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Yes Vanda. I like your photos too! :-)

Yes Vanda. I like your photos too! :-)

I loved this set, since we get to see more of our beloved Vanda by our beloved Catherine. The setting looks new, though the colors look very similar to Catherine's style. The perspective looks different though; was this a different camera? Or, perhaps a different lens than what you normally work with? Anyway, I really enjoyed this. Thanks for bringing it to us!

My Met-Art "Model de Jour"...Congratulations!

As always, Catherine and Vanda make a wonderful team and produce an excellent set. I was thrilled the shots 31 and 32 because they were not airbrushed, and then immediately disappointed by airbrushing in all subsequent shots. So Catherine, this is my first criticism of you after all this time - please quit airbrushing! I love the look in Vanda's eyes in shot 116 - very erotic.

Catherine, thanks for the foot work. I can almost taste the chlorine!

Vanda is very lovely,and Catherine has remembered that a woman's back is as beautiful as her front. I love Vanda's dimples, as dimples in the small of the back is a sign of great physical beauty, as Louis XV pointed out. (all his girlfriends were painted in 3/4 view from the back. He was a founding member of chive day you know "Keep Calm and Chive On,"or KCCO as it's written on girl's undies.) I gave Vanda and Catherine a 10++++ They are really good.

Katya's Vanda... Always a crowd pleaser.

That bikini didn't stand much of a chance. :)

Vanda, mistress of the piercing, knowing glance at the camera. And Catherine, mistress of highlighting the beautiful, toned female form. As always, these two young ladies are a devastating combination.

Vanda is one of my favorite models. i love her. she has a gorgeous hot body. i had a rapid look. your work Catherine is back to normal. better than the last two sets. focus is good and natural lighting is good.
thank you both.

Another great set from Vanda and Catherine, Vanda looks amazing especially when she flaunts herself so openly and enthusiastically, she's a real treat, thank you both immensely.

Wow! Catherine, this is a marvelous set.
First, it stars the astoundingly sexy Vanda, at the top of her form. She makes that swimsuit look GOOD. ( : Her makeup is immaculate, her hair looks beautiful, and her toned body is a work of art in itself. I like her smiles and expressions throughout the set.
Second, you have a wonderful eye and picked a great spot for the set. The colors of the lights in the background reflected beautifully on the floor and made a wonderful backdrop for Vanda's poses, and the color of the water in the pool was a great counter to the yellow/orange of the reflected lights.
In short, this set is a masterpiece, Catherine. Congratulations!

Hi fer_realz) This set was given to me difficult. It was a very difficult shot. In the pool temperature was 40-45 degrees Celsius. It was very stuffy. But Vanda is beautiful, so set turned out beautiful. To me, this set is also very pleasant. I am very pleased that you are so highly appreciated our work.

If difficulty inspires this well, I hope I can be forgiven for hoping for more difficulty in the future.

Twenty minutes before you and Vanda arrived, that pool was an ice rink.

Welcome back, Catherine! I hope your trip went well. ( :

Beautiful Vanda. Always nice to see her again.

Thank you very much Neil) I'm home, I'm glad to see you, too)

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