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Vanda my dear....you are the epitomy of beauty, so natural, so perfect and absolutely with no doubt the most stunning smile of all the Met girls.

Catherine, you are the Michelangelo of perfection. I praise your ability to bring us all the beauty of the female form. Please do all possible to convince the MetArt owners to publish more of your flawless works.

Love you both tons!!

Vanda and Catherine have made a Perfect set showcasing Vanda's athleticism. I always preferred models who go to the gym to stay in shape for modeling instead of using drugs or eating disorders. I liked this in particular as I think that a woman looks better with good abs and a muscled back.

I forgot the most important part. (Old farts like me tend to do that) I gave both Vanda and Catherine a 10++++, it doesn't get better than this. Although a model who is now an un-person and her photographer did some as good.(They were on short term contract and wanted to publish elsewhere)

nice ideia! very well done, vanda is one of the top models in MA. but for me it is so strange to have a olympic sport (rings) in te middle of a field. I think if this was done in a closed set with vanda wearing sport clothing it would be even nicer.

BUT, nevertheless, this set is great!

It may be difficult to gain access to an actual gymnasium in which a nude photo shoot could be done. Also, it may be difficult to find a room which it large enough to set up the rings apparatus and the photo equipment.. I doubt Catherine's living room is large enough. Besides, a nice summer day in the countryside is pleasant.

I have long wanted to make a set in the outdoors with a rope ladder, a gymnastic rings and a hammock. I did it deliberately, it was interesting. I did not want it to be indoors. I wanted the freedom and space. I dreamed about it, and this summer I was able to implement it.

I'm beyond words! This was a terrific idea. The rings, the model, the athleticism, and the background was spectacular. When the sun came out towards the end I was is heaven. I wish I could see images like these all over the place: in hospitals, banks, restaurants, churches, schools, all gathering places. This is real beauty. This is the sort of thing that inspires poets and prophets, and all the great minds of all time. Such a picturesque meadow. Such a great model. Wonderful compositions. I wonder what the rings were attached to. So, Catherine, did you grab a hold of the rings yourself? Were you also naked? That thought excites me. Great job!

Hi Ouchstopit) Good sunny day, beautiful model, beautiful meadow is the main components of a great set. Vanda is so good as a model, she inspires the creation of unusual. In cooperation with such a beautiful person, it's hard to do a bad job. The rings were mounted high enough, I did not keep them) I was wearing) You wrote a beautiful and inspirational comment)

And while you guys are debating artistic issues, photos #51, 105, 113-116; has Vanda hanging there from the rings with her entire body at full tension; all culminating in her vaginal cavity; can you image how tight she is at the height of that pull-up; wow; me and sweetie has got to buy us a pair of rings and try that one; thanks Catherine!

I'm eager to hear the results!

Hi hotte) I am glad that I was the author of this idea) If to approach this topic creatively the source of ideas can be all fields, meadows, tall trees, and more))

Very nice Catherine:)....I've been waiting to see this set. Bravo!

Vanda is great, but I think this set would have been even better if Gabriel A was in it too;)

Why doesn't Met Art publish more of your work???

Susana C, Luiza A (who has retired), Bogdana B, Nastya K, Vanda B, and Mika B are in Met Art's list of top rated models....and you are Met Art's #3 rated photographer.

What the hell more can they ask for???

Hi Browning) I once took part in the shooting with Wanda. I confess, I liked it. I already wrote that I like this set. But there is a set with apples, which I like much more. I am glad to read your comment)

Yes, the set with apples is REAL GOOD!!! I hope it is published very soon.

Thanks Catherine:)

Remember the Bible. Eve got a hold of an apple and changed everything. In Vanda's hands, the apples could be devastating.

Any history is usually repeated twice. The first time is tragedy, the second time is a farce) The temptation Vanda is a funny story)

"The Temptation of Vanda" sounds like a very good story indeed, and hardly a farce... ( ;

Hi kilroy) This set I also really like. I wanted to make this set with Vanda. She's beautiful and very athletic. It acquitted my expectations completely. I has placed pictures on FB about how to make this set. Now it is very nice to remember this time. I hope that the new sets will be published more often)

Vanda is awesome, and Catherine is the goddess of photography. I am in awe. Catherine you are perfect in every way - your lighting, composition, depth of field, posing, all are amazing.

Hi Gary) Thank you very much) When I read your comment, I a long look at the screen and smiling. I covered the emotions and I did not know what to write. I am very pleased to hear in your address saying that. I'm glad for you to work)

Catherine - It has been three weeks since we had a set from you posted, only two in all of February. This is not enough! I hope it isn't from not having enough material. I heard you had some new models you were shooting but there was reluctance to publish them here.

