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Chaterine unmistakable.
THIABI is another jewel of your gallery of photos of the author.
Vanda is a girl from a Mediterranean beauty , cheerful.
Vanda is a girl get a beauty Olympics.
If had she lived in the time of Pericles, Phidias and Polykleitos would have struggled to have her as a model.

A gallery of photographs Perfect.

Environment simple and sophisticated.
A panoramic window that has for background a modern glass pyramid that is vaguely reminiscent of the Louvre; but a little more to the right, an medieval walled city of contrasting color.
Dominant color turquoise (the color gradient should be called "blue Chaterine").
This color is the perfect complement to the pink color of the skin.
WB on the skin perfect. Lights perfect.

One observation.
I know the constraints of the market; but her hair loose and deliberately trashy, steal a little of the beauty of Vanda (see photo # 4), on the right, curls cut a quarter of the face of Vanda and turn a blind eye.
Make sloppy the face of Vanda and remove her regal appearance of the goddess of the Acropolis it deserves.
On the other hand I have always appreciated the sophisticated hairstyles of your models that highlight the beauty of their faces from Renaissance paintings.

I can not begin to full fill the expectations which this woman Vanda B. projects.
Worlds of thoughts come forth from her photos. All recorded by Cathrine, land of searching, what satisfies? Is there an answer? YES, only requires understanding the desire of the one presenting, Vanda.
Time the teller of all tales will present more of her, is my hope.

Cathrine, image 35,40...Vanda becomes her most profuse prognostic,supreme illistration of womanhood captured by your lens.. we await futher expost facto, more of her attributes please....

Wish I may, wish as I may might, have this woman with me tonight......... again and again, it is a wish. There is something to be said for wishing, sometimes it becomes true!

Cathrine has again captured the escapade of Vanda B. A woman turned loose upon unsuspecting peoples, like as we are. Lovely is she....

Vanda and Catherine never disappoint me. Wonderful lighting of Vanda's stunning and athletic body with little else to distract or cover her.

I am so very glad that I renewed my membership today - a visit from the exquisite Vanda is always an absolute joy!

Catherine, it is always great to see a set from you, especially when Vanda is involved (alone or with a friend,)and this one is particularly enchanting. I love the light in this - it is so bright and somehow optimistic, and full of the possibilities and dreams of the summer (Vanda seems to be enjoying it too!) The location is very interesting (if you don't mind my asking, did you shoot this in Russia? I only ask because of the sign that says 'Restaurant')

Many thanks to Catherine and Vanda for their wonderful work together, and warm hugs to you both. This set rates a billion stars out of ten for me.

It's really nice to see you and your handle again. I was getting desperate for who to turn to for plain speak descriptions of photoshop and that ilk.

Thanks mate. It is good to be back.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that Vanda's smile creates the most fabulously characterful creases around her eyes and cheeks (picture 75 - wow!) These suggest the lines that will form on her face as she ages, and I think that she will be an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman all her life - old age shall not wither her.

A visit from lovely Vanda is always a special treat for me.

Thank you Vanda, thank you Catherine!

More of the same, ..... naked with a necklace again and again,... dress her up in something provocative, even a swimsuit or bikini, white panties, Vanda is hot but wasted talent at times.

For the most part a nice photo shoot. My only complaint goes out to the individual that cropped off the top of the models head in all four facials and in two of them even cropped off the sides too much. IMO ruined four photos that could have been great (I like facials). Other than that, just want to get next to her; Vanda so soft looking...

There are a lot of great things to say about this photo set but I'll make only one. Catherine nice work!!!

Maybe the best collection of the best model by the best photographer on MetArt. Vanda often looks so serious and moody, but her sweet, happy smiles in this set just brighten the world. Thank you Catherine and Vanda.

Fantastic color and contrast as always, and Vanda is looking terrific. The bluish background makes her skin look so warm and soft, it makes me wonder if Catherine has been tempted to reach out to see if Vanda feels as good as she looks! But, I suppose it is a professional atmosphere. I just read that the name "Catherine" comes from the Greek goddess Hecate. According to Wikipedia, "she was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery. She had ruler ship over earth, sea and sky." To me, as a fan of Catherine's, the comparison is interesting, since I feel as though I am under her spell.

Vanda is a totally beautiful young lady, photographed by a real artist against a perfect background.I think she is perfect, and a large pert of that is being athletic. Most athletic girls have great figures. Vanda is also smart enough to wax the undercarriage as razor burn, razor stubble,ingrowns and razor accidents are not at all pretty I have to give Catherint and Vanda a 10++++ each

I almost forgot,Vanda and Catherine have posted 4 up-dates since jan 1 of this year on TLE. you gotta see Cuffed.their BDSM homage

Vanda gets a "10". The cowbell hanging around her neck gets a "0".

Hi Catherine:)
Where were these photos taken? I see the word "Restaurant" in English in at least one photo. I like the colouring you choose and the Pyramid in the background of many photos too.

As always, great work Catherine!
Tell your team I said "thanks" for all their hard work.

Quite typical of the Vanda/Catherine collaborations.. Very nice! I like her in curls... ;o)

Vanda's body is just amazing to look at.Hopefully she can do a video someday.

