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What a darling young adorable lady. I just want to hold her and protect her!

Phenomenally cute, what a debut, please let's have a lot more from gorgeous Vanessa!.

A set completely ruined by the hair.
Who's in charge of covering with the hair the gorgeous breasts of Vanessa?
Shame, shame.
Is there anyone who at the breast of a beautiful girl prefers her hair?
Shame, shame.

Vanessa is a girl a timeless beauty.
A beautiful face and a perfect body anywhere you look.
it is a crime to have covered its forms with the hair.

ΔΓ on SA "Karava" respected the beauty of her body.
One wonders why on MA did not do it.

FROM VANESSA: "It's really nice from my fans .. :) You can send the comment that I thank them really much and I appreciate that they are so kind about our work :)"

You're an angel!

Welcome, Vanessa, we all hope you will want to come back often!

Thank you VA for the way you spread your legs and flaunt so proudly your tasty pussy. I wonder why METART waited so long to display this candy for the eyes. PLS more soon...

Wonderful model DG! You have graced us with another sweet girl. I knew she would be a hit on MA. Truly an Angel.

Hi MAP! I was sure you would like Vanessa and as you can see you are not the only one to warmly welcome her on this promising debut ;)

DG, Another nice debut set. She is quite lovely and those dark brown eyes hint of a depth of soul that is intriguing. I guess my since of art is not mainstream since most here liked the B/W photos. I am not a fan of B/W. To me it brings out a harshness that is unflattering and tends to highlight small flaws that the color shots do not. I have never been a fan of B/W photography for me it takes the life out of a subject. It is cold and lifeless. It is exceedingly obvious here in that it steels the life from those deep brown eyes and those wonderful skin tones. But then I did say that I will always say what I feel... Each time you went from BW to color there was and audible sigh of relief from me. Like opening a window and letting the fresh air in.

Otherwise this was a nice well balanced set of a slightly shy but very lovely new girl. Starting her out in panties and that cute little top was a great idea and won my heart. It just seems so much more natural and relaxed and I'm sure she appreciated it too. For me this type of normal unadorned girl clothes is so sexy. I would love it to be the norm rather than a rare occurrence. I gives a set more allure and a more comfortable and seductive feel. I like nude but starting out nude misses the best part. I think Vanessa is a keeper and if you say she was a joy to work with then she is A-OK with me.

Hi hipshot, I had no doubt you would say what you think and I appreciate it.
I knew that B/W photos would be controversial, but I felt like adding a different perspective to the set, opening some with classic B/W images obtained from the initial shots with natural/softer light coming from the window, then letting the color images break in when the set really starts (with the studio light). The ending BWs are different, there are a couple of backstage shots which mark the end of the set and then 3 different BW portraits: serious, smiling and sexy. I also prefer colors in general, but there are some images that only black and white can express in the most effective and deepest way. I also personally think that Metart photography is supposed to be in color, but some BW in some cases can add an unexpected taste.
About Vanessa, I was quite sure you would appreciate her girl-next-door look and the dressed shots before stripping down nude. Surely she has come to stay and please us all hopefully for a long time.

Well I made it through the first 30 photos without getting sent to jail. I hope my luck holds out for the rest of the set...

Not sure if it means you liked the set or not... but I hope you can go through the whole set...

Oh it's a very nice set, it's just that Angel and her panties make my thoughts go where no man's thoughts have gone before (please tell her nice choice of panties). And then her face, wow, what beauty. To me she reminds me of an actress who is a bit older now but I can't recall her name (not Jessica Biel). Angel's facial features do make her look a bit older than 20 (to me anyway), in some photos almost 30 (I'm by no means complaining, but she's the one that wanted more portrait shots). This is a complement, thou she may not appreciate it, women never like to be told they look older than what they actually are. Anyway, can't wait for her next photo set; hope to see more pantie covered butt shots! She's a heart-breaker with a "killer ass", I just gotta love her!

Ah ok, good to know you liked the set after all and you particularly liked her own panties (I will tell her) and her beautiful face. Let me know what actress she reminds you if you eventually recall her, I am curious. I agree she looks older than 20 and I think she would not mind to hear that, she would even take it as a compliment (maybe not about looking 30..) since she feels more mature than her average contemporaries. If you like butt shots you will find a few ones with fuchsia panties in the next set ;)

What a beautiful girl and those eyes show a lot of depth in personality, they are bright and alive! It's always nice to see some black&whites mixed in. I especially like the b&w # 130!

Hi Dutchman, you really caught the essence of Vanessa: pure beauty + incredible eyes. I am glad you appreciated the B&W shots, I thought they added something to the set and it's great to have a good feedback about it.

I do like the one before also but not her holding the carton. Both are a wonderful study of the personal self!

DG has handled Vanessa Angel perfectly. Since she is a newbie(Met virgin) letting her wander around was a very good idea, as she seemed to feel more comfortable in or around the corner in the first few shots. I gave DG a 10++++ for great handling of a new model, and a 10++ to Vanessa, since she was working very hard. I have no doubt dhe will be a totally stunning model.(I look forward to being stunned.)

