thanks to both ladies for a lovely visit.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I'm glad to see you and happy to answer you) NECESSARILY hug Vanda. I see her at the shooting in 2-3 days.))

Wow, Catherine... your sets have been getting better and better, but this is by far my favorite of the last several months. Thank you for this great work, and please thank Vanda as well for these magnificent pictures.
The juxtaposition of female strength with feminine beauty and most of all hints of vulnerability pushes all my buttons. ( :
I think # 75 is my personal favorite.... just overwhelming.

Hi fer_realz) Believe me that ahead of you waiting for sets with Vanda much better than this set. Vanda is beautiful. She participated in the contest Miss-fitness a few days ago. She bragged to me that gave a lot of gifts. I am grateful to you for the warm attitude towards my work)

That's wonderful that she did so well in the contest! (I hope she won!)
If I had to pick one word and one word only to describe your work, Catherine, I'd call it "warm." I think that is why I love it so much. ( :

Thank you, K!!
One big fat kiss on your nose from me. I promise it won't be wet and sloppy, despite temptation. ( :

I didn't know "K" was a female....I agree with fer_realz, thank you "K" for all that you do!!!

She's my hero. ( :
(As well as Catherine!)

Thank you K)

I just want to address a totally unrelated topic, but I hope any and all members on this site made it through the series of storms/tornados on Sunday.

I don't know if any of you (or your family) was affected by this storm, but I do know that swplf2 lives somewhere in Indiana (which was hit pretty hard), so I hope he and his family are o.k.

I want to add another developing story that may concern Catherine and her family. Catherine lives in Kazan.
The airplane that went down last night in Russia crashed at the Kazan, Tatarstan airport killing 50 people on board.

Catherine, I not only pray that you and your family are o.k., but all your friends and loved ones are too.

We all certainly hope that Catherine, her family and her friends are safe and well.

Thank you very much) I'm sorry and I express my condolences to the families of those killed in the plane crash. It is very difficult to write something about it. I wish you the kingdom of heaven all those who died. Browning, Neil I appreciate your concern for me. I embrace you and say that I'm all right.

That's good to hear, I was scared when I first heard the airplane had crashed in Kazan.

Browning from listening to our Australia news Ilanios(sorry about the spelling) but it just got hit again by tornados accoording to the news 5 deceased and hail the size of baseballs i'm on flood alert here out in the Australian Outback as all the major flooding comes down to us from the north down sorry guys to dampen things but i may be important if you know friends family that part of the States a bit of a bummer my heart goes out to those affected by these storms........

rags25, thank you for your concern. I hope and pray you and your loved ones aren't affected by the flooding. Take care.

I'd like to add my good wishes to Brownings. swplf2 has been almost invisible in recent weeks. I miss his daily needle and his contribution to the general dialogue. Hope all is well Sancho (or was that me?)!

We all love you, Cathering. You're not allowed to get hurt. Men from around the world would be flooding into Kazan to nurse you back to health. (And then maybe stick around a bit afterward.) The airport couldn't stand the strain.

P.S. from the village idiot: That's Catherine, not Cathering.

Greetings. I very much hope that the consequences of storms and tornadoes will be minimal and no casualties. Let the all be healthy. Thank you very much for wanting to help. I always will remember about it) Be Healthy)

Catherine, you deserve all the praise you will receive today on this excellent set of Vanda.
You are a perfectionist, and this set is a great example of this. The photography is fantastic.

I think one advantage you have is that many of your models are close personal friends.....easy to understand, you are so sweet:)....and as a result of this your models expressions, smiles, mannerisms, etc. are genuine.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to bring us these beautiful women.
Also, please thank you team for the hard work they put in too.

Catherine, you are a beautiful and amazing woman:)

Hear hear!


Hello)) Thank you very much, I'm glad to read your comments. This set has turned out sunny, natural sunny. I did not use artificial lighting in this set. It was summer, it was August. It's nice to remember)
You too are amazing and nice people) Thank you))

Thank you Catherine:)


An absolutely magnificent photoset. Vanda is at her very best. Vanda is beautiful. A perfectly beautiful face and an exquisitely perfect feminine figure. She is wearing a very pretty necklace and her makeup is flawless. A very good job by Vanda, Catherine and the entire team. Very warm regards and best wishes. You are wounderful.

PS: I love the last photo # 112. Her end is the end.

Hi Neil) Thanks for rating this set. Vanda is lovely it's hard to photograph difficult. This set was made some time ago, I was pleasantly to look at it yet because it does not exist already taken place. I have so many good memories from this place.

It's a day of miracles. First we had Sapphira. Now comes the equally flawless Vanda even more flawlessly photographed. No need to extol her physical virtues; they jump out of every photograph. And a woman this powerfully erotic is beyond our raunchy desires—except for this: I REALLY want to make love to the woman in image 39.

Welcome back Catherine. We've had to wait too long for Vanda, but now she's back and all is right with the world—and she's back in what I believe to be the best set you've ever done with her. Fantastic. Kisses all over to both of you.

# 39 really jumped out at me too, Sailor! I used the term before, I'll use it again... "powerful" !

Hi Sailor) I want to write again, believe me, in a set that I made this summer, Vanda is simply gorgeous. I do not always like my job, some of the sets I want to redo it. But the sets that I have done in the summer, I like very much. Thank you for your kindness and kisses. I kiss you in return))

It has been far too long a wait for a set from Catherine (more than two weeks.) I have to say though, today's set was worth a wait - it is utterly spectacular!

Vanda is so amazing as a model. She is stunningly beautiful, but there is more to her than physical beauty - she puts her heart and soul into her work, and it really shows. I love her facial expressions. Her smile alone is worth the price of membership.

Catherine, your photography and artistic style is always a delight. I love the way that you have incorporated the setting sun in these pictures (especially in picture 45 where it is right above Vanda's head, and 59 where it is casting a glow behind that lovely 3/4 shot of her face.) I also love pictures 84 and 85, where Vanda lays on her stomach, first seemingly unaware of the viewer, and then smiling over her shoulder at the camera - it is so beautiful.

Thank you both for this set. Marvelous modelling work from Vanda, and perfect photographs from Catherine. I wish I could rate this higher than 10. My warmest regards, hugs and kisses to you both.

Thank you very much nihil) I love the reviews on this set. I am glad that Met-Art has renewed publication of my kits) There is a very interesting new work with Vanda, I hope that Met-Art will publish them soon. I really love to work with Vanda. This is a real model, with high-class professionalism.

Very high class. ( :

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