Vanda was very happy today, many smiles make her even more beautiful. An interesting pyramid-shaped building in the background. I like these window sets, simple as fer_realz says yet effective and colorful. It's fun to think that someone outside might have got a free show, but not nearly as good as the show WE got.


A gorgeous model with a talented photographer. I love both girls. I am happy i am Muslim, I can marry 4 girls simultaneously.

Vanda is gorgeous. I love her curly hair, her sweet face, and her sweet smile. I love her medium boobs, her long legs, her ass, and her sweet pussy.

The poses are great and the set is perfect. The necklace, this time is beautiful. I only dream that vanda would be shot wearing real diamond necklace, ear rings and ring. A dream.

As usual when Catherine and Vanda collaborate, this is a spectacular set!
Catherine, I particularly enjoy the uncluttered, simple "less is more" approach, with a simple but flattering color scheme. The background is pleasing to the eye but does not distract from Vanda's spectacular, powerful beauty.

Neil has said it all. Thank you Vanda and Catherine for getting the very best from this superb model.

A nice set.Vanda is as breathtaking as always,composition is fine.the blue background with that pyramid makes it all delicious to the eyesight,lighting and focus are fine,and sure you´re one of the best photographers in Met,but...
Last week a member replied to one of my comments that i had to explain
why I always make negative statements about your work.
Well,no doubt this is definitely art,but I always tell you NOT erotic
photography.Maybe is a consequence of your education that you give a huge
value to gymnastics and a sculptural treatment of the body as an artistic element,and that´s fine,but may be not erotic itself,and remember this site is about the most erotic photography.
This could lead us to a discussion of what is erotic and what is not.
In any case I think most men (and some women) join here to watch girl's
images that include more adecuate environments and attitudes.For example
watching Vanda grab the door and act like monkey don´t turn me on exactly.Maybe you see the erotic art across the eyes of a woman.Try to
watch it through a man´s eyes and include more of the classical elemens of seduction.Don´t mean to discourage you.Just my opinión, not advice in any case.Sorry for the Phillippica.

The seller

A discussion of what 'is' erotic and what 'is not' would be pointless, because it is purely subjective (beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)

You say 'just my opinion' but you state your points as if they are facts. Relax man, just enjoy what you enjoy, and don't try to tell anyone else what to enjoy.

I was talking about eroticism,not plain beauty.

The seller

Nihil:It seems that your judgment is not accurate,whatsoever,let alone objective,maybe you got me wrong.
My comment was a respectful answer to fer_realz,who requested for an explanation of my points of view.First there´s a description of the actual set as I see it,second,my opinión about the absence of eroticism in Catherine´s work and why I think it occurs.Then I express my genuine opinión about what I think most men and women consider erotic and last but not least I make an statement about Catherine´s work and how to improve it followed by a kind apologize.Well you see I don´t state any points as if they are facts and don´t aim to tell anyone what to enjoy or not either.
Of course I enjoy and feel as relaxed as you are confused.Beauty and eroticism are not the same thing.
Comments like yours this time make this forum´s intelectual level

The seller

You telling me that my comments lower the 'intelectual' level of the forum when you can't even spell the word is pretty goddamn hilarious!

As for your bullshit original post and your misunderstanding of my post, well, it's about what I would expect from someone who spells adequate as 'adecuate.'

I am about to click the hide comments button so that I am not tempted to go off on one when I read garbage like your posts, so reply if you want, but you might as well be pissing in the wind.

Argumentum "ad hominem":

"Is a general cathegory of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the autor of or the person presenting the claim or argument".(Wikipedia).
My "bullshit" original post wasn´t so.It was right and accurate and it hurts,so you had to focus on the typos in a pathetic effort
to keep up,revealing an elementary reasoning that actually lowers
this forum´s INTELLECTUAL level and,by the way,a plain badmouth.
Of course you don´t know if I am from Spain or where,but I Know you´re from a place where it´s hardly imposible to find a guy who knows what is or where is Spain located.
Go and get some study.
There is no garbage in my posts.There´s nothing logical in your statements .That´s what the ancient Word "nihil" means."Nothing"

Don´t care about your hide comment button status.I´m posting for others to read.It clearly shows you can hardly do it.
People like you should be banned forever.

The seller

nihil, I believe gswkJu is from Spain so English is not his first language.

seller - I like to see that you go into much more detail in this comment, saying what you like and don't like. Even though you state your point of dissent, it is respectful.

There are many MetArt photographers who see it through a man's eyes. I like seeing it through the eyes of an educated beautiful young woman. Catherine's style is a pleasant occasional alternative.

Vanda is the very best of the best. She is simply absolutely gorgeous, with a supremely stunning feminine figure and a perfectly flawless face. She poses with such confidence and poise. Her radiant personality shines in each photo. Catherine's photography is as perfect as usual. 120 photos that captured and held my interest, beginning to end. I was curious about the building in the background. It seems to be a pyramid or something. Catherine, you and Vanda are a great team. Warmest regards and best wishes to both of you.

Btw: This is the 12th gallery presented by Catherine since the beginning of 2014 and the 75th gallery presented by Catherine since April 2013. During the past 52 weeks, Catherine has introduced us to at least five new models. Great work.

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