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A very indifferent shoot using bad back lighting wasting the time for a great model.

Met-Art has Vanessa and that's cool!

Beautiful! Very soft contrast...nice color...gorgeous Vanessa...great set!

It is possible that MetArt has Expanded these photos 2 or 3 times the
origonal size.

Some of the sets from 2005 back thru 2002 have the same effect.


There are a few of us here at MetArt who actually prefer the ladies closer to their natural state pertaining armpit hair. There is something for everyone's taste, and some of Rylsky's sets seem to acknowledge that (cases in point: many of Kristel A's and Francine A's sets).

Here, Koenart seems to have edited Vanessa J's hair out, as has been quite frequent over the range of MetArt's sets. This is all well and cool, as it seems to be the public's general preference.

However, there are a very few pictures in this set which show that Vanessa had some underarm hair when she was shot. Examples include images 20 (if you pay very close attention, you can see where it is blurred under the arm), 55 (where the hair appears against the skin's background), 75 (again with blurring), 85 and, strongest examples of all, 96, 97 and 109 -- where one arm has the hair against a white background.

To put it bluntly, I would prefer her with the hair rather than without. I have nothing against the set, and Koenart seems to me to have done a good job overall, and a good hair-editing too, but -- I ask Koenart: is there any way at all for me to have access to these pictures in a pre-hair-removal version?

Alternately, is there any possibility of an upcoming set with hair?

Thanks for bearing with me and for the reply.



I had to come back and look at this set again. I just can't get over how exquisite Vanessa is. It takes a lot for a model here to stand out to me, because there are so many stunning women that model for Met Art. But I was really caught off guard, and happily so. Look at the third picture. Just look at her face. Her features are simply divine.

She is so sweet in this set, warm and inviting. In her first pictorial, she plays the part of seductress well.

Please...get her back for another shoot, and soon. And preferably with an artist that can correctly capture her incredible beauty. Vanessa J is a dream girl. How lucky are we that she is willing to disrobe, and share her incredible gifts with us.

I agree with most of these comments. Vanessa, you are gorgeous
, but go to somebody who shows you to best advantage.

Koenart, you've done it again! You've taken a beautiful girl and destroyed any erotic feel this gallery might have had with bad lighting and poor color quality. Well, at least you're consistent.

Makes no sense for a photographer to set himself up for failure when he controls all of the elements.

Shooting against a bright backlight, white bed and white side table might not have been a good choice.

great tits !!!

Vanessa has done two different shoots for Met Art now, and each one has been underwhelming from a technical standpoint (through no fault of her own). She's absolutely beautiful, and I think it's safe to say she's quickly becoming one of my favorite models after only two sittings. But it seems like the two photographers that have shot her have no idea how to set lighting, etc. In the first shoot (photog is Higinio Domingo), the pictures seem overexposed. Vanessa is shot in some beautiful black lingerie, but the pictures are a little too harsh. In this series, shot by Koenart, the coloring is really off. Her skin tone is just too muted. In the cover picture, her skin looks lovely. In the other pictures, it's too gray, not natural looking at all.

Can't we get her to shoot with Tony Murano, Catherine or Rylsky please? Or have somebody else set the lighting next time, because this incredibly sexy young lady deserves better.

I agree. Very cold lighting this time. Needed to warm it up a bit to show off Vanessa's skin tone.

A very sexy lady.

Indeed. She's incredible, Sailor. Pretty much a perfect ten in my book. She has one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen. However, because the color balance is so off, I can't give this pictorial the high marks she deserves. So, I can't give it a score, because I will not penalize this lovely lady.

I'm sorry for Vanessa, because I must agree with you. I can't get my arms around this set. It is rare when technical issues dilute my enjoyment of a set to this degree, even with a lovely lady this remarkable. Photography has everything to do with lighting, and if it isn't right, neither will your pictures be.


I agree, too. Vanessa Is a beautiful "true" blonde! I think I know the "mood" Koenart was trying to achieve with the sunlight coming through the bedroom windows and attenuating Vanessa's charms, but her skin color does look "off". Too bad, this set could of been a 10! I'll give Vanessa a 10 for her beauty, enthusiasm and "openness"! (;

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