Hi 5seadog, always nice to hear your opinion, twice nice when you like my work and my models. I am very happy you enjoyed this debut and the way Vanessa and I carried out this set. She will be happy to be given such a high score and have such a great expectation from you, and from my part I can say that you are very likely to be stunned soon, starting from the next set coming out hopefully soon.

Another brown-eyed beauty from Deltagamma. :-)
Great work, she is very, very beautiful!

Hi Matt! those brown eyes could kill you... after getting lost in them.. ;)
Nice to hear you liked the set, and her beauty deserves to come back often.

Absolutely stunning, slightly shy young beauty with a wonderful firm body and the most beautiful dark eyes imaginable

The white panties are so sexy - would have loved a few more of Vanessa's cotton clad derriere in stretch mode - maybe next time. Lovey set.

Hi bikeman4, it seems that Vanessa's eyes really break through the pc screens.. Those big, round, dark eyes are something hypnotic and sometimes it's hard for me to concentrate when they look at me..
Next time I will include more rear shots the way you wish, why not ;)

Gorgeous new talent DG! Great debut! Hope to see lots more! ;o)
Welcome to Met Vanessa! Please make yourself comfortable...XOXO

Glad to hear that rachsback! I am very happy about this debut, I was counting on shooting Vanessa many more times and it seems it could be a good idea according to you ;) I will help her to make herself comfortable too... ;)

It could be a VERY good idea...;o) I'm sure her comfort level will increase with each new experience, but I would encourage you to do what you can to help it along...lol

Innocent waif with a Mona Lisa smile...2 thumbs up!

a Mona Lisa smile on a young Jessica Biel..

I'm thinking Jenna Lee (Fox News anchorette).

Loved the panty shots ... some shots of her Anus would be nice though!

Hi LBL, I can see what your favorite features are... I will write down your preferences and take them into account for the next time ;)

DG - She does seem a little shy and innocent, but she is certainly beautiful. Good choice of undergarments. Wonderful portrait shots with those brown eyes beaming back. Very much like a hometown girl next door, Vanessa Angel is aptly named. I love the "feel" of this set, and that all of the elements support it.

Hey kilroy, I was waiting for your feedback and here it is, very rewarding as usual. Thank you! What to say more, it's great to hear you caught and liked the overall feel of the set, as you know by now it's one of the things I care the most about, because it helps taking the best out of the model, like in this case.

Very beautiful model. Fantastic buns. Sexy body and legs. Excellent photography. Love the natural poses. Hope to see more of Vanessa Angel.

Wow Frankieboaby, lots of nice words in a couple of lines! I was uncertain about how much Vanessa would be appreciated but this morning as the set was published it was such a great feeling to find out she was appreciated so much. And of course I am happy to hear you liked the photography, I will be waiting to know what you think about the next sets coming out.

Very beautiful set.Vanessa is an angel.

Hi H WU, I am glad you like the set, and Vanessa's stagename couldn't fit more..

First, DG, let me congratulate you on yet another successful debut. Vanessa Angel is beautiful and impressive. Second, thank you for shooting her in such natural "everyday" underwear, it makes this "girl next door" look even more real and emphasizes her natural prettiness.
On the one hand, the shyness you mention seems apparent in her choices of poses; on the other hand, her facial expressions leave me with the impression that she is not 100% a shy girl and actually has an active mischievous side to her, that she probably doesn't let show very often. I can see it peeking out, and I definitely want to see more!

Hi fer_realz, thank you for the nice words about Vanessa's debut, she will be happy to hear that.
I was sure you and many other regulars here would have liked the simple outfit, actually her own clothes which I asked her to bring at the shooting, she is one of those girls who look sexy with a minimalist look.
I just wrote in reply to swplf about her shy/innocent look: as you remark it seems apparent because she still looks like an angel whatever pose she takes, even the most erotic ones, and the more you see her mischevious side peeking out the more you want to see.. I can help you with this last wish ;)

Excellent, I am glad she didn't feel self-conscious about posing in her "real" everyday underwear, I think some women would have.
Very glad to hear more is on the way, Vanessa has great appeal. ( :

White panty delight - wonderful areolas - a charming face with intense
kooking eyes. A set to dream - an to feel warmed up at the right places ...

Hi Eridanus, it's nice to find a new commentator, especially when he shows appreciation for the set and the model, like in this case. I will work hard to bring more sets with Vanessa to dream and be warmed up... ;)

I almost feel strange using the term innocent when posting about a model here, but in this case it fits. After having seen he work on Sex and her response under the Sex limit her debut here seems as I said so innocent. Your inclusion of many portrait quality head shots shouts to her beauty. She has the absolute best facial features of any model you have shot except for Mia Sollis. Her expressions are a delight. Unless K required you to "scrub" her she has one of the most flawless complexions over her whole body we have seen. The ease she showed on Sex belies her exposure here. But since you said this is the earliest set that has been published it makes sense. I doubt she yet realizes just how stunning she could be. I downloaded and viewed the complete set as a slide show and it worked better than picking individual photos. The B/W's add a whole different depth to the set. I know I must, but I can't wait to see what you were able to get from her in subsequent sets like with Sex. Another aspect is that she is not just skin and bones she has curves. Her breasts are full and delectable. One of my favorite shots is her reclining when you gave us full body from the rear. I would love to hear how she felt about this set how she used it to deliver the stunning set on Sex. The growth between the two is amazing. I think what helps the innocent purity is the lack of color polish and fake nails. IMO she has great promise and again would love for you to get Andrej to do a video for you/us so we can see her move. Quite a find my friend.