Vanda does show her athletic fitness in this set. We have a few athletic models at Met that I enjoy, Vanda, Divina, and Annett are among them. This set is different, having the hanging handles (whatever they are called) outdoors is unique and I like seeing something different for a change.

Thank you Kilroy!!!
I was sure I wasn't alone (you, fer_realz, and others have confirmed this) in believing that Met Art does not publish enough of Catherine's work.

Catherine supposedly has photo sets of new models....6 of her models are in Met Art's list of top rated models.....with a track record like that, why hasn't Met Art allowed "us" to see these new ones???

Thank you, Browning!
A lot of the appeal of this site (for me)is the many different contributing photogs. Probably nobody likes every one of them, and some seem to be polarizing - either a member loves them or hates them. Catherine has her own unique style, as does DeltaGamma and neither one seems to get as much of a share in the posts, reasons unknown.

I don't know how big the stockpile is in "K's" closet, but I think she tries to be fair with posting what is available for different photogs. Its a tough job as content manager - so hard to please everyone, and so easy for us to be critical without knowing what happens behind the scenes.

All we can do as members is let "K" know what we like and don't like. I'm sure she listens and we see her pop up here from time to time. I have emailed her on occasion and I encourage you to do the same.

Thanks Kilroy.
I have emailed "K" a few times in the past and I agree that her job is not an easy one since it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

My biggest complaint is that Catherine, Deltagamma, and a few other photographers (who are also quite popular) all must "fight it out" so to speak, for the few openings that remain after a couple photographers get there 20 or more sets published each month.

This makes it hard not only for the established Met Art photographers, but it makes it almost impossible for a new photographer to get his/her work published.

I emailed one photographer about a month ago concerning a new Met Art model who had 2 very popular sets published last year. I asked him if he had any more sets of this model and he told me that Met Art rejected all the new work he sent them of this model (so he sold them to someone else).
I have seen the sets Met Art rejected and they are every bit as nice (if not better than) the 2 sets that were highly rated last year (this model still is on Met Art's top model page).

Anyone who has read my comments is aware that I never complain and I am never critical of any model or photographer....it's just that I believe Met Art blatantly favors certain photographers, while many others seldom get their work/models published.

This is not an exact figure....but Met Art publishes 120+ sets each month and if 2 photographers have 40-50 of these sets each month, it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for all the other photographers to get their work/models published.

Hi kilroy) This set I also really like. I wanted to make this set with Vanda. She's beautiful and very athletic. It acquitted my expectations completely. I has placed pictures on FB about how to make this set. Now it is very nice to remember this time. I hope that the new sets will be published more often)

Thank you Vanda and Catherine. Great set! It just goes to show that simplicity is so much better then over complicated sets.

Hi Victor) I'm glad you liked this set and Vanda. This set perhaps can be called laconic but from a technical point of view, it was not an easy job. I like it too)

woah...you could grate cheese on those abs!


In this set, Catherine uses a very stripped-down, minimalist approach that definitely showcases Vanda's athletic side. She obviously spends a great deal of time exercising!
I had been wondering how long we'd have to wait to be graced with a visit from Catherine's team, it was too long a wait!
Welcome back, ladies!

Hi fer_realz) I'm also very missed) I am very pleased that you wait my work. Vanda has a beautiful body, I am even a little envy her) Thank you)

Catherine, may I quote back to you that which you have said?(4 days ago?) "Vanda has beautiful body, I am even a little envy her) Thank you)
My Lady, Catherine, you are one to esteem others over self from that statement. Therefore, we regard knowledge of attributes nessesary to have finest photoshoots, you aquired this knowledge from self examination, inward looking, every great artist, looks inward to produce; may go againest the mainstream,but familiarity with human nature verifys contact. Thus the ratings on this set.
My only wish, is that some day we may be able to view you; under a fake name, of course, with appropreate dash so that I may know it is you.
My inquiring mind would very much like to celebrate you!!

I do not wish to seem impatience, times have gone by, there is no reply. My wish has not recinded. There is something about Lady Catherine that must be celebrated......

It is great to see Vanda again. She is always so very pretty, with a perfectly gorgeous fit anf conditioned body. And of course it is always nice to see Catherine's perfectly lovely photography. I would like to see Catherine's sets much more frequently. In my opinion, MetArt should buy and publish as much of Catherine's photosets as possible.

Warm regards and best wishes to both Vanda and Catherine.

Agreed, Neil... these visits are far too few and way too far in between!

I agree fer_realz, it is ridiculous that Met Art doesn't publish more of Catherine's work.

There are a couple other photographers who need not worry about this. We see several sets from THEM each and every week.

Hi Neil) I am very pleased to respond to your comment) Vanda is very good, I look at this set, and I like everything. When the shooting took place, it was very hot. Had to take a large supply of water and take care of the that it should was cold. I am glad that you like our work. Thank you)

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