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Vanessa, I am hopelessly in love your breasts and you of coarse!

Vanessa, You are absolutely gorgeous, but this is spoilt by the lighting.

I don't post too many comments, but Vanessa is absolutely stunning; in every way. I especially like her full lips; very kissable. What a great addition to the bevy of beauties on Met Art. We all hope to see more of her, I'm sure. A perfect 10, in my book.

hm, is there a flood of cute estonian girls coming? I wouldn't mind.

Another beautiful model paired with a photographer who can't keep his camera and lens steady.

Higinio Domingo could you please use a damn tripod? Or how about not using any shutter speed under 1/2000 sec? Oh yeah, that means you'll have to shoot outdoors since you can't synchronize your indoor lighting for shutter speeds above 1/250 sec. Your camera shake is just awful. Its a disservice to your model and to your audience.


Nice looking lady and a nice debut. Vanessa has nice boobs. I like the fine hairs on her boobs and everywhere they appear. Its good to see more Baltic region ladies appearing.

Sweet! Great looking girl and nice debut set. Hot as it is here today , that snow outside looks inviting...as does Vanessa!

There are only 115 photos in the set. Did you mean 18 and 23?Or 1,8,2,3? Those are the only logical numbers that can come from what you typed.

More pictures like 1823 please.

Vanessa looks sexy in her black outfit and her ass is super looking! A good first set and hope to see more soon! ;)

Vanessa looks sexy in her black outfit and her ass is super looking! A good first set and hope to see more soon! ;)

Beautiful and stunning girl. I love the black stockings, glad she kept them on.

I think she has a lot going for her once she gets used to the camera. She was a bit stiff but that will improve with time. My favorite shot is # 107 when she let go with that darling smile. When she learns to give us that delightful smile on a regular basis she is going to be very popular. She has the looks and the body. She just needs to lighten up a bit.

Stunning model who should go far. This photographer has done some good photo-sets previously, so I am expecting some good photo-shoots to come from this model also.

Technically an average set. Lighting is tad harsh in places . Vanessa J is stunningly gorgeous and will have big fan base. Catherine would do wonders with her.

Lovely debut, I especially enjoy the last row. Thanks Vanessa.

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