Hi F,
I was sure you would not miss the chance of posting something about our Angel called Vanessa..
What to say about her, you got most of the remarkable points.
The first is about her beauty, of course. She inspired me to include more headshots and portraits than usual (it's a feature I want to use more often, with black & white photos too - I am really glad you mentioned them, that is about "photography" and you know what I am talking about..) because as you also write her beauty shouts, and I would add that her eyes talk. But you should hear her voice, it's such a sweet melody..
Her skin is 99% as smooth as you see it, K and Jon actually want the model to appear as natural as possible on the photos, so unless there are some blemishes which shatter the harmony of the image I would not retouch it. She may have had some red areas on her buttocks after sitting on the floor but that's all. Wait for the next set, where her skin kissed by a perfect mid spring sunlight and you will see even better.
You spoke about innocence and that's another very important point about Vanessa: if you could get to know her that would be one of the first 3 things that come to your mind. She looks so sweet and innocent that even after looking at the most erotic photos that would most likely be still your opinion. The look she has is so clean and pure that nothing could make you change your mind.
I don't know if she realizes how beautiful and sexy she is, I guess she doesn't completely, because she is humble and somewhat shy, so maybe she will need to hear it from you all ;) She will be glad to hear how you appreciate her curves and her other body features, as well as her beauty.
I have asked her to write some comment if she feels like doing it, right now she may just want to read without expressing herself yet, but she will in the future, taking part to the comments thread.
If you liked this and the SA set I am sure you will love the ones we shot in Prague last month: like with Lauren, or even more, as the confidence level grows the results increase too, so I am looking forward to showing you all Vanessa again soon.
Thank you for the usual great feeback my friend!

SW - You have an advantage over me in seeing her on SA. Not having seen that side of her, this set was a very good introduction for us. A very down-home girl, yet very photogenic face and overall beauty. Our friend has indeed made quite a find.

Well said my man. There are many beautiful women on MA and Vanessa fits right in, in fact Vanessa is an instant favourite.

A lovely set maestro. I would love to see lots more of stunning Vanessa Angel .xx

Hi ergo, thank you for showing appreciation for the set. I can tell you that I am planning to shoot often with Vanessa, het beauty deserves to be shown in all its possible shades. I have other very nice sets ready to be publishes soon and more to come.

Gorgeous, super hot girl! OMG Deltagamma, those panty shots are perfect! So hot!

I knew that panties would have been appreciated so I asked Vanessa to bring her own ;)

My 13th model for Metart, 5th debut: Vanessa Angel
is another lovely Czech girl and another model who has become very important to me after getting to know her. This set is from our second shooting, last december, after a first session one year before without any set published so far. From that latest session was also her debut set for Sexart published few weeks ago.
Vanessa is a very sensitive and fragile girl, a beautiful flower who would open only when she feels it’s the right time and feels totally comfortable. I feel lucky to be one of the persons she chose to witness these special moments in which she shows all her beauty and sensuality. The feeling of creating the right atmosphere is something really rewarding, it is the key to the erotic power that Vanessa can unleash despite her shyness. The environment helped to make the overall mood relaxed and the feeling comfortable, the apartment had a very nice view on Prague’s river and bridges, and the soft natural winter light coming from the window made the setting perfect for an intimate shooting.
It is a privilege to have such a beautiful flower in my hands and to be able to offer it to the view of Metart’s members, Vanessa and I will be pleased to come back often.

DeltaGamma- she is precious. Thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing more of her both here and on SexArt. A solid 10 from me.

Hi JiNJ! glad to hear from you and I totally agree, Vanessa is a precious gem. I am always happy to add something to the set with my comments and I thank you and the other regulars for your interesting and rewarding comments. I have great plans with Vanessa and you can be sure you'll see more of her on the network.

One of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. I hope to see many more galleries of the beautiful Vanessa

II totally agree G.S. Jr, she has a very pretty face, to me she looks like Jessica Biel, one of the most beautiful and sexiest celebrities around

The next time you see Vanessa tell her tat she is beautiful. Amazing set.

I will tell her monkeryma ;) probably she will read this already this evening, in case I will tell her personally in few weeks at out next shooting together ;)

I'm very happy to hear there are more sets out there! I hope K chooses to buy them... all of them! ( ;

I also hope so fer_realz.. But I am quite sure that K will not miss to give you the opportunity of seeing more of Vanessa. Actually I have the feeling that she eill become one of the regular models appearing on the MA network, maybe also on movies.. Stay tuned ;